Chapter One: Twenty-Four Hours

Twilight Sparkle, the studious young unicorn pony, was busy practising her magic, while Spike, her baby dragon assistant, was leafing through an old book, looking for a spell that would really test the magically-endowed young filly's mettle.

"Done that, done that..." Spike mumbled, reading through the book's contents. "Hey, how about this? 'Species transmogrification spell: Change any creature into any other kind of creature for twenty-four hours'. Why don't you try that?"

"Twenty-four hours?" Twilight repeated. "Sounds like it would take a lot of magic. And who could I try it on, anyway?"

"You could use it on me." Spike suggested.

"You?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, why not?" Smiled Spike. "You know, I've always wondered what it would be like to be a pony, just like you."

"You have?" Twilight tilted her head in disbelief.

"Yeah, and now I have perfect opportunity to find out." Spike grinned. "Go for it, Twi!"

"I don't know..." Twilight mumbled unsuredly.

"Well, if you don't think you can do it, that's okay." Shrugged Spike, playing on Twilight's pride. "If the spell's really beyond your abilities..."

"I never said that." Declared Twilight, rising to the bait. "I could pull off that spell if I wanted to!"

"Then do it already!" Spike dared her.

"Alright, I will!" Twilight declared.

Taking a look at the spell guidlines written in the book, Twilight stood before Spike and concentrated hard. As her eyes shut in determination, her horn glowed brightly. Soon, the entire room was filled with magical energy, as Twilight's horn erupted in a shower of purple light.

When the light faded, the spot where Spike had stood was occupied by a purple unicorn who looked to be about Twilight's age, with a green, tufted mane and matching tail, with the image of a flickering flame imprinted on his hindquarters.

"Did it work?" The unicorn asked, using Spike's voice. Looking in a nearby mirror, he was delighted to see the result. "It worked! Yeah! Check me out! I'm a unicorn stallion, and a pretty darn handsome one, too!"

"Goody for you." Groaned Twilight, exhausted by her endeavour. "Why don't you go strut your stuff around Ponyville while I sleep this off?"

"You got it." Spike nodded. "And, Twilight... Thanks for this. I really appreciate it."

"You're welcome." Yawned Twilight, as she trotted off to bed. "Just try not to do anything too crazy with it."

"Sure, no problem." Smirked Spike offhoofedly.

As Spike made to walk out of the room, he was at first confused as how his four new appendages worked, but quickly got the hang of them. As he exited the library where he and Twilight lived, he gloried at the idea of walking around Ponyville as a real pony.

'Look at me, hoofin' it around town!' Spike thought as he walked through the streets of Ponyville, giving friendly nods and smiles to those he passed by. 'I gotta tell the others, they won't believe this! But who can I go to? Fluttershy's busy looking after a bunch of injured ducklings, Applejack's doing her apple harvesting, Rainbow Dash is workin' on the weather, and Pinkie Pie's taking care of Sugarcube Corner for Mr. and Mrs. Cake, so that just leaves...'

Spike's thoughts were interrupted when another pony suddenly collided with him.

"Oh, I am dreadfully sorry!" Said the pearl-white, upper-class sounding unicorn with a curly royal purple mane. It was Rarity, Ponyville's very own fashion designer/seamstress, and the object of Spike's long-withheld affections.

"My fault entirely." She declared. "I wasn't watching where I was going. Otherwise, I would never have just bumped into such a handsome gentlepony like yourself." Rarity smiled, fluttering her eyelashes at him.

"Oh, that's..." Spike stopped, cleared his throat, then started talking again, only in a much deeper voice. "That's alright, lovely lady. No harm done."

"Oh, my." Rarity blushed. "Such manners. Might I ask your name, good sir?"

"My name is... Finn." Spike declared, seeing a golden opportunity. "I'm new to these parts, and was hoping to find somepony who could show me around."

"Oh, I would be delighted to be your guide to this wonderful little town." Rarity nudged her head to the left. "Please, follow me."

Spike followed, and they spent the next hour going around Ponyville. Spike had obviously seen all the sights before, but he didn't care: Rarity's work as a tour guide gave him unlimited time to gaze at her; Before, he had been careful not to do so for too long, lest she became suspicious.

Rarity finished the tour with her own home/business, the Carousel Boutique.

"And this is where I live and work: Carousel Boutique, home of high fashion and houte couture!" Rarity declared.

"What a lovely-looking place." Smiled Spike. "May I come in?"

"Oh, I'm afraid not." Rarity shook her head. "I have an absolutely tremendous workload coming in later this afternoon."

"Oh." Mumbled Spike, disappointed. "How about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? Hmm." Rarity performed a mental check of her schedule. "I suppose you could come by for lunch. Just you and me. Does that sound acceptable?"

"Very acceptable." Spike smirked. "Until tomorrow, dear lady."

He took Rarity's hoof and kissed it.

"Until tomorrow, gallant gentlepony." Rarity blushed.

As he walked back to the Library, Spike was celebrating wildly inside his head.

'I have a lunch date tomorrow... with Rarity!' He thought excitedly. 'It's official: Best. Day. Ever!'

As he re-entered the Library, He encountered Twilight, who had just come out of her nap.

"So, how was your afternoon as a full-fledged pony?" She asked, supressing a yawn.

"It was alright, I guess." Spike shrugged. He didn't want Twilight to know about his "appointment" with Rarity, mostly because he knew she'd probably give him some kind of lecture about "deceiving ponies" and "abusing magic".

'It's just a little fun.' Spike thought to himself. 'What harm can it do?'

To Be Continued...

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