Hello! So i really like Darkest Powers and Twilight so i thought why not a crossover? So this will be a chapter thing not a one shot probably. I am planning on vamps and all kinds of supernaturals! Yahhh! Pairings are the Chloe x Derek and Jacob x Bella. Cause i looooove werewolf's! This story won't go with my other story except that Jacob will imprint on Bella cause it's got to be that way! Who's knows i might intertwine the two later, maybe... Anyway things to know.

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5. In this story Renee's maiden name in Souza.



I'm over the wall

Over the hill

Over at your place

I'm over the safeties

Over teh phone calls

Over the rage

What a mistake.

1. Mistakes.

Charlie POV

"Charlie," Renee hissed sending unpleasant shivers down my spine, "You sure about this?"

I nodded. I wasn't sure but there was only one way to find out. I ran my hand along my forehead, smoothing out my shaggy hair and lifting the beads of sweat off that had formed above my brow. I really wasn't sure.

Renee gulped and coughed, clearly uncomfortable with my plan. She carefully stroked the baby's soft skin, her touch lingering longer then it should. Her eyes were turning red and a single tear rolled over her bronze skin, tracing a path down to the not so fragile baby boy.

Tears moistened my eyes too. I swiped them away before they could make an appearance.

"Daddy?" a soft childish voice asked.

I tore my eyes away from my son and lifted them back to my 2 year old daughter crouched at my feet.

"Yes Bella?" I managed to give a slight half smile.

She caught my fake reaction, her face scrunching up while she took a wobbly step toward me. So observant, probably got that from Renee. "Are you ok Daddy," She asked in a remarkably clear voice for such a young girl. So smart. She wrapped her chubby fingers around my legs and clung to me. She knew I wasn't.

I lifted her off and hugged her to my chest, breathing in her signature strawberry scent, which she stole from her mother's makeup box and doused her self in everyday. We couldn't convince her to stop, Renee hated when Bells would never listen to her, but I secretly loved it.

"I am," I whispered in her ear.

She pulled away and stared me straight in the eye, her big brown eyes, narrowing in confusion. "No you're not Daddy."

I patted her head and lifted her to the ground.

Renee was crying in the corner, sobbing into the baby's chest. Bella started to run to her but stopped and hung behind me. I loved that kid.

"Charlie, what if something goes wrong, I can't live with you if something does, he's my baby, Charlie, don't you understand that? I can't live, if he doesn't."

I patted her head, Bella did the same, I struggled not to laugh, as it wouldn't be particularly appropriate in a time like this. " Hunny, things will go wrong if we don't do this." I encouraged.

"But Bella too? Why does she need to go through this also?"

I shrugged, letting my shoulders fall in an exaggerated motion. I was tired of explaining this over and over again. "It's for the best."

"He's right," A voice boomed from behind a closed door. The handle wiggled and unlatched. A doctor walked in, his muscular frame sauntering towards my family. His dark black hair was cropped in wispy strands that clung to his face; his face was hard-set and mean looking. His eyes, dark pools of chestnut brown lingering on each of our faces in turn. He did not look like the typical doctor, but the swaying white lab coat gave him away. In neat curly script the name Dr. Davidoff, was pinned to his coat. "Dr. Davidoff." He swung his muscular arm out towards me, I took it and shook. He turned to Renee huddled in the corner of the boxed in grey waiting room. He lifted a heavy metal chair with ease and straddled it and rested his arms on the frame. "There's nothing to worry about, we have already successfully altered the DNA of 3 other pups, so nothing should go wrong." He smiled, flashing rows of perfect white teeth.

Renee just cried harder. "But-but what if something goes wrong with him. He's different, he-he's special."

Dr. Davidoff sighed. "I can't assure you that, but our medical team is highly professional and skilled. The Genesis project has been highly successful before." He clasped his hand onto his chest. "Supernatural to Supernatural."

Renee nodded. She sniffled and clung to the baby harder.

Dr. Davidoff turned to me. "Supernatural?" he asked in my direction.

I nodded, "My great great grandfather was part of the Quileute tribe, the north American shape shifters. I posses the gene, but I wasn't able to shift because my grandmothers and mother were all English. Which would explain," I gestured to my pale white skin, "My appearance. Though I do posses speed and strength and uncomfortable half shifts." I shook my head and shuddered at the memory of the painful episodes. "I want my son" I looked at my sleeping son, huddled in Renee's arms, snot and tears coating his face. "To be able to fully shift. And Renee is a Aves shape shifter, which would explain her flighty nature." I heard Renee scowl in the corner.

