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Brief summary: A narcissist for an egotistical young heir takes on a penniless woman and her foul mouth. Embark upon an unforgettable joy-ride where the saying proves that: Opposites truly do attract.

Inspired by: The beloved 1964 film, My Fair Lady.

Contains some OOC with a cute & funny twist.

Bet Your Heart Fall Out


"She's so deliciously low. So horribly dirty."

-Professor Henry Higgins. My Fair Lady (1964)

Chapter 1: Her Foul Mouth


"That's him! That's him, isn't it?"

Squeals could be heard everywhere as a vast crowd of young women started flocking together like a herd of sheep.

Their voices echoed throughout the room like the constant chimes of a bell. Excitement and fascination filled the air.

"You're totally right, it is! The Natsume Hyuuga!"

"And look over there! Right beside him is Ruka Nogi. Wow, Youichi Hijiri and Tsubasa Andou, too!"

Every woman had a sparkle in their eyes, overjoyed with the handsome bachelors who decided to grace a special event with their presence.

The Melting Pot, a famous restaurant known for its fondue grandeur, was withholding a grand event in honor of the newly Grammy award-winning actress, Anna Umenomiya. Almost every popular model, actor, stylist and chef ─ everyone who was anyone were gathered together for the special occasion.

Four young men were seated afar off closest to the wall. All of them were dressed in luxury tuxedos, each one standing out in their own way. Their table was decorated with the luxuriance of every side dish possible. An exquisite chocolate fondue fountain was placed in the middle of the table.

One young man with jet black hair and attractive steel blue eyes started to dine in the exquisite dish.

He playfully let the tip of his index finger become lathered in chocolate, licking the delectable treat from his finger with a grin. "Beautiful women everywhere and a beautiful luscious snack. Major score!"

A small sneer came from his handsome companion seated next to him. His teal-grey eyes and silver hair were a jaw dropping sight. He had his chin placed in the palm of his hand with his elbow propped upon the table.

A lukewarm expression was placed on his face as he drawled, "Tsubasa, really? You're just a foolish kid trapped inside another body. Is it even safe to honor you with the title as my 'senior'?"

Finding it hard not to laugh, a handsome blonde with beautiful blue eyes chuckled lightly. "Honestly, Youichi, you really do enjoy lowering his standards, don't you?"

Youichi simply shrugged, "This childish fool."

"Hey!" Tsubasa flinched at the comment. "Why, you little─"

"Wow! You guys really came after all, impressive!"

Everyone turned their attention towards a beautiful young woman with cotton-candy pink hair, curls ending at the tips of each strand. She smiled sweetly, excitement evident within her voice.

"The two famous fashion stylists of the century, Tsubasa Andou and Youichi Hijiri!"

Youichi curtly nodded in return, "A pleasure."

Tsubasa smiled enthusiastically, "Yo!"

"Oh, I'm especially happy that the world's most popular chef could be here tonight as well. Ruka Nogi!"

The blonde haired bachelor responded with a bright smile. "It's great to see you too, Anna. We're much obliged to be here."

Anna smiled back reassuringly. She then shifted her gaze towards the attention of a stunningly attractive young man with disheveled raven hair.

He sat quietly, eyes closed, a nonchalant expression plastered on his face. One arm was casually swung over the edge of his chair while the other was placed on the table. His legs were propped upon the table as his hand absentmindedly fiddled around with his fork. It was like looking at the gorgeous picture shot straight out from a magazine.

"And who could ever forget Teen Sensation and model of the century, Natsume Hyuuga," Anna added a lingering stress to his name. "I heard that at just the age of twenty-four, you've also become the new heir as the new owner of Hyuuga Hotels. The most luxuriance of suites in the world, if you ask me."

The handsome young man slightly tilted his head to the side, slowly opening his dark, ruby-red orbs that blazed like a kindling flame. Anna hitched a breath of air at the sight. Even when wearing a simple tux, this man was just too sexy for his own good.

"It's true, Anna," he replied blandly. "I just recently accepted the title as new heir. Thank you for your overly kind compliment." He grabbed the woman by her wrist, rubbing small circles over her delicate skin. "By any chance, do you plan on booking a visit anytime soon? I'd even enjoy the honor in becoming your personal 'host' for a one night stay involving a luxuriance one bedroom and breathtaking balcony."

