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Niall's POV:

Two weeks before Transformation:

In my wildest years, I never thought it would come to this.

Fear was one great and dangerous thing to have, when you have such an outstanding grandchild, and I cannot tell you how much I am truly frightened. It isn't good.

I have received your letter, and have been thinking quite rapidly of the new found information. Yes, he hasn't spoken, or has awoken from whatever slumber state he is in at the moment. Is that good news? I'm not so sure, and neither are you.

You can no longer see any future in that place, and I'm not technically sure why. Your words were: 'There is something about that place. I have no idea if I am looking into the future, past, or present. No time runs there any longer'. Does that mean that he will surely die?

Is that the end of the monstrous vampire fairy hybrid?

Would it be the same to my granddaughter? Living in a tomb until finally she goes in a state of unconsciousness where she shall slumber for centuries? Again, I am not sure. We have no idea how long he shall remain in that state, or even if we are being thrown off. It has only been a few months he has slept without waking. But is he really asleep?

There are so many questions, and yes, I quite fully understand that you cannot answer them. It's hard on an old fairy such as myself, having to deal with all these riddles before us with no way of solving them. It's frustrating for you as well correct?

Ancient One, I guess we have reached the end of the line, if you cannot see what will become of my Granddaughter, or of the development of Malakai.

We've collected quite a bit of information when you examined him, such as he can also feed on other vampires. I am sorry you lost your one guard on that one, when you first arrived there. It was unfortunate, but he did collect what we needed to know—Malakai gets strength from almost any species it seems. If he can feed on a vampire, and gain strength from it as if the prey was human, I am most certain that it would work the same as if it was any Supernatural's blood.

He is also impossibly strong, and I am glad that you at least were able to close the prison cell before he could make it out. But being near food for the first time in what seemed like forever for him, must have gained his full attention for quite a few seconds.

What you have done, has been a great deed for me, and I hope to one day repay you. No matter what becomes of my granddaughter Sookie, I shall be forever in your debt for at least trying.

Eric has become suspicious as of late, and he did the unthinkable. He had contacted Sook, the alter ego in Sookie's soul once more. He brought her forth, and questioned her.

Eric knows of Malakai, and he knows what he is. Eric hasn't spoken to me since the day he stormed his way through the Fae Portal outside Sookie's home. It was quite astonishing to watch, really, since he had made it through with enough strength left to kill two of my more qualified guard. I could not truly be angry with him, even as he had his hand around my throat.

I was sure I would die that day, with the look of such hatred in his eyes. He knew I had kept the secret from him, and to be honest, I don't think I should have anymore.

One person, I know who I can rely on would be Eric. He would die for Sookie before anything could harm her, but I still am not sure that it is even possibly to hide it from her much longer. And when she finds out, I am not sure how she will take the news of her true identity.

All I can really say is that I failed.

Yes, I failed as a grandfather, as a father, as ruler, and as a friend to many.

I have lied, and I have kept secrets.

I regret it. I regret it all.

And I am afraid.

Shaking my head, I crumpled the page and threw it into the fire with more force than truly necessary. I watched as the flames licked the page before it burnt to nothing but ash as the bottom of the fireplace.

My words were just my own thoughts, and not all of them needed to be spoken. No, I shall keep my own self-hatred to myself, and hopefully be able to go forth, and still be strong.

Picking up another sheet of parchment, I scrawled the words: Thank you for your effort, Ancient One. I understand that you can no longer help us in this case. Truly, your efforts were great, and I owe you my life for trying. –Niall.

Snapping my fingers, a fairy woman stepped forward, and held out her hands in waiting. Delicately, I placed the letter in her hands, and told her where it needed to go. In just a few short seconds she had teleported away with it, and also taking my hope for everything to turn out okay with her.

Sookie's POV:

Ever since I last passed out I have been jumpy—more so than I normally am. I tried not to think about it, but the memory of me waking up with Eric leaning over me was something else.

I flushed, I remembered, because I was somehow dressed into the nightgown I had laying on my desk. Eric had dressed me in what I had been wearing. A long white linen nightgown.

Those memories weren't the only thing I had left over. I knew something had happened by the way Eric had looked at me. He did something to my body before I passed out, I just couldn't—for the life of me—remember what it was.

What could he have possibly done to make me pass out?

I mean, he is a vampire. I bet he would be capable of doing a lot of things. But one thing I knew for sure he couldn't do was glamour me. That was a given.

It was stressful for a few weeks after that night, since I knew something was wrong with me. My body felt…different, and even now, it still does.

What caught me most of guard was for the fact that I seemed to lose patience rather easily. Before I knew what I was doing, I was snapping at people left and right, feeling really, really bitter inside. My emotions seemed to just go on overdrive, and I haven't been able to stop or slow them down.

