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Meeting Yuu

"An angel?" asked Allen disbelief filling his voice.

"Yes Allen you are an angel. This came to be because god fixed his eyes upon you and saw true kindness in your heart. You see Allen god is the one who chooses who will become an angel and he chose you. You will now help him by fighting against the Earl and stopping his plans." said Komui.

"There's got to be a mistake. How can I help? I don't have any powers!" said Allen in an exasperated tone.

"That's where you're wrong Allen. When you are chosen to become an angel you receive a unique power that will help you fight. This power comes in the form of a scythe. The scythe that you will use will first appear before you when you call for It." explained Komui.

"So I have to call it?" asked Allen with a small hint of confusion in his voice.

"Yeah but it usually shows up when you need help to fight off an enemy. After that you can summon it whenever you want or need It." explained Komui.

"So I have to wait until I'm in danger in order to find out my power?" asked Allen doubtfully.

"Yes." Was the short reply that he received from Komui. After a brief silence in which both stood still Komui spoke. His voice went from the calm and cheery tone to one of pure seriousness. "Allen I need to tell you this just remember that even though you are now an angel you can still be destroyed so be careful out there."

Before Allen could ask any more questions a loud bang was heard outside the room. The bang was followed by a loud voice that said "Damn I missed again!"

"You idiot! Stop messing around and go to Komui's office!"

Before Allen could ask what was going on the door was thrown open and a figure was sent flying into the room. It crashed onto a stack of papers which were sent flying everywhere. After a few seconds of staring at the figure it stood up. The figure was a guy who looked to be a little older than Allen. He had bright red hair that stood up in many places. On his head he wore a green bandana with an eye patch that covered his right eye. He was dressed in tight black jeans which had chains, knee high boots that had many zippers, a tight black vest which showed off the guy's nice lean figure and black fingerless gloves. Allen noticed that on his vest there was the same symbol that Komui wore on his white lab coat.

"No need to fear Komui the amazingly awesome and sexy Lavi has arrived.", said Lavi with his chest stuck out to make himself look bigger.

"Lavi this is Allen Walker." said Komui as he gestured towards Allen with his hand. "He's the reason why I called you to my office. I want you to show him around so he can settle in."

"No problem Chief!" said Lavi as he proceeded to glomp Allen. Allen was caught off guard so when Lavi glomped him they fell onto the floor with a loud thud that caused a paper avalanche which buried them. After a few seconds Lavi's head popped out of the paper mountain on the floor. "Hey Komui where's Allen?" asked Lavi.

Komui who had been standing by drinking coffee from his coffee cup seemingly unfazed by the avalanche he turned to Lavi.

"Hmm. I think he's still under the paper avalanche." said Komui as he took another sip from his coffee. As if on cue they both heard a small voice that said "Help me."

Lavi turned towards the mess of papers on the floor and said "Don't worry Allen I'll save you!" Then Lavi proceeded to throw himself at the pile of papers which slowly buried him. After a minute Lavi managed to find Allen buried in the stack of papers. He grabbed Allen around the waist and jumped out of the pile of papers. After setting Allen on the sofa he sat beside him.

"Sorry Al I guess I got carried away" said Lavi.

When Allen finally managed to calm down he turned towards Lavi "It's ok as long as you don't do it again."

Lavi got off the couch and started heading towards the door he turned around just as he was about to leave "well aren't you coming I'm supposed to show you around so hurry up and let's go!" Allen quickly got off the couch before be left he turned towards Komui "Bye Komui" then Allen proceeded to head out the door and follow Lavi.

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As Komui stood there in his office he stared at the door from which Allen had left. 'He's such a nice kid. Too bad god has put such a heavy burden on him. He's the destroyer of time the one destined to fight the Earl. He doesn't know it but pretty soon things are going to get hard I just hope he doesn't break.'

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Meanwhile Lavi was showing Allen around the order. So far Lavi had showed him the training rooms, the baths, and now he was showing Allen the outdoor garden. Outside the sun was shining bright. There were many flowers which gave off a sweet aroma. There where benches where you could sit and enjoy the sun that were placed all around the garden. There were also stone trails that led to the flowers, the fountain that was placed in the center of the garden, the forest which was seen far off, and a pond.

