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Viper Manor.

The place that's impossible to break in to. With traps at every turn and the Acacia Dragoons staying in the rooms, it's no wonder that it's said to be impossible.

In the dark of night, a young women with long blonde hair and blood red clothes, enters the Manor with one thing on her mind: revenge.

As she reaches the second floor, Kid looks straight ahead and then to her left. Knowing that the sorry bastard is in one of the two rooms, she decides to follow her instincts and go straight.

As Kid enters the room, she sees the person she's been looking for. "I got you now, LYNX!"

Frown upon her face, Kid quickly notices the object next to Lynx, the feline demi-human.

"Oi! That's the Frozen Flame, ain't it!"

A confused look appears on Lynx's face. "Are you one of the Radical Dreamers!"

He's not stupid. He knows who Kid is and why she's there. After all, it was him who destroyed the orphanage she lived in and killed the one known as "Sis".

Kid, not buying the innocent act, glares at Lynx with her blue eyes. "Shut up! In the name of Lucca...!"

"Hah...! What are you talking abou..." Lynx starts, but didn't anticipate Kid's attack as the blonde cuts him with her dagger. "Ughhhhhh!"

As Lynx slumps over, Kid can't help but be a bit shocked. It seemed far too easy to kill Lynx! But, the blood coming from his body was undeniable evidence that he was finally dead.

" Heh-heh-heh... "

Her shoulders shake as a grin comes to her face. "HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!"

Still laughing, she steps over Lynx's dead body and grabs the Frozen Flame. She walks out of the room and stops in the hallway to catch her breath. "Kill two birds with one stone! Heh-heh!"

She runs out Viper Manor as fast as she can.

Extended Ending

The troops are gathered in the ballroom for the latest updates pertaining to the future of the Acacia Dragoons.

"Teeeen-huuut! " Karsh calls, gaining the attention of the soldiers. "I introduce to you, the new lord of El Nido... General Kid! "

As Karsh speaks, the elevator comes down and Kid already planning. Her arms are crossed and her foot is out, tapping eager to get things started.

"General..." Karsh says, directing his attention to Kid as she straightens up and faces forward.

"Oi...! As of today, I stand before you as the new lord of El Nido! Ahahahahaha...!"

As Kid's about to continue, she's interrupted by an Acacia Dragoon running in and shouting, "General! I have important news! The Porre army is heading this way!"

"HUH! What!"

"Would ya all just calm down! Remember, we have the Frozen Flame! Plus, there's nothin' to worry about, with Kid in charge!" Kid tells them, regaining order and encouraging the troops.

"Fall in line!"

Kid's blue eyes shine with determination. "After we defeat the Kingdom of Guardia, it's time to put these Porre blokes in their place!"

"Rrrargh! Yes, General Kid!"

With that, they all run out of the Manor and follow General Kid into battle.

Extended Extended Ending

Later... The Acacia Dragoons, led by General Kid... went on to conquer the neighboring countries with ease... It was the birth of a new sovereign nation... The Acacia Empire... And standing next to General Kid's throne... was the Frozen Flame...