This fic has been a long time in coming. I think I've probably read every TFATF fic on this website as long as it had marginally logical grammar. It has been after multiple reviews of others that I finally feel ready to have my very own. This fic's format it based loosely on the format of "One Day" by David Nicholls. Basically it chronicles the same couple on the same day, year after year. However I would be amiss if I did not say that the many fics of Lamanth have aided me in getting to this point. So I hope this doesn't blow!

September 1, 1995 Los Angelos, CA, USA

In the neighborhood that had recently been described as "The Most Likely Area in LA to lose your wallet", in one nondescript two-story house run down by years of nature's abuse and poor upkeep, on the second floor stood one Leticia Ortiz. She stood five foot seven and had just realized, exactly two hours before her first day of junior year, that she had legitimate boobs.

"Jesus," she hissed as she stood in front of her bathroom mirror. When had this happened? Just last May Vince, her surrogate step-brother and royal pain in the ass, had teased her for her bee stings. Now, a cool three months later, she realized that she had grown.

"Don't take the Lord's name in vain," her mother's hissed words filled the bathroom as she opened the door and threw in a piece of white clothing. Letty caught it easily and silently wondered how her mother could possibly know that she would come to this realization and know her new size without a touch or comment.

"She is good," Letty muttered to herself.

As Ana Ortiz walked back down the stairs toward her kitchen she grinned, it was oddly reminiscent of her daughter's cocky smirk, and thought to herself, "I'm good."


The summer that had officially ended last night had been one of the best that Letty could recall in years. She had lived in Mexico the first five years of her life and then Puerto Rico for the next five as her mother followed her father from one job to another. Although Alejandro Ortiz had been a gifted artist, his zest for booze depleted their money and his opportunities over and over, until the day Ana had enough and took herself and Letty to California to live with her sister and mother. With barely enough money to buy groceries Ana had worked her way through school, earning her high school diploma, and became the shift manager of a local grocery chain. Ana had slaved extra hours all year to afford for Letty to take a trip to New York City where her mother and sister had relocated. Letty would always be eternally grateful for the experience of a lifetime.

Letty's thoughts were drawn back to the present as she walked into the kitchen of Tony Toretto, the neighborhood moral and ethic enforcer. At the age of eleven, with only a few English phrases under her belt, she had been caught in his garage stealing anything she could get her hands on. Even at that tender age she had wanted to investigate every inch of any car she could. He had caught her and his only response was a dry, slightly amused, comment in easy Spanish, "if you want to learn come here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school."

Over time she had developed a strong relationship with Tony, feeling just as much his daughter as Mia. Her friendship with Mia had developed as quick but it wasn't without its drama. It had taken both of them a long time to realize that neither of them had to change in order to be close. Now Dominic, he was a whole other can of worms. She had taken one look at him and had been instantly infatuated. He loved cars, he loved his family, he was magnetic, and so she had decided that he would be hers. Unfortunately he hadn't been as responsive as his sister and father. She only seemed to annoy him and over time despite his annoyance he had determined that he would be her protector. Like she was a simple extension of Mia! Letty had finally come to the conclusion last year that if he was going to be a douche bag and bang nasty skanks day in and day out then she was too good for him.

"Letty girl? Is that you?"

Letty turned and grinned at Tony and immediately went into his arms for a hug. He held her close and then pulled back enough to look her over, "what have you done with yourself over this summer?"

"I can't get started about the cars I saw on the East Coast before school because the whole conversation could take days," she gushed.

Tony laughed, it was deep and soothing. Though he was 42-years-old he was good looking. Tall, tanned, he shaved his head bald and he had laughing, empathetic brown eyes. He was pure Italian and his mix with his deceased Dominican wife had created quite a gorgeous pair of children.

"I want to hear all about it," he replied.

"Mr. T," Vince walked into the kitchen and stopped in his tracks. Dom bumped into him from behind. Vince's gaze was riveted to Letty's body.

"Hey Vince," Letty grinned at him

"What the fuck V," Dom muttered.

"Dominic," Tony chastised, "no cussing in front of ladies."

"What lady-" Dom stopped suddenly. His jawed dropped as he looked at Letty from top to bottom. Both nineteen-year-olds were shell shocked.

"What are you staring at," Letty asked, scowling.

Mia walked down the stairs at that moment. She squealed the moment she saw Letty and ran into her arms. Finally Mia drew back and said what everyone was thinking, "Letty your boobs are huge!"


In a car garage a few blocks down in the same neighborhood Dom sat chewing a piece of sandwich thoughtfully later that day. It hadn't taken a genius to know that Letty had once fancied him her personal possession. She had staked her claim on him in the sixth grade. She wasn't like a normal girl, she didn't bat her eyelashes or send him love notes. She just made it a point to fix the car she was working on faster than him. She just worked over time to be knowledgeable of every new technology on the market. What was crazy was that she actually loved cars, and it was as if she knew that eventually that would be the tie that would bind them. He had never really paid her much attention. Sure she worked four days a week at the garage, and spent weekends with Mia at the house, but he had never really thought of her. Then today she had shown up after a summer away looking completely different but acting as if nothing had changed. He told Vince as much when his best friend questioned his contemplative silence.

Vince nodded, "dude, did you see her boobs? God damn, if I didn't know her better I'd say they were trademark silicone."

For some reason his comment irritated Dom. He shoved Vince, "don't talk about her like that."

"Like what? It didn't take an eye doctor to see that the new Letty boobage and the old Letty shirt was going to cause a problem."

