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Chapter 23

Jenny opened her eyes and found herself in a place she didn't recognize. It smelt sterile and she saw monitors and wires. The hospital. Oh my God, the car accident. Jenny bolted to a sitting position and immediately wished she didn't. Her neck hurt and her head was spinning. She looked down and saw her arm was wrapped in a ace wrap and incredibly sore but not broken. Her face and chest felt as though someone used her as a punching bag.

After a deep breath, she sat up again, very slowly. She was in a hospital gown but she could see her clothes folded neatly on a chair in the room. She was alone. "Hello?" She called thinking that someone should be in ear shot outside the door but she got no response.

Where are my friends and my parents? The hospital surely would have called and my friends saw the accident. Unless they were in it too. Jenny paled. They were right behind her, maybe they couldn't stop in time either. And Julian and Summer and Zach!

Jenny gently threw one leg over the side of the bed and found her upper thighs were incredibly bruised. Probably from the seat belt… She threw the other leg over and took a shaky step away from the bed. She hurt from head to toe but was amazed that she wasn't in worse shape.

Jenny carefully changed back in to what was supposed to be her school clothes for the day and opened the door to the hallway. It was dim, but a typical hospital hall. There was a sign indicating the nurses station was just down the hall. She walked slowly with one hand on the wall for support, but when she reached the station, there was no one there.

"Hello?" She called. No, answer, just silence. She went around the counter and looked for a phone. There was an office phone sitting by the computer and Jenny picked it up and hit 0 hoping it would take her to the hospital switchboard.

"Vista Grande Hospital, how may I direct your call?"

"Hi, I was wondering if I could find out if my friends were admitted."

"I'll transfer you."

The hold music was too cheery and almost made Jenny feel uneasy.

"Admissions, how can I help you?" Asked a male voice.

"Hi, I was wondering if a Summer Parker-Pearson and Zachary Taylor were admitted."

"Let me see. Yes they were along with another young man with no identification. They are in the morgue."

Jenny froze and felt all the blood drain from her face. No, that's not right.

"The…the morgue? Are you sure?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Jenny dropped the phone. And sat on the ground, unsure that her legs could hold her any longer. Julian, Summer, and Zach… No. It's a mistake. They are fine.

Jenny focused on her breathing and pulled herself up. She made her way to a wall sporting a hospital map and saw that the morgue was on the basement floor which she guessed it would be.

She got in the elevator and pressed the basement button and hoped no one stopped her on her way down. There's that damn cheery music again. Why would someone decide to play that in a hospital? She thought to herself.

The elevator stopped at the basement and Jenny walked out into a bright white hallway. Her only choice was to walk straight, so she did. After a minute, Jenny came to a door marked "Morgue".

She stopped, hand on the door handle. What was she hoping to find? She didn't want to see her friends in here, she wanted it to be a mistake. Was she ready to see them dead? No, she would have a mental breakdown and then some hospital worker would find her and take her to the psych ward.

Jenny took a deep breath and opened the door. It was dimly lit and cold. There was a wall lined with the refrigerated drawers they keep bodies in, but more disturbing to that, there were three covered bodies on three exam tables awaiting autopsies.

She just stood there for a moment. She felt like she went deaf with panic. I have to know. I have to be sure before I loose it… She slowly, painfully walked over to the smallest body and slowly pulled the sheet down to expose the face.

Blonde ringlets. No, Summer. No! "No! No! No!" Jenny screamed. Jenny practically ran to the second body thinking that maybe Zach and Julian had survived and these were other victims from the pile up. She yanked the cover off. Zach. Jenny didn't waste another second and ripped the sheet off the third body. Julian.

She was completely numb. She looked at his face. He was pale, so pale. His hair still whiter than frost and face perfectly sculpted. His eyes were shut, thank god, because if she had to look at his lifeless eyes she would have completely lost it and quite possibly never come back from that.

Jenny wasn't crying, she wasn't hysterical, she wasn't even angry. She was numb. Jenny sat on the floor and leaned up against the body drawers. Some small part of her mind registered that she shouldn't sit there because it was gross, but she didn't have the strength to move.

She had no idea how long she had sat there before something didn't make sense. Where is everyone else? Summer and Zach's parents? Her other friends? Her family? And where are the workers from the hospital? Jenny realized she hadn't seen a single person since waking up. Waking up.

She would have jumped up if her body wasn't so sore, so she remained seated. "I never woke up." She whispered to no one other than herself. "I was knocked out from the accident and I didn't wake up yet. I'm asleep. I'm in the game. They're alive!" She laughed. This was probably one of Kale's sick tricks. Make her give up before she even started.

"Are you so sure?" Kale. Jenny looked to see him leaning against the door to the hallway. It made her feel very trapped.

"Have you looked in the mirror? You look pretty rough." He said completely serious. "Your right, you are dreaming. But how can you be so sure your friends made it? You haven't seen them have you?"

Jenny didn't know what to say. If she played her cards right she might be able to get Kale to slip up and say whether or not they were really ok.