His seductive and silk like voice sent shivering goose bumps upon the hairs of Anna's arms.

Why not tonight? ─ was what she wanted to say. She blushed a deep red, giggling playfully.

"Oh, Natsume," she laughed, "you're such a kidder!" Anna flashed one more smile while taking a bow and took off to entertain other guests.

Ruka grinned at his best friend. "Natsume. You're doing it again."

Natsume arched a derisive brow in response. "What?"

Shaking his head beside himself, Ruka only sighed, "Your dazzling charm, the kind that can lure in any woman? You almost went above the bar that time."

Natsume replied with a snort. "Ruka, don't be stupid. It didn't mean a thing. I just need that woman's popular rank to further increase the status for Hyuuga Hotels. That's all." He smirked to himself. "You know I could do a hell lot better reeling in something else."

"That proud attitude of yours will backfire on you one day, Natsume-nii," Youichi chimed in. "The face of a movie star plus a charismatic IQ with that of a professor, every woman's dream and nightmare." He grinned admirably. "Amazing…"

Tsubasa only rolled his eyes. "You see now, Youichi? This is where you get your bad attitude from. The playboy persona, the uncaring attitude, that overconfident aura… Hell, Natsume's too cynical and proud to be your mentor." He ruffled his coal black hair with a dejected sigh.

Youichi snorted under his breath. "Rather a proud cynic than a childish fool."

Heat crept up to Tsubasa's neck as he sat upright in his seat, and with a click of his tongue grunted out, "Alright that's it! You've got too much disrespect for your senior. Where the heck do you get off saying stuff like… What the hell?"

A perplexing view made him go tongue-tied.

All eyes followed Tsubasa's gaze to the nearby window. Everyone flinched back in their seats. Right behind the glass window was a very…dirty and disoriented looking young woman.

Her cheeks were dirty and hazel eyes dim. There was not a single hint of spick-and-span or silky sheen to her unkempt head of hair. It came in the color of a dark brown, utterly disarrayed in filthy clumps.

The brunette's dirty fingers were plastered against the glass window. She gazed in awe with upon an appetizingly moist, German chocolate cake. She licked her lips in an avid manner, completely infatuated with the sight.

"The hell?" Tsubasa said following the woman's hungry gaze to the dessert set before him.

Well, this certainly wasn't an everyday thing. Everyone appeared to be quite appalled by the woman's desperate expression.

Ruka's eyes widened as he gasped, "Oh, wow…"

Youichi scoffed, "Filthy parasite."

Natsume narrowed his eyes. "Disgusting," he jeered, feeling oddly violated.

Tsubasa hit the window with his hand, causing the woman to flinch back. "Creepy woman… What, you wanna make out with it or something?"

He hit the window again even harder and the woman disappeared. Seeing that the oddball had left for good, everyone regained their composure, relaxing their tense shoulders.

Ruka flipped his bangs with a disapproving sigh. "Honestly…That was quite a sight." He shook his head. "The sad tragedies that those in poverty must endure… Awful, really."

"Did you see her hair?" Youichi said disapprovingly. "Not a single glint of sheen. That woman had no feminine qualities to her whatsoever."

Wrinkling his nose in distaste, Tsubasa rubbed his shoulders a\as if he were cold. "No kidding! She reminded me of that creepy thing from that movie. What was it again…? The Grudge? Yeah ─ She looked exactly like that thing. Gross!"

"You're over exaggerating, Tsubasa," Ruka laughed. "She wasn't that scary, really. But… I'll admit it did freak me out."

Youichi snorted under his breath. "Even so, she could use a good make-over. A woman should at least look attractive."

Sighing with a hint of boredom, Natsume slowly arose from the table. He shoved both hands into the ridges of his pockets as his monochromatic voice droned, "Let's get out of here. I've suddenly lost my appetite. It's getting boring anyway."

Nodding accordingly, both Youichi and Ruka arose from their seats. Natsume yawned tiredly then turned to walk off with his two friends following close behind.

