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The chamber walls were wet with water that was falling from the storm just above ground. The thunderstorm rolled and clashed above the cloaked figures standing in a circle, obviously surrounding something. No face was distinguishable in the darkened room, lit only by thousands of candles that stood wherever there was a surface. This was the first meeting of many, but there was a purpose for this and it affected more than just one species.

These cloaked figures were separate beings, none of which were human. Supernaturals of high ranking species these were and ones that had been hidden for centuries. Most supernaturals stay away from one another, unable to get along because of wars, but this selected group knew that there was going to be something more important than a battle to claim territories around the lands. Hidden by this selected league of elders of all kinds, they were keeping a secret from the world and it had to stay that way.

Under a most unique night when a red moon formed in the night sky, when the ring of red crimson that looked so much like blood and twinkled high above the clouds masked the earth in its shadows, when rain poured heavily from the heavens; a premonition that was given thousands of years ago would happen.

The creatures stepped forward and looked down upon a single woman, lying on a small bed as she writhed and screamed in pain. Sweat poured from her every pore as she gritted her teeth and grabbed the sheets she was laying upon. There was nothing that anyone could do except wait and watch for the premonition to come true and decide on how best to go about dealing with it.

"Push!" A woman doctor known as Ludwig yelled to the woman that was in pain.

The woman held onto the hand of her lover, something quite unknown in this world for it was an odd relationship and one that should not be in this proposition. She cried out as she bore down, her chin resting against her chest as she did as the doctor ordered of her.

The cloaked figures did not move as the woman screamed, it was as if they moved passed the obvious woman and ignored the cries that were emanating from her mouth. They all knew that this would change their world that they were living in. It had never been done, a mix of the species. They had to remain calm and look at all aspects of this. Some in the council would look at this action that was happening before them as a curse on mankind, some looked at it as a gift, but both parties held their tongue and dared not to speak of this because there was nothing to be done as of now. A premonition from one of the most trusted would always come true and they knew that this day would come, they had to be prepared. All they could do was observe and that was exactly what they did.

The woman in pain gritted her teeth and a growl emanated from her lips before the room became silent and the woman fell slack against the bed sheets. A few more moments passed before a new cry vibrated around the concrete walls and the storm above them ceased to exist. All that remained was the high tinkling cry of a newborn child that was new to this world.

For you see, this child was more than just what it appeared to be. A newborn baby that was mixed between the most unlikely species known in the long vast existence of the world. The woman turned to her lover, clutching a beautiful rounded stone in her hand that was hanging from her neck. That object was the reason for this whole mess of events. The stone granted the woman her deepest wish, though it would go further in this life without her and her lover. The man she was deeply in love with was no man at all, but a vampire who was respected among his peers and she was a fairy princess that chanced her relationship in unknown territory. It shouldn't have been, but it was there, the love they shared was genuine enough and it granted her deepest desire; a child.

It is a pity that this woman and her vampire lover would not get to see the child grow. For the vampire was badly wounded as he was injected with silver, that coursed through his veins at unheard of pace. He did not have a maker that was alive and well he could feed on to live. He was to die and he knew this, so did the fairy princess. Something had happened in the labor and the woman bled far too heavily and knowing that her lover was about to die, she gave up. Even though she had a newborn child that needed her, she could not live in a world where her one true love was not in.

"L-Let me see my child." The woman whispered gently. Her voice was barely there from the exertion of the event that just played out.

The doctor looked down among the newborn child that was now quiet in her arms before she handed the child over to the mother that was barely holding on to her own life. The vampire pulled the woman back against his chest and leaned heavily on the walls as he too looked over his child that was being held closely to his fairy lover's breasts. He smiled gently, rubbing his cool finger against her cheek before placing a soft kiss against the newborn's forehead.

The mother of the newborn panted heavily and all the supernaturals in the room could hear her heart slowing as it began to head toward its last beat, but they voiced nothing as they watched this transpire.

"Father…" The woman spoke, barely heard higher than a whisper but it was enough.

A dark cloaked figure stepped forward out of the circle, his hood falling back against his back as he did so. Long white blond hair cascade down his back as he shifted and knelt before his own daughter. He could not voice his disappointment any longer to his child, but accept the decision she had made nine months ago. He would not take the small smile from her face, so close to her death now.

"F-Father, promise me, you will watch over for my child." The woman's lips trembled. "Promise me you will love her as your own. I w-want her to grow up here, not in Faery. No matter that she is half…she will not be welcome among all of our people…we know this."

