The Truth


…Jenny gave one last glance at the indescribable blue Pennsylvania sky, and then boarded the California bound plane with her six best friends.

Julian took a breath. His first thought was of Jenny leaning over him crying. His second thought was that he should not be able to take a breath or have thoughts. Julian opened his eyes and saw a cream colored hallway. Next to him a small table and with a phone on it and a door with a runic wheel stained with blood and black marker. The sorcerer's house.

Chapter 1

Just breathe Jenny. Breathe. People fly all the time, its perfectly safe… Jenny told herself over and over. The turbulence on this flight was particularly bad and Jenny felt as though her heart skipped a beat every time the plane rocked. Jenny felt someone squeeze her hand and looked over to see Tom giving her a reassuring smile. "It's ok Thorny I'm here for you." He scooted a little closer to her so she could rest her head on his shoulder. The only thought in Jenny's head was how the hand holding hers didn't give her the same electric feeling that Julian's did.

Julian. Jenny thought. She had so many emotions running through her head. She told herself it would be best to get some rest and sort out all these thoughts and emotions when she had a clearer head, but with another violent bump of turbulence all thoughts of trying to rest were banished from her mind. I love Tom. I always have. But do I love Julian too? Does it even matter if I love him or not now that he's gone? Yes. It matters. She thought. I do love Tom but am I in love with him? Jenny had to sternly remind herself to be honest. The only person she'd be lying to in this conversation would be herself. No. I am no longer in love with Tom…wow.

Jenny lifter her head from Tom's shoulder and quickly glanced at him. He was asleep, his brown hair messy but still very stylish. Next to Tom sat Summer, also asleep with her mouth hanging open. Her blue sun dress a wrinkled mess but one look at her and all you would see is blonde ringlets and cute dimples. Across the aisle Michael and Audrey were also asleep but managing to cuddle despite the cramped airplane seats and arm rest. Michael looked like a teddy bear in his casual tee shirt and sweats while Audrey could have been on her way to any high class event in her black and white pant suit. Zach, Jenny's cousin, was sharing the row with Audrey and Michael and looked just as uncomfortable with the plane ride and Jenny was but at least he was attempting rest. In front of Jenny she could only make out the top of Dee's head but Jenny knew Dee well enough to know that she was playing with her game boy or trying to make conversation with whoever was seated next to her.

Jenny sighed and gently detached her hand from Tom's trying to be careful not to wake him. It just felt wrong to be holding his hand after the realization that she just had. She would always want Tom to be happy more than anything else. Jenny thought how could he be truly happy if I just pretend that nothing has changed and don't tell him the truth - as painful as it may be. Jenny looked out the window and the midday sky and forced herself to try and get some rest.