Dom just scowled. He didn't like that Vince had noticed her boobs. He didn't like that suddenly she had boobs! He especially didn't like that Mia had talked her into taking down three buttons on the white button-up uniform shirt they wore. The glimpse of cleavage he had seen before she and Mia had left for school had made his heart stop.

"Hey guys," Dom was snatched out of his thoughts again when he realized that Letty was in front of them. Normally she came to the back to talk before they went in to work. Today was no different. She had probably changed into her wife beater and the garage coveralls at the house before driving over. The problem was everything was different. She had tied the arms of the coveralls at her hips, the wife beater was oil stained and loose, and her boobs really did look perky and full. She had pulled her hair into a customary ponytail and was looking at them expectantly.

"Are you two going to speak today or are you going to look at my tits," she asked.

Dom snatched his attention back to her face, "are you going to put on a shirt?"

She frowned, "I am wearing a shirt."

"You're wearing a wife beater in a garage full of men. Stop flaunting yourself," he chastised her.

"Dom, listen carefully," she paused and leaned closer to him, one hand on her hip, "fuck off."

He watched her walk into the garage and had to put a firm hand on his control, refusing to follow her in and cause a scene in his father's garage. Vince grinned at him, "you feeling her Dom?"

"Fuck off," he muttered before he stood and decided to take a walk.


"I want to have a growth spurt desperately," Mia told Letty dramatically as she fell back onto her bed. She turned to her side and propped herself on her side to watch Letty comb a tangle out of her chronically chaotic hair.

"I didn't even know I had a growth spurt until Dom started to act like an even larger asshole than usual," Letty replied.

Mia had already heard the story of Dom's rude comments at the garage. She had her own thoughts on his behavior, "you know he's only acting like an ass because suddenly cars and skanks aren't the only thing giving him a hard on."

"Yeah right. He's too hard headed these days to even realize anything significant," Letty argued and then growled at herself as the tangle was finally pulled free.

"Think about it Letty," Mia implored, "you've been into him forever and now suddenly you're the perfect package. He's been avoiding this forever but now you finally have the tools to turn him to your way of thinking."

"I'm not even interested anymore," she lied. She was interested all right, but she wasn't interested in becoming one of those submissive women who followed her man's thoughts and actions. She had seen what that led to, she'd had a front row seat. If he thought he'd get away with being rude because he felt like it and she'd just follow him then he had another thing coming.

"I say that you make this interesting," Mia suggested.

After a moment Letty looked at her through the mirror, "I'm listening."

"Daddy has a race this Saturday in Santa Clara, he won't be back until Sunday morning. You know we'll end up at the street races, Dom will probably have a party. I say we show off your newest," Mia rose an eyebrow, looking every inch a Toretto, "assets."


"Fuck no," Letty was about to turn around and rip off the top that Mia had coerced her into putting on. It was cheetah print, which was reason enough to hate it, and did funky things to her newly developed boobs that made Letty blush to the roots of her hair. Tony was in Santa Clara and her mother was working an overnight shift so there was no chance that either of them would see her but the idea that anyone would see her was enough to give her heart palpitations.

"Would you stop blushing and really look at yourself," Mia argued.

Letty stopped and opened her eyes. She didn't even recognize herself. The bell bottoms that were coming back into style showed off her butt, which was one thing, but this top…how did other girls run around in these tops and not worry about serious nipple slip?

"Letty, I'm not just saying this because I put you together, you look great! My brother could do much much worse," she told her old friend.

"Madre de Dios," Letty murmured. She was nervous. She never got nervous!

"We're late to the races, just enough to be fashionably late," Mia told her. She had just slithered into her own jeans and beaded top.

"I don't think I can drive," Letty admitted.

Mia knew what a concession that was for Letty so she just nodded, "I will, and then we'll come back and discuss the night's events!"


Dom was on edge. Mia and he had argued earlier about her and Letty showing up for the racing and following after party. Everything in Dom told him not to allow any of his horny friends to see how much Letty had grown.

"You going to race or what? You haven't put down any cash yet," Vince commented. Normally it was the first thing they did.

"I'm waiting for the girls," Dom replied.

"I see a whole mess of girls all ready here," Vince commented as he winked at a scantily clad blond.

Dom noticed a hush to his left and turned. He almost groaned. Everyone would want a piece of Letty now. She was standing beside her car with Mia, a group of drivers all ready surrounding them. He just knew that he was going to end up in a fist fight tonight.

"God damn," Vince whistled.

"Is that Letty," Dom heard someone mutter as he approached the girls. Dom's blood began to boil.

Letty spotted him and seemed relieved to see him, "hey-"

She stopped abruptly as Dom grabbed her arm and pulled her to the edge of the crowd. She pulled away, her angry face on, "what the fuck Dom?"

He grabbed her again, pulled her up close to him, "what are you doing coming here in front of all of these people dressed like a whore?"

Letty's eyes widened and for just one instant he saw the pain that his thoughtless words had caused. She tried to pull away but he just tightened his grip. Finally she stopped fighting and got into his face, "you're an asshole Dom. You're going to let me go or I swear to God you will regret it."

Dom was afraid of one person, his father, and even then he was just afraid of disappointing him. Letty's words and the emotion barely contained in them made him pause. He loosened his grip and then shook his head as if clearing it of a fog, "you make me crazy."

"Welcome to the club," she replied.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you," he told her.

She rolled her eyes, "whatever."

"Hey," he gently grabbed her wrist as she walked away. She stopped and barely glanced at him, "let me walk with you."

"Everyone knows that you'll protect me as fiercely as you would Mia," Letty scoffed.

"No," she had misunderstood him. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and looked down at her. Her eyes widened, "let me walk with you."

It took a moment but then she shrugged, "Whatever."