"My daughter…I promise you." The Prince of the Sky Fae spoke, running his hand against his daughter's cheek.

The room became silent for a few long seconds as the doctor shifted forward. The cloaked figures that stood in the background knew that the new mother did not have more than a few more seconds of life left.

"What shall you name your child?" The doctor asked.

The new mother looked down upon her child before gripping around her neck to remove the object that granted her wish before placing it on the child's chest unbuckled. The child reached up to grab at it, and held onto the golden string. The mother smiled before she shifted the child in her hands. She bent over and kissed the child's forehead.

"My dearest child, know that I love you always. This Cluviel Dor is the reason you are here today and I am so sorry that I will not see you grow. It is my biggest regret, but you are my biggest desire. We want you to live…and grow. T-These people will guard you and protect you because you are special." The mother rubbed her hand through the small curly blond hair of the child and smiled sadly. "We love you, our child…our Sookie."

The mother sighed as her heartbeat stopped and she became slack against the sheets once more, but this time there was no life in her as she passed away along with her husband. Sookie- as the newborn shall be called lay in between her mother's legs and began to fuss once more.

Niall's POV:

I had no time to mourn the loss of my daughter. I had to act quickly. Reaching over, I picked the child up into my arms and cradled her against my chest. The newest legacy to my throne was more than just a Fae child. She was half vampire and of course my dearest daughter Michelle was right in the prospect that most would not welcome a half vampire child among their ranks, most wouldn't understand how it happened in the first place. They would tell the difference of course. Fairies are very smart in the aspect of knowing who is of full-blood and not. This child would stick out like a sore thumb. Vampires, much like ourselves in their own cunningness, would surely see differences as well, so what should we do?

We knew this child would have special magic, that much was foretold, but what could her powers be? Would she gain more strength as vampires would? Speed? Would she have her mother's light? Would she need to drink blood? Would she have fangs like a vampire? There were a series of unknowns, all collected into something that none of us could understand, but there was so much to learn.

"Someone needs to watch over this child for the most part. Who can we trust?" I asked the council as I turned around among my peers of Supernatural beings. "Different species will know that this child is not a full vampire and they will also know that she is not full fairy. Where does the future for this child lie?"

"There is too much to leave for chance, Niall." One of the council spoke softly. "We must first see what she is capable of."

"She is just a baby." A woman's voice scolded after she snorted. "What could a baby possibly do at her age? You will not be able to see what she is capable of until she has grown a bit more. Are you all that dense to realize this?"

"Hush." A voice much deeper, smoother, commanded of the woman and she quieted almost instantly. "We must first see how much of a vampire she is, how much of a fairy she is."

"And how do you expect we do that?" I asked, turning toward him quickly.

"Simple enough. You walk out into the sunlight. It is the easiest way to know what kind of powers she will hold. For vampires, if she can day-walk, then she is a threat already." He spoke easily as if he was bored with the conversation.

I nodded. "Fair enough. We know that the sun shall rise in just a few minutes. If this does not work, then I would be forcing my granddaughter to death." I spoke sadly.

I did not like this. I have not known my grandchild for more than a few minutes and I was already playing with her life as if she was an experiment. I loathed myself, but this was the easiest way that we could find out; to be sure.

"We need another test first." A new voice entered. "The blood test we have talked about before. We must see if she wants the blood."

"Who will offer?" I asked as I stepped around. "Fairies will not be able. Our blood is intoxicating to most. If she is more vampire, even though she is a child…" I trailed off. "It would be best if it was just a vampire. She might take a liking to Fae blood and we cannot afford that when she grows."

This has never been done. Giving a newborn blood was something close to blasphemy because of what the blood could do. As the room was silent, Sookie began to wail higher. She was hungry; it was as if she knew we were talking about what it was that she wanted. No one stepped forward at first, obviously none interested in finding out what the child was capable of, but it had to be done. We all knew this.

The cloaked figure that stepped forward was the same one that offered the idea to see if Sookie could walk in the sun. I stepped forward and met him halfway in the circle that was created before us. His cloaked hood covered his features, but some of the long blond hair that was put back into a ponytail was showing over his left shoulder, peeking out of the hood itself.

Carefully he brought his hand up to his mouth and after a snicking sound entered my ears, I saw crimson blood trailing down his pale skin. He swiped his finger that he had pricked above the baby girl in my arms and let a single drop fall down onto her lips. The people surrounding seemed to huddle closer, almost in fascination to wait and see what the child did.

