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Chapter 1

The rain was heavy outside just like it had been for the last few days. They say Tokyo hasn't seen a storm like this in years. My heart aches because know that all of this is my doing. Everyone asked if I knew what was going and for the first time I lied to them, all of them. It was much easier than I had thought.

My guardian spoke to me and gave me back all of my memories. At first I was hesitant, but now I understand why. Saturn and I never really fit in anywhere. We both have come to the realization that there are some battles that the others aren't meant to be a part of, it was this way during the Silver Millennium and it is this way now.

Crystal Tokyo is coming. Hotaru and I have both felt it. The Queen will have one last trial to face and it is both Saturn and I that must make sure that everyone survives. The rain falls because it senses what I already know. The last Jovian will bleed tonight. In the face of danger there is no getting away. The thunder will break as I fight, and no one will say otherwise.

I stand in the streets of Tokyo dripping in the harsh rain. The streets are empty just like I knew they would be. I'm supposed to be on my way to the shrine for our meeting, but I've felt the darkness just as I know Hotaru has. I am the sword she is the shield. Those were the designations given to us by Queen Serenity herself during the moon kingdom.

The thunder crackles. A light flashes before me; I waste no time in transforming. The darkness is strong. I doubt Raye has missed this flux in energy.

"The Princess of Jupiter. We suggest you stand out of our way."

I look over my shoulder and see a man standing before me. His eyes are dark and his face, emotionless. "So this is the new form that chaos has chosen? You know better than to come here when the Imperium Silver Crystal is still at full strength."

He steps forward; a looming shadow follows him. "The Queen is only as strong as each of her soldiers. I will fight you all one by one until you are nothing more than our servants."

I smile. "I find it odd that you would attack one of the strongest before the others."

He laughs. "It's simple my dear. You will die and then no one will protect the others. Saturn's wall will eventually fall."

I let the electricity course through my fingers. "Alright then if you're so damn sure of yourself then let get started."

He nods. "Yes, lets."

In that moment I felt everything. The rage of the storm on my side as we both ran at each other in a fight for our lives.

Hotaru sits up straight as the thunder bellows through the air. The others don't seem to notice the uneasy tension between her and the storm outside.

"Where is Lita? God she's almost a whole two hours late." Raye sighs and pulls the comic book from Serena's hand.

"Hey, I was reading that you know."

Mina intervenes. "Oh let's not start. This is serious. Lita's never late."

Luna nods. "I'll go over and check her apartment."

Hotaru finally stands and walks over to the door. "It is beginning."

Everyone looks to her with confusion written all over their faces. "What are you talking about?" Amara's question goes unanswered.

Michelle looks to Trista. "What is she talking about?"

The soldier of time steps forward and closes her eyes. "I'm not sure. The gates won't open for me to see."

The thunder roars again. Hotaru transforms. "Silence Wall."

A large barrier encircles the shrine. "Hotaru what's going on?"

Sailor Saturn turns to the others and bows her head. "Chaos is almost here."

The energy racing through my fists equaled no other. The rain was nothing but a battlefield. Chaos hits me hard into the wall. I look it in the eye and unleash as much power as I can, but before my attack hits the man disappears.

"Coward!" My blood is boiling. No one runs away from me. In that moment I take a few steps and look around at the scene before me. Where is he? I don't let my guard down. His presence is still quite strong.

My hands shake with frustration. That's when I hear the voice in my ear. "I am no coward."

I throw my fist back, but all I hit is the empty air. The storm does not cease. There are so many thoughts going through my mind. I'm like a soldier, I analyze and assess everything that I see and hear. He's using the rain to mask his presence.

"You disappoint me Jupiter."

I let off a wave of electricity that surges through the streets. Before I know it the man is sent flying from my attack. I grab him by the throat and pull him off the ground. "This ends now."

He shakes his head and spits the blood out of his mouth. "No, this is just the beginning. You can kill this body if you want but all I will do is take control of the next soul that comes by. How many times can you murder before you go mad?"

Memories begin to surge through my mind. I've killed before, maybe not in this life, but certainly in the last. Jovians are not foreign to the harsh ways of battle. "I will do whatever it takes to protect them."

He nods. "That will be the death of you just like in the past."

I watch as he disappears leaving me to grip nothing but the air. "Get back here!" I scream in anger, but no one hears me.

"Don't worry our dance is not yet over."

I am frozen in place. The pain in my left side overwhelms me. My legs buckle as I fall to my knees. Chaos stands over me with a smile on his face. His right hand now covered in my blood.

"Don't you dare think that this is over."

He nods and readies himself to strike. "You will die Jupiter." I know what's coming. There is no mercy for soldiers during battle. His eyes are distant but focused. I charge my fists to counter his impeding strike, but it never came. He staggers back and holds his head. "I sense that I might have been a little hasty with my actions. It seems that you are not meant to be the first. Fate has other plans for you. My apologies for depriving you of a satisfying death." He turns away.

"Don't walk away from me!"

"You and I will fight again; it is written in stone. But this is not what is meant to happen yet."

I force myself to stand. "It's not just you is it? There's someone else."

He sighs. "We all have partners in this world. You have yours and I have mine. Do not worry Princess of Jupiter, when the times comes all cards will be set on the table and my Queen will be able to fight yours once again."

I look on as he disappears in front of me. The sparks dance off my fingers. I detransform and place all my weight onto the wall. Blood still pours from my side despite the pressure I have against the wound.

My steps are slow. The storm never ceases. There is so much going through my mind. It seems Chaos is not our only problem. I have to get to the others.

Through the pain I continue on, my legs grow heavier with each step until I am forced to stop. The steps to the shrine are right in front of me, and for the first time ever I am cursing the fact that there are so many of them.