She looked him square in the eyes. "I have seen them. Right here." She motioned to the bodies on the exam tables.

He had a sick excitement in his silver eyes. Jenny only then took in his appearance. Black leather jacket, black shirt, black pants and boots. His black hair even darker, the dark aura he gave off. He truly was evil.

"Yes, you have seen them, haven't you?"

He was being careful. She wanted to stand up, but she had too much pride for Kale to see her struggle, so she straightened her back against the drawers. Jenny took a chance.

"There's really only one way for me to find out if Julian's dead right?" Jenny said as she pulled the ring off her finger. Kale had said if she took it off, Julian would start fading away. Jenny had no idea how long it took for that process to happen and had no idea, if in fact he really was dead right here, it would work. So, she watched Kale's reaction instead.

He looked confused for a millisecond and then laughed. It was empty and hollow and mocking. "Oh, Jenny. If Julian isn't dead, wouldn't it be a pity for you to have killed him?"

Jenny shrugged. "If he's dead it doesn't matter."

"But if he's not it will." Kale retorted emotionlessly.

"So is he dead? Should I put this back on?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you would be disappointed if you lost your brother." She said the word brother as mockingly as she could muster.

Kale was in her personal space before she could blink. Kneeling in front of her seething. If Jenny knew he could touch her she would have been more afraid, but all he could do was kiss her and she doubted he would do that when he was this angry.

"You want to make me angry? Do you want to see what I'm capable of? You don't have Julian here to protect you. You need to understand that Julian and I are very different and I wont hesitate to kill you. You want a hint? Put the damn ring back on." And with that he was gone.

Jenny put the ring back on in the next second and breathed a sigh of relief. Julian was ok. Kale wouldn't have gotten worked up like that if he was dead and she doubted he would have told her to put the ring on if he was dead. She still didn't know for sure, but she was going to operate as though all her friends were just fine.

Now, the only problem would be finding them. In a big, empty, hospital.

Now that Jenny knew she was asleep and anything could happen, she didn't feel as comfortable leaning against a wall of lockers holding dead bodies that could come awake at any second.

She pulled herself up wincing and walked to the door. She didn't look back at the lifeless bodies of her friends because she told herself that was an illusion to make her give up and she repeated over and over in her head that they were alive and running (or slowly walking with a wince like Jenny) around here somewhere.

Jenny came to the elevator and hit the button thinking she would start at the top floor and work her way down. She wasn't too comfortable taking the elevator in a game played with Kale, but Jenny just couldn't take the stairs. She remembered Kale's comment about looking in the mirror and was worried about just how beat up she looked.

When the doors dinged open Jenny stepped inside and hit the 7th floor button. She remembered the comment Zach had made a few days ago about a nightmare he had involving an elevator but instantly shook her head to clear that away.

When she finally reached the top unharmed and the doors opened, she let out the breath she had been holding and hoped out. The floor was yet again, a typical hospital floor and Jenny realized she didn't know what to do.

She didn't think they were getting a hint this time after she upset Kale and thought that instead of giving her a hint he suggested she put Julian's ring back on, which to Jenny seemed like he was saying Julian was alive. She could walk up and down the halls of each floor calling her friends name's but she didn't want to attract the attention of any shadow creatures that might be lurking around.

She was walking slowly peeking in rooms as she walked by. This floor seemed odd. Almost every other room Jenny peeked into had white padding on the walls and the décor was very simple but kind of childish. This must be the floor for the crazies. Jenny thought.


Jenny about ran when the voice hollered at her and she turned to see a man in an operating uniform. She slowly took steps away unsure what to do and when he took a step towards her, she ran. Well as fast as she could after a head on collision in her brand new car.

"Your needed in the operating room!" The man yelled which terrified Jenny since she couldn't tell if he meant for assistance or the one to be operated on.

Jenny was running out of hallway, and ducked into the nearest room and shut the door. There was a depression lock on the inside which seemed weird since it happened to be a padded room, but thankfully she pressed the lock anyway and backed away from the door. There was a small window in the door and Jenny watched to see if the man would try to get in.

He walked past the room, then came back and looked through the window at Jenny. He looked wrong. His eyes were sunken in and his skin a grayish sickly color. He had a crazed expression and Jenny stifled a scream when he smiled. He looked certifiably insane.

He jiggled the door handle and began humming the cheery elevator music all the while staring at Jenny. She backed into a corner and looked at the floor, not wanting to see his nasty face, hoping he would get bored and go away.

He didn't.

Jenny felt like she was going to go insane. It felt like hours, but it was most likely minutes, later and he was still staring, humming, and jiggling the door handle. Since she had already attracted the attention of a creeper, she decided she should start yelling.

"Dee! Julian! Somebody!" She listened for a response but the humming only got louder. "Hello! Please?" The humming got louder.

Jenny sat down in the corner and covered her ears and closed her eyes. Oh, thank you… She thought when the noise from the crazy man stopped. She looked up to see if he was still there, and screamed.

He was standing in the door way which was now wide open, smiling at Jenny.

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