It was clear as the child opened her mouth and intellectually brought her tongue out to collect the blood. The one that offered his sacred essence stepped forward more and looked down at the child before him and it was almost as if she knew he was looking at her. Her eyelids opened to show the most beautiful blues you could have ever seen. They shined brightly as she looked up into another pair of blue and never broke contact as she began to whimper.

He knew what he had done, that much was clear on his almost covered face as I looked at him. His lips were set in a thin line as he watched the child whimper. I knew how vampires worked, inside and out. So I knew he could feel her emotions, just after one drop of blood. With him as old as he was, it was no surprise that it didn't take much for it. I had no idea how he felt about having a connection with a newborn child, but I wouldn't ask either. It was not my place to do so. He willingly offered to be a guinea pig for this and that was all there was.

I peered at him as he pricked his finger once more and placed it carefully at Sookie's lips. She opened and began sucking; extracting more from the wound he inflicted himself. No emotion played on the cloaked figures face; it was emotionless as he studied. After a few moments, his brows furrowed quickly before they relaxed. I looked down at the child to see what had gone wrong and realized that she took it upon herself to reopen the wound with tiny fangs that poked out of her half open mouth.

"I think that is enough for now. We know she will need to drink at least some blood to keep sustained." The man spoke, pulling his finger away from the child before backing away. Of course, Sookie wailed from the lack of blood, but soon quieted down as I rocked her back and forth as I did her mother years ago.

"The sun awaits." Another voice entered from the back.

I nodded in acceptance before turning on my heel and waiting for the vampires to cover themselves fully before I ascended the stairs. I quickened my pace, wanting to get this over with quickly. I made sure I had a good grip on the blanket; to throw over her if this did not work. My heart was still beating hard in my chest and guilt ran through my blood for the first time in many years, but it had to be done. We must know everything there is to know about my granddaughter if we are to keep her safe the best we can.

The sun was just outside the door I was standing at. After taking a few deep breaths, I pushed the door open and entered the outside world. The rain had subsided a while ago, but you could still see that the earth was wet from the heavy rain pour.

I looked down at the child in my arms to notice that nothing was happening. Sookie's eyes were open, looking up at me as I stepped further out of the underground hidden cove we were at. Her skin did not burst into flames, she did not begin to burn under my eyes and I let out a sigh of relief. She seemed to like the sun as her little hands began to come forward and ball up before uncoiling under the sun and it made me smile. She had gotten something from her mother…the love of the sun.

With this came upsetting news at the same time. Although I was happy that she would get to enjoy the sun as most Fae do, it would also cause her problems if she was ever to be found out. Being a vampire, with the means to day-walk was worrisome. If anyone, especially vampires knew of this…they would kill her quickly. We just had to keep that hidden, keep her hidden and we would be alright, or at least I think we would. It would take much guarding and careful watching to make sure she could live her life normally.

But that was another question altogether. How could she live a normal life, when she is not normal by any means? Where could my granddaughter stay, to give her a somewhat normal life?

I turned back around, looking over my shoulder as I did so. No one was around, that much was clear. Our secret society of Supernaturals was not found out and hadn't been for years. This was good, but there was a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that all may not be well in the future. A grandfather's worry is a heavy burden on my shoulders.

The vampires wouldn't sleep today I noticed. They were too much into conversation as I headed back down the stairs, yelling down to make sure they were covered as I opened the almost hidden door at the top. As I descended the stairs, I heard chattering about where the child could stay, but none were sure.

This was different all together. She couldn't stay with Fairies or Vampires forever, she needed another home with much more ground so she could have something of a normal existence and at the same time, keep her hidden from most. No one in the mortal world, human world knew that vampires or any other supernatural creature existed…yet. Yes, there has been talk about vampires making themselves known, but it shouldn't happen for years yet.

So where could the child live?

It hit me then suddenly. There were some humans that do know about fairies and I know one personally because of my son Fintan was with her romantically years before. She knew of our existence, though she was getting up in her years of age. We would still have to have guards protect them, but that wasn't a heavy burden to pay.

"I have chosen where Sookie will be staying." I said as I laid Sookie in the arms of the doctor. She had to make sure that the child was alright, if everything was working properly.

"And who have you picked?" A vampire wiped his nose against the sleeve of his cloak, blood was collected there.

"A human." I spoke and soon there was only silence before an out roar of comments.

"Tell me, Niall, how will that keep the child safe? This is your grandchild, are you prepared to leave her with a human? The greediest species on the planet."

