Chapter 14

I can't stop the anger that courses through my veins. Every inch of me wants to scream in the heat of battle. Is this my destiny? Why can't I remember. There's an aura within me. It tempts my very being in so many ways. It is seductive, but not irresistable. Damn, it seems that I've been left here for a reason. I can hear the light cry for help. It too is a child born with no memory. These ruins are ancient and yet so familiar. Each step I take echoes in the past.

"Are you the daughter of Jove?" The voice is faint.

I look ahead, but there's nothing in front of me. "Where are you?"

There is a moment when I hear nothing but the silence. I don't even notice the sparks flowing through my fingers until they crackle against the air. What is this energy? The thunder cracks over my head. A storm?

"You are the daughter of Jove, I knew it."

I turn behind me. "Don't be a coward! Face me with dignity!"

The voice is cold, but welcoming. "It is not yet time for us to meet, but when it is, you'll take my hand without hesitation. I've seen both sides of your soul."

I reach for my sword, but stop inches before the hilt. The lightning dances between my fingers. I let it fly without mercy. "Incredible. I can control the storms."

"Still, the storm does not embrace you as its true master."

I smile and move the clouds. "The storms will be my servants. I will lead them to a glorious victory."

"So says the daughter of a forgotten empire."

"You speak in riddles. Who are you?"

Behind me, I can feel the faint presence of another. "I am one of many followers of a forgotten army lain to rest on the dark side of this galaxy. The Jovian empire used to be so strong. We would follow the strength of lightning. Our duty is to conquer."

"Where are you then?"

"You will find us eventually, my Queen, and then there will be true peace."

Just like that, the presence is gone. No words escape me as I step closer and closer to the ruins. A Queen? Is that what I am? No, not yet. Queens understand the needs of people; they are powerful because of the choices they must make. I am not a Queen, not yet, but if something is forgotten then it must be found. This lightning is strange. It is so familiar and yet so distant. I sense its weakness. If I am its master then it will obey me. I will make it strong again so that my enemies will cower at my feet. The storm is resistant, but that will soon change. This, I promise.

The Earth is colder than it has been for generations. Mercury lowers her visor in an attempt to gather information. It doesn't make sense for either Jadeite or Zoicite to leave their Queen's side, especially after her appearance in front of the Princess.

"Anything new?" Mars steps forward with a look of concern on her face. Something is blocking her connection with the sacred fire.

"I don't think so. Looks like we're on our own."

Mars shivers as they continue on. The air around them feels so dead compared to what it was before. Mercury can sense it as well. Both soldiers are wary of their surroundings. This isn't the same city that either of them had come to know.

"It's too quiet."

Mars nods in agreement. "I know, but we can't do anything about it. We have to find those two and-"

"Kill them." Mercury closes her eyes. "I've always tried to do my best to help others. I was going to be a doctor so I could save lives. Even though I know I have to... I don't think I can take their lives."

Mars stops. "We told Saturn that we would. It's out of our hands now. Letting them live would be selfish. One person or the world. We are strong because we have to make that choice."

Mercury carries on. "And it will haunt us forever. Jupiter really was stronger than all of us. She never even hesitated."

"We'll get her back Amy."

She nods and faces her friend. "Will we really? Her eyes were so dark last time we saw her. What if the fate of the world meant losing a friend?"

"It won't come to that."

"I hope you're right."

Venus walks beside Saturn with her chain in her hands. In her past she was a leader, one of the most fearless warriors of the galaxy, but now she rests on uncertainty. In the past, she was the leader of the others, but right now she doesn't feel like she can lead anyone.


Venus looks over to her younger comrade. "Is something wrong Hotaru?"

"You're crying."

She hadn't even noticed the streaks of water that were falling down her face. "It's nothing."

Saturn can see through the lie. "Tears are the truths behind emotion."

Venus wipes them away and continues on as if nothing had happened. "So, how much further?"

The soldier of silence stops in her tracks. Venus looks back with confusion. Saturn closes her eyes and bows her head. "You shouldn't doubt yourself Mina. The others will need you to be your cheery self."

"What are you-"

"A leader is defined by their weaknesses as much as their strengths. You need to stop thinking about Lita. What happens will happen."

"I can't accept that."

"But you will."

Venus steps forward. "I don't want to talk about this."

Saturn sighs and walks to her side. "Then you will only feel worse when the time comes."

The Princess, despite everything that she has gone through stands and leaves the Prince. Her eyes are colder than they have ever been before.

Neptune bows her head. "Should we not at least take him inside somewhere?"

The Princess stops and turns. "No, we can't do anything for him right now. There's no time to waste."

Uranus sighs. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes." With that word, the Princess leaves with her Outer guard. None of them know where they are going, but they have faith in their princess. Her eyes hide the emotion that she would have readily expressed not a few hours earlier. "We're going to take the battle to Beryl. Michelle, can your mirror show us the way?"

She nods. "I can, but it will take a moment."

Pluto sighs. "We should wait for the others. We will be much stronger together."

The Princess shakes her head. "No, I won't ask that of them. They have their own demons to face."

No one says anything for a moment. Neptune stands with her talisman in front of her. She turns to the others with a sad smile. "We need to go north."

"To where?"

Neptune sighs. "The Tokyo tower."