No one wanted to be around me.

That was the hardest thing. I lost my job because I was unable to keep up with the work since I was tired all the time, I lost my friends since I had been snapping and yelling for no reason, and even my own family became distant, but I didn't understand why.

Jason was off doing bigger and better things—or as he liked to call it—and Gran seemed to try to avoid me at all costs. The problem was, in that little scenario, was for the fact that we lived in the same house. Not a very big one either, and therefore, she had to talk to me so often. She just seemed scared of me—no, not scared of me, but for me—if that made any sense.

The only people that were still there for me, who didn't seem too weird lately, weren't technically people at all. Eric, Pam, and Thalia—Vampires. I hadn't been around Thalia a lot in the past, but she started to come by the house, and even once she had spoken somewhat kindly.

She said; 'You're a lot like me. Misunderstood. The only difference is that I don't want people around me, when you want the opposite'.

Yeah, I wasn't quite sure what that meant, but I had an idea. She seemed to be popular now since the vampires came out. I heard that she had her own fan page—not that I have seen it of course.

I guess she was right though. She wanted everyone to just leave her be, while I wanted to be surrounded with what I used to have, and that was family—the sense of belonging somewhere. That changed, and I couldn't understand why. The loneliness was…harder, and more a focal point of my mind now. It was slowly eating away at me, piece by piece. There would be nothing left of me soon.

But slowly, I began to remember things. Things that I somehow went through, but I couldn't have. I just didn't remember them, meaning that they couldn't be real.

And it first took form in dreams, and I had kept a diary of it—a dream diary, as I liked to call it.

As I thought about it, I grabbed the diary. Till this day, I haven't reread what I wrote every time I woke up frightened in the last few months, but something inside told me that if I just reread everything, that I might know the secrets I've been searching for. But really, what secrets?

I shook my head and opened to the first page.

Dear Diary,

I had a dream and one I hope to never have again.

There was nothing around me, only darkness. I was somehow floating, suspended, in this darkness that was so black, and so cold. It frightened me, being in this darkness. I was vaguely aware that I had been here before. It was like I was trapped, and all I wanted to do was scream out for help.

Dear Diary,

The dreams are getting worse. The darkness is suffocating.

Dear Diary,

It wasn't darkness this time. My dream had taken me to a place where a woman was, and she looked exactly like me! She could have been my twin! She had spoken, but I couldn't hear the words that were coming out of her mouth. It was like she was a mute, unable to actually speak out loud, but her eyes spoke of everything. Her eyes held terror for me.

Dear Diary,

I remember the shadow man and shadow woman, and I dreamed about them last night. They were having a conversation, but it was too muffled in my ears, but I remember hearing a scream, and then a name—Malakai. The shadow woman's screams are my nightmares when I don't have these dreams, but it is enough to make them frightening. Sometimes I just dream, and hear her high pitched cries.

Dear Diary,

The dreams are getting worse. The shadow man tortured the woman again, and I have come to realize that the shadow man's name is Malakai. It was easy to figure out, like if it was somehow planted in my head.

I watched the shadow woman scream when he gripped her arm so tightly tonight. I knew she was too weak to hold off something. It was like she was trying to protect me from him, always trying to save me.

The scariest thing of it all, just now when I woke up, there was throbbing pain exactly where Malakai had grabbed the shadow woman, and as I looked down, I noticed there was a faint bruise beginning to form on my own skin.

I hurled the diary away from me. It clattered to the floor before slamming against my closed door. It left me trembling, what I had reread, and now I understood why I had put off looking at it again for so long.

My dreams, my nightmares chilled me to the core, and left me shaken. I had no idea what was wrong with me, but I knew five things.

Malakai was dangerous, the shadow woman was somehow a part of me, I was different, these dreams were definitely more than just dreams, and I was dying.

The last one freaked me out, but I knew it to be true. Something inside of me was dying slowly, some part of me was changing and I wasn't sure if I could actually survived it.

I don't think I am strong enough to survive whatever was coming for me, and yes, the shadow man wanted me desperately. I just knew it and that shadow woman—who I knew that was somehow a part of me—was trying to keep me far, far away.

I pitied her.

I felt sorry for everything she had to go through. I wish that she would speak to me, like she had done in the past. I knew she spoke to me. I knew it was her now. I was not going crazy the way I thought I had been. She was in my mind, she talked to me. But she hadn't for a few months now.

I had no one to talk to, not even Eric.

I felt the need to keep it from him now, just as I did the bruise that had appeared on my skin. Malakai was dangerous, I knew this, and I also knew in the back of my mind that whatever Malakai was, Eric couldn't stop him. He couldn't stop him from getting what he wants from me.

I had to do that.