"I could fight with you there on greed, James Flood." I spoke to the Were who was leaned against the wall. He shut up instantly. "A human would be best, not necessarily for protecting, but keeping her hidden. Most humans do not know of our existence and therefore would not ask questions for this child. She can day-walk, meaning she can walk among them as if it is nothing. She does not look exactly like a vampire, she isn't as pale and fairies look like humans anyway. She could fit in their world more than she would ours."

"So what do you expect to come of her? What will happen when she needs blood? She might kill the human watching her if she smells good enough."

"I don't think that is going to be a problem." The doctor called, we turned to her. "The child seems to have a specific taste. She does not want my blood and she did not want Thalia's either. It seems she has taken a liking to yours." She turned to the cloaked figure that had given Sookie blood already. "We still don't know how she will react to human blood because there is no human in this room though, but I don't think it will be much of a problem."

"What do you mean she has taken a liking to mine?" The cloaked figure stood tall.

"Exactly how I explained it." The doctor snapped back. "She won't drink anyone else's blood. Our blood is just lying on top of her lip. I think if she was hungry enough, she would drink it, but that proves another point."

"Which is?" I asked.

"She does not need as much vampire blood as you all think she is going to need." The doctor shrugged.

"So she will still be able to eat human food?"

"You eat human food, Niall, so I would guess she inherited that, yes." She nodded. "We will try milk and she how she takes to it. She is a special one."

"I would have to agree." I said.

The cloaked figure turned his head to me. "Who is the human you want to take her to?"

"Adele Hale Stackhouse." I answered. "But we will wait for the night to come and we will have to travel a state over to get her with Adele. We do not need to worry about travel, if only some would follow along. We can teleport you with us, but that means you cannot bite the fairies that are guiding you through to another place."

"Who do you want to come?" The doctor asked.

"You of course, Ludwig. James Flood already lives over in that state; Thalia, Pam, and Eric as well." I looked at the three vampires. "You three are our best bet to keeping her safe. Pam might be young, but she is conning. Thalia, I know you don't really…what was the phrase you used before? Ah, 'give a shit', so I am hoping you apply that here as well. You are strong and a good ally for us in this case." At last I turned to Eric, the cloaked figure with the ponytail sticking over his left shoulder. "You are my most trusted ally and it seems Sookie has taken a liking to you. I need you to protect her, Eric."

"You want me to move to another state?" He asked. "One where James Flood lives, so I am guessing you are talking about Louisiana."

"Yes, I am." I nodded.

"It will be like starting over, Niall. I will have to come up with a reason why I am changing states. You and everyone else know I am already a Sheriff here."

"There is an opening for a Sherriff in Louisiana. I believe the one that held the position was killed just a few weeks ago." Russell spoke softly from the corner. He was the king of Mississippi, which would be catastrophic if anyone ever found out that he belonged to this unknown council. "I will let you go, if that is what needs to be done, Eric. I will put a good word in for you as well for their Sherriff."

"Alright, then the matter is settled." Eric nodded before stepping back, his hood finally falling down to his back. He brushed his ponytail back and away from his shoulder to hang down between his shoulder blades.

"We move tonight." I told them before going to pick up my granddaughter.

Standing outside of the house that Sookie would be growing up in made me sigh. I did not want to leave her. I promised her mother I would protect Sookie, and I will, but not in the way that she wanted me to. I still had priorities in Faery. It would look suspicious if I did not return and worked from earth.

Thalia, Pam, James and Ludwig were all surrounding the woods, making sure that there was no one out there. I doubted there would be, but I wanted to be clear we were alone when this transpired. We didn't need any eyes following us.

Eric and I stood alone for the most part. We were waiting on a person that could possibly put a spell over my grandchild in hopes to keep her vampire side 'asleep' until she comes of a certain age. It hadn't ever been done, but this witch was the best there was. It was worth a try. If it did work, then Sookie wouldn't feel the draw to drink from any human she came in contact with. It would also be as if she was simply a human. We tried the milk Ludwig had spoken of earlier and she seemed to enjoy it, not as much as Eric's blood, but it was a good sign that this could work.

A car pulled up behind us and I looked over my shoulder at the woman who was frail, getting out of the car. She had a two year old daughter along with her, but the girl was to stay in the car. Another witch that I knew as Olivia Fant got out to help the woman move forward. Olivia was a good witch as well, but not nearly as strong as this woman, the one I called for.

"Diana Broadway." I nodded toward her and she smiled faintly.