Tsubasa stayed put as he ushered for a waiter. "I'll catch up with you guys in a sec. Just let me get a carry-out box for this cake."

Natsume gave a shrug of the shoulders as he and his friends took their leave. Once making their way towards the exit, an earful of squeals and shrills suddenly erupted into the air. Women started to flock around the handsome bachelors, careful enough to make room for them as they started to leave.

"Natsume! Natsume, please! Take me now!"

"Ruka! Ruka, dear I'm over here!"

"You-chan! I love your tux! I'm a huge fan baby!"

The loud, chafing screams coming from the many female fans made Natsume all but smiled as he gave a roll of his eyes in annoyance.

It was no doubt that they were all like the typical women that he usually encountered, probably only wanting his body and money. He didn't even bother so much as sparing a glance at any of them. The only thing that mattered to him right now was getting the hell out of the restaurant.

Passing through the crowd of women, he ran a hand through his disheveled raven tresses with a brooding grunt. "Seriously, this gets tiring after a while having to deal with annoying women."

"Are they now, Natsume?" Ruka asked while walking beside him. "You never know, one of them might turn out to be your ideal woman."

"Ruka," Natsume snorted at the idea, "if I wanted a woman, I could take her easily without breaking a sweat. All of these women have nothing but a one track mind when it comes to the pleasures of men, you know that."

Ruka gave a wistful smile at his friend's wayward personality and shrugged. This was to be expected of his usually stouthearted best friend who only cared about his own opinionated, factual ideas.

"Here you are, young men!" The awaiting chauffer happily obliged by opening the door of the restaurant for the three young bachelors. "Thank you for coming to The Melting Pot. Please come again. Have a nice night!"

Inhaling a breath of the fresh night air, Ruka gave a good stretch to his arms and sighed contently. "Ah! It feels nice…" He turned to Natsume and formed a small smile. "I bet one day you'll regret saying those words of your ideals about women, Natsume. You never know. God made someone for everyone."

Natsume's eyes rolled in annoyance. Here goes his best friend trying to suck him up with the senseless, stupid reasoning…

"Ruka, you…" he paused on the words to come.

Suddenly catching glimpse of a peculiar sight, his eyes narrowed in disgust.

His brows knitted together as he scrutinized the strange woman from afar, taking notice that she happened to be the same weirdo that he had witnessed just moments earlier. Located just beside the mid-alley of the restaurant wall, she was busying herself with lurking through bins of trash.

He took notice of her clothes, scowling at her horrible appearance with a snort of breath. She wore a tattered looking red shawl along with a pair of torn brown pants. His earlier assumption about the dirty thing was right after all. She really was a disgusting creature in his eyes.

He sneered at the hideous sight of poverty. How can a woman even think to search through something as filthy as trash?

"I'm ready!"

Natsume's thoughts were soon interrupted as Tsubasa came rushing out of the restaurant.

He ran over to join his other group of friends and gave a playful nudge to Youichi's arm. "Whew! Alright, it's all packed up." He held up his take-out box and grinned. "Let's go!"

Suddenly, his blue eyes shifted over to another direction. He arched both brows, gazing at the weird sight of the dirty looking woman from earlier.

Tsubasa formed a coy smile as if in thought. "Hey, check this out," he said, sending an amused grin over to Youichi's direction.

Youichi watched with a skeptic brow as his friend opened up his box of chocolate cake. "What the hell are you doing?"

Tsubasa rolled his eyes. He turned his shoulder slightly where Youichi couldn't see, made a sound from his mouth and then turned back to look with a grin.

"Just watch. Bet this will be funny."

He closed the box then, still laughing beside himself as he shook it lightly. Once that was done, he casually made his way over to the young woman scouring through trash, and was quick to put on his 'gentleman' facade, a kind smile matching with that of his attractive looks. There was no way any woman could resist his grin.

"Excuse me," he cooed, letting his dark blue eyes work their spellbound magic.

Startled by the sudden appearance, the brunette released a small yelp as she backed away, cautious and wary of the handsome stranger.