The surface of the pond was sparkling the water was calm and above the pond Allen could make out the faint outline of a flower. The pond was surrounded by beautiful Sakura trees. A small gentle wind blew and the flowers from the tree started floating around as if they were dancing in the wind. He was so captivated by the beauty of it. He was about to ask Lavi if they could go explore the pond when a small flying black object flew past his head. The small flying black object was standing right besides Lavi when he heard a voice coming from it. "Idiot I need you to come to the library quick!" Allen recognized the voice it was the same one he'd heard earlier that day the one that was heard right before Lavi was sent flying into Komui's office. Lavi sighed before he turned to Allen.

"Sorry Al but I'm needed at the Library right now. Why don't you explore around here for a little while? I'll be back soon." with that Lavi turned around and started walking towards the order.

'Well I guess I'll go and explore the pond' thought Allen as he walked on the path that led towards the lake. The air blew around his face gently tussling his white hair. When he reached the pond he went off to sit underneath the shade of one of the Sakura trees. He sat there for a while just gazing at the beauty of the pond when a figure caught his eye.

The figure stood on the other side of the pond. Curious Allen stood up trying to get a better view of the figure. From where he stood he could tell that the figure had long hair tied up in a ponytail. The figure seemed to be fighting an invisible foe with something that looked like a scythe. They were moving with a swift and elegant grace that captivated him. Every single movement that the figure made did not go unnoticed. Allen decided that he would rather meet the figure than keep on staring at him like some sort of creeper. He walked around the pond to the other side where the figure had stopped his movements and was now meditating.

Now that Allen was closer he could tell that the figure was a man. He had long dark blue hair that was tied up in a low ponytail. He wore a tight black vest with the same symbol he'd seen all day that emphasized his well-shaped body, dark black jeans with silver chains that hugged his body like a second skin, black boots that went up to his knees and a purple bracelet that hung loosely from his hand. His face looked calm and serene. After standing there just looking at the figure Allen wondered if he should introduce himself or leave the man to his peaceful meditating. Before he could decide what to do the man spoke up.

"Stop standing there ogling me!" said the figure with an irritated voice as he opened his eyes and looked towards Allen. A pink flush made its way to Allen's face. Who did this man think he was? Sure he was handsome but his attitude ruined it. "I wasn't ogling you! Don't think so high of yourself!" Allen replied in an indignant voice. "Che. Sure you weren't." the man said adding emphasis on sure. "What the hell do you want moyashi?" Allen just stood there thinking what the hell is a moyashi? As if the man had been hearing his thoughts he said "Che. I called you a beansprout." Allen was seriously getting pissed off at this man. "Well at least I don't look like a girl" Allen retorted back. As soon as those words left his mouth an evil aura started emanating from the other man. "What did you say beansprout? I dare you to say that one more time."

Before Allen could reply the other man lunged himself at Allen. Allen was able to dodge the man's fist. "Che. Get back here and fight like a man you girly beansprout." That was all the man needed to say to make Allen go over the edge. A serious of punches and kicks were thrown between the two. Just as Allen was about to lunge himself at the man so he could punch the man's face when he tripped over something. He tried to stop himself from falling but it was hopeless. As he fell he bumped into the man. The other man surprised by the beansprout falling didn't react as fast as he usually did so they both landed with a soft thud on the grass.

When Allen opened his eyes which he hadn't realized he'd closed during the fall he was met by dark cobalt eyes. He felt something soft on his lips. He then realized that the soft thing on his lips was the other man's lips. His eyes widened until they were as big as plates. He quickly moved his head away. He couldn't believe that his first kiss was stolen by this egoistic bastard! His thoughts were interrupted by the other man's voice. "If you're done blushing get the fuck off me!" Allen finally noticed the compromising position they were in. Allen's knees were on either side of the man's legs and his hands were on either side of the man's head. Anyone who saw this would think that they were making out.

He was trying to get himself off the other figure when they heard soft footsteps. They turned their heads towards the footsteps. Shit! That was the only thought that ran in both their heads as their eyes were met by Lavi standing there looking at their compromising position. Then Lavi slowly opened his mouth and said "Holy Shit! Yu-Chan's getting laid!"

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