Dr. Davidoff nodded scribbling words into a file. "What about Bella?"

I sighed. "We don't know, she hasn't shown any signs, but we don't know what kind of volatile mix our different shape shifter genes could make. We want her to be either or."

Davidoff grumbled and scribbled faster into his notebook. "Ok well then let's proceed."

I grabbed the small girl still crouched at my feet and gathered her into my arms, breathing in her intoxicating scent and frantically squeezing and petting my baby girl. I released her and let Renee scoop her up and cry into her neck. I got my turn with my son.

He opened his little eyes as soon as I hugged him to my chest. His eyes, a soul piercing green eyes were Renee's, his thick black hair my own, and his creamy slightly bronze skin a mixture of Renee and mine's. I hugged him tight, burying my face into his soft baby smelling skin. "Good luck, little guy."

I handed the little baby over to the doctor and Renee handed over Bella as well, but before Bella could walk through the cold metal doors her little voice rose above the sobs of Renee, "Daddy aren't you coming?"

I shook my head vigorously I couldn't say anything unless salty tears were to run down my face.

She stopped her face and body absolutely still, emotionless, "Where are we going?"

"You and your brother need to get fixed up a little bit." I managed to whisper through clenched teeth.

Again she just stood there, her beautiful little face frozen like ice, then like the flip of a switch she screamed. "DADDY!" Tears streamed down her face, like rivers. She flailed and kicked at the doctors and desperately tried to free.

I reached for her, but a swarm of security and other doctors surrounded her cutting me off.

Renee cried harder, pushing herself at the wall of security. I reached for her and pulled her away and let her bury herself into my shirt.

A scream sounded behind the guards. Renee cried harder. I could hear my young daughter crying and screaming my name, desperately pleading for me to come for her, but I couldn't, my feet were rooted to the spot. A shot sounded, blocking out the noises of the guards and the terrified screams. My knees gave out. The sudden roar of quite was deafening. I couldn't even hear my own mantra of 'No's. The guards circled out holding the limp bodies of my daughter and son. I blacked out.

The guards escorted us out; we were both blubbing mess and couldn't even think let alone walk out of the private waiting room. We sat in agony for hours waiting and pacing in the sunny cushioned room.

Finally a grim looking doctor walked in, calling for the Swan's. We jumped up nearly hitting our heads on the low-slung ceilings. "Bella's in here," was all he said. We followed him out of the padded room usually reserved for mental patients and into a similar less padded room with a small hospital bed in the centre of the room. Bella was there, huddled in the bed, her tiny fingers clutching the white hospital blankets to her chest. Her dark black hair was splayed out over the pillows. She opened her eyes, when we walked in and rolled over. She stared at us, her brown eyes wide with confusion. "Who are you," She asked in a groggy voice.

"She might have some memory loss, just clue her in."

We knelt by her bed and stroked her head, her eyes grew bright then relaxed and she closed them. "Mommy and Daddy," she whispered then fell back asleep.

The door then opened suddenly. Dr. Davidoff strolled in. His face dark and grim, beside me, Renee burst into tears.

He spook slowly his eyes resting on Renee with sorrow, " Bella's transformation worked quite well, though we don't know if her powers will ever emerge. But your son," he shook is head, "We weren't able to fix, I am sorry."

I stared at the doctor with hate in my eyes, my hands shaking with anger, "You killed my son," I bellowed.

Renee just cried.

The doctor shook his head, "No, no he's fine, but his transformation to enhance his powers didn't go as planned. I am afraid he will be a different kind of werewolf then the tradition Quileute kind. A real one, not a shape shifter. His change, then call it, will not start until 18, it will be far more painful I am afraid. He will be big and tall and warm like your used too but just different. His mission will not be to protect people, but to kill them and find territory. They are more animal then human I am afraid. I am so sorry."

We weren't allowed to see him, 'He was so fit in with his own kind we were told'. We waited. 5 years they told us. On the night we were to pick him up, they called telling us someone from the project took off with him, they didn't know where. Renee was choked she took off and left me just like she promised. I took Bella, her memory loss was worse then they thought, she didn't know she had a brother and I never told her. I remember there words, the harsh words, "Your son, has been taken, we don't know where and we don't know why. I am sorry, Derek has been kidnapped."

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