Tsubasa gave her a reassuring smile. "No, don't be afraid, please." The woman stayed put, slightly captivated by his smile and attractive blue eyes. Tsubasa offered his take-out box while saying, "Here you go. I can see that you're desperate. You're hungry, right? Please, take this."

The woman was skeptical at first as she examined the box. Still, she found his handsome charm a little hard to resist. He was being fairly kind with offering something so compromising as food. It couldn't hurt, right?

After thinking over the thought a little more, the brunette took a few steps closer towards Tsubasa. She was a bit hesitant at first, but after inhaling a quick whiff of chocolate deluxe, decided to take the box from his grasp.

Lips twitching as if fighting back a laugh, Tsubasa smiled, "See? That wasn't so bad, was it? Enjoy!" He waved over his shoulder, taking his leave as he headed back over to his friends. It took everyounce of willpower for him not to burst out laughing right then and there. "Did you guys see that? How gullible can you get?"

Youichi narrowed his eyes while snorting in disbelief. "You're not serious… All that trouble for a homeless person?" He shifted his footing, deciding to leave his idiot friend to bask in his childlike glory. "You really are a child."

Tsubasa only shrugged. "What, it was funny. You should've seen her desperate expression." Still cackling in amusement, he followed Youichi towards the limo that was awaiting them.

Ruka sighed to himself, half disappointed with his friend's childish actions. Tsubasa was clearly more than just a famous celebrity with good looks…

"Honestly," he said with a shake of his head. "You would think that even he had decent manners… Oh?" After taking notice that another presence was missing, he arched a brow while looking for the sight of raven hair and crimson eyes. "Natsume?"

Standing a few feet away, Natsume was busy scrutinizing the dirty brunette from afar.

She looked so foolish, delighted by the simple joys of receiving such a trivial thing as food. What was even worse is that she was stupid enough to accept something from a person who she didn't even know. He tried hard to shift his gaze away…but the crazy woman just looked so pathetic in his eyes.

Is she really going to eat that? he thought to himself.

The woman stared at the box in her hands with a lick of her lips. She opened up the box, and smiled in adoration at a dessert of prominent goodness.

Her eyes sparkled excitedly like the twinkling of stars as she gazed upon chocolate deluxe. She picked up the cake in her hands ready to engulf it whole. Natsume couldn't stand it.


With a few quick strides, he was immediately hovering over the woman. Even a prideful person such as himself couldn't stand to see someone lowering their standards such as this. There came a loud plop to the ground as he slapped the cake right out of her hands.

"Ah!" The woman could only stare upon the sight in horror.

What she had longed to indulge was lying upon the ground like a broken toy, its crumbles of chocolate, gooey goodness completely wasted. Mortified, she narrowed her eyes at the one held responsible.

Natsume sneered while brushing off his hands. "You really are a naïve woman. Taking things from random strangers like that. It's a good thing I─"

"Jerk! What the hell did you have to go and do that for, huh?"

Natsume blinked twice, confused. "…What?"

This woman just fumed out in rage against him… There wasn't a single sign of gratitude or appreciation placed upon her face whatsoever.

She was in defense mode, her fists clenched tightly together with her legs slightly spread apart. Her body language emitted an icy aura as she glared at the one who had dared to take away the only food that she had.

Natsume was caught off guard. This woman had the gall to cuss at him for helping her?

Inhaling sharply, he frowned and snarled out, "Stupid woman. Just where do you think that you get off in talking to me like that? Ungrateful wench."

The woman flinched in response. "Look what you've done!" She emphasized with the use of her hand pointing down to the ground. "That was the only food that I had, y-you…cold-hearted monster!"

Natsume clenched his fists. "Monster?" he snarled through his teeth. "A hideous and ugly looking woman like you has the guts to talk down to me like that? Take a good look at your standards first!"

That did it.

Slapping the cake to the ground was one thing, but when the woman heard a blatant comment like that… Oh no way in hell could she let that blow off.

"I'm saying that you just took away my only food. What is it with you, huh? You got a stick stuck up past your rear end or what?"

A tick popped from Natsume's head. "You...Ugly wench. Like hell I'll let you talk to me like that."

No one had ever had the guts to talk down to him with such disrespect. Certainly, this woman had to be crazy as hell.