"Let's see if this will work, shall we?" She said, dropping to her knees before me and holding her arms up for the child.

I knelt before her and placed Sookie into her waiting hands and watched her work her wonders. Diana began chanting softly, whispering words of a different language. There was a red smoke substance that seemed to come out of nowhere, surrounding my grandchild in a hazy cloud of red. Diana began chanting harder and there seemed to be a pulse reaction. A new sound entered my ears and I smiled. The child's heartbeat began to flutter, showing me that it was in fact working. She did not have a heartbeat before.

After a few more minutes Diana pushed the child back into my hands before collapsing to the soil below her in a heap. She breathed deeply as Olivia put her hands on Diana's shoulders to steady the woman. I knew and so did Diana that she was going to die soon and this was the last thing she could accomplish in her life. I smiled and put my own hand on her shoulder.

"I thank you for this gift. Are you sure you do not want to be turned?"

Diana smiled. "No, I know I am going to die and no offense to vampires, but I would rather not become one."

"Fair enough. Thank you."

"It worked." She nodded. "The baby will not feel the draw to have blood; her fangs will stay hidden until she reaches a certain age as we agreed on."

"I must thank Claudine for working on such short notice." I grinned and Diana joined in. "What will the age be that her vampire side wakes?"

Diana sighed. "I am not quite certain, Niall. It will be a while. I doubt that it will happen in her teens. She will be able to live in the human world for quite a few years. I would guess she would be around twenty-two when the magic wears off. I say twenty-two because I kept seeing that number in my mind."

"That is good. Thank you again, Diana, you have done me a great gift."

"You are welcome, but now I must go home. I feel as if I won't live much longer and would like to spend the rest of my time with my daughter."

I nodded. "Always know that I will watch over Amelia, Diana. She will be safe, no matter where she goes in life."

"Then you have just repaid me in kind, Niall. Thank you." Diana stood on shaking feet and Olivia helped her in the car. After a few moments, we watched the car drive away.

I looked at Eric, who has not spoken a word since this had happened. "I know you don't want to really do this. I know you, Eric, but I thank you as well that you are doing this for Sookie."

"I am not doing this for Sookie. You and I both know that this could lead to our deaths if she was found out. I am doing this because I am in the council and because you have asked it of me. I have owed you my life before and I am just repaying you. It has nothing to do with the child in your arms. Quite honestly, Niall, I don't want to die for her."

I frowned slightly. "I know you don't and we shall hope that it does not come to that."

Eric didn't say anything more for a good few minutes. "Let's get this over with, so I can go meet my new Queen."

"Ah, you have talked to her, yes?"

"No exactly, but I know what area I will be in. It is located in Shreveport, just a little bit away. I am the new Sheriff of Area Five."

"Congratulations." I said as we began walking.

"There is no need for congratulations. I'm not exactly the one that wanted to move here anyway."

"Cheer up, Eric." I laughed.

"Have you ever known me to be a cheery kind of person?" A faint smirk played on his lips.

"I know there is somewhat of cheer lingering inside of you, you just got to find the trigger to that happiness."

"Yeah, I don't think that will be happening. I have been trying to find a meaning for nearly one thousand years. You think I will find something to be cheery about here in Bum fucked Egypt?" He laughed and I knew the stiffness between us would pass sooner or later.

"You got that phrase from Pam, didn't you?"

"It was the first thing she said when we reached our destination, if you recall." He grinned. "It seemed useful enough, so I took it into my own vocabulary."

"Right then. We must do this quickly if we are to move forward."

"Let's hope this does not backfire on us, Niall, because if it does I will probably drain you dry and enjoy every second of it." His grin widened. "I haven't had Fae in a long time, you know?"

I rolled my eyes at his form of a joke. "If this fails, then I will let you drain me. How about that? If we are to die, then I will let you enjoy my blood before your life is ended."

He snorted. "That seems like a fair trade to me."

"Then let's do this before Sookie begins to cry once more." I said hurriedly, looking down at the child that began to stir in my arms.

"Let us hurry then." Eric said hastily and moved forward quicker. Something tells me, not just by his comments…but I don't think he likes children very much. Well, he will have to get used to it…he is her main protector from here on out.

We must hope for the best, but…prepare for the worst in the years to come. With Sookie's vampire side more or less asleep, I could only hope that it would last. Not that I don't want her to know who she is, but it is best kept a secret. For now she would live in a world of duality. It was the only gift and possibly curse I could offer her.