"Stupid fool." Detest was coated within his brazen tone. "I did you a favor in getting rid of that disgusting thing that you call food!"

The brunette pouted her cheeks. "Favor? Just how were ya doing me a favor?"

"That guy that you were so dazedly charmed by did something to that piece of chocolate cake. You were about to eat it so I had to do something. It was sick!"

"And so just what makes you think that I wanted ya to slap it outta my hand, anyway? That was the only food I had!"

Natsume was awestruck. This woman was willing to eat something so disgustingly violated…even if that meant having to eat a piece of contaminated cake?

He stared down at her like she belonged in a mental institute. "You…can't be serious."

The brunette flared her nostrils, placing her hands on either side of her hips with a stomp of the foot. "Thanks to you, I'm going to starve for the night. Just who do ya think you are to go and do something so mean, huh? Who do ya think you are?"

Wait. A. Damn. Moment...

Natsume didn't know how to take the stupid question. His jaw clenched tight. This woman didn't know who he was? Thoughts started to circulate all around his head. For Natsume Hyuuga, there was no greater slap in the face than for someone, especially a woman, to not know who he was.

With his hands balled into fists, and his breath now stuck in his throat, Natsume dared to ask, "You…don't know who I am?"

The woman shrugged her shoulders. "No. Why would I?"


Natsume couldn't speak. This stupid woman had the gall driven nerve… It just didn't make any sense at all.

This filthy piece of trash didn't know who he was? Him! Natsume Hyuuga, famous model and young heir of luxury Hyuuga Hotels ─ the most luxurious suites in the country…no, the world! He couldn't fill in the gaps, unable to find the right solution to know if such a deluded woman actually existed.

She's not serious. No way in hell is she serious… This crazy woman…

Seeing the man caught in a daze, the woman snapped her fingers for his attention. Natsume snapped out of his thoughts as he came back to realization and looked down at the sight of brown eyes stirring with frustration.

"Look, you," she demanded, standing on the tips of her toes to level with that of the man's 6'2inches of height. "Tell me how you're gonna fix this crap. Ya hear me? I want my damn cake back right now!" She pouted in frustration, her lower lip making her look like that of a sad puppy.

Natsume felt a vein popping out from his head at every word. It was official. This woman was far beyond foul. Not only did the dirt ugly thing have no morals, but her poor excuse for proper diction was a mess.

Before he could open his mouth to get a word in, a chauffeur appeared on the spot with Ruka following close behind.

"Shoo, shoo! You little insect!" The chauffer made it his mission to get rid of the dirty brunette as he chased her off.

"Natsume, are you okay?" Ruka asked as he came to stand by his overly stunned best friend who was still at a loss for words. He blinked twice, cleared his throat, and nudged the young Hyuuga heir in the side of his arm while asking, "Um… Natsume? Dude… Did that woman do anything to you?"

Still caught in his own daze, Natsume continued to stare after the outlandish young woman as she was being chased away.

Then suddenly, the little brunette froze for a good moment, stopping short in her tracks as she slightly turned to look back at the raven haired bachelor. Curious, Natsume arched a skeptic brow in response, and then right at that moment, the woman did something that was… way beyond the inhibitions of a lady.

She raised her hand, flicking him the bird while childishly sticking out her tongue. "Stupid cold-hearted jerk!" With that said, she ran off disappearing into the far routes of the street like that of a ghost.

Natsume's body went rigid altogether with the clench of his teeth as he could only watch her leave. "…The hell?"

It was unreal… What the hell was happening this night? Exactly who did that damn woman think that she was!

Ruka's eyes widened just as much as Natsume's did. He turned to his friend with an astonished expression. "Natsume," he said slowly with a hint of worry in his voice. "You didn't…say anything to anger her, did you?"

Coming back to realization, Natsume immediately shifted his cold glare over towards Ruka, causing him to flinch back. He snorted, fed up and damn well irritated by what had just happened. This was one hell of a night.

"That crazy ugly woman… That stupid and vile piece of trash!" His brows creased together with a malevolent scowl. "That disgustingly low excuse for a human being with a foul mouth better not run into me again."


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