Another story originally from the YJ Anon meme.



Mostly at centered at the back of his head. Near the- you know what it just hurt too much to think. He was just going to lay here and…

And what?

His (he was a he right?) mind hit a blank and more pain flashed (why was that funny?) through his head. Why did it hurt to remember?

As his mind began to clear along with his eyes sight as he blinked trying to adjust to the light and found that he couldn't move. It wasn't because he was exhausted or even the pain. His hands and feet were bound not to mention he was also gagged by what he couldn't tell but it tasted nasty. He struggled with his restraints with no avail.

That's when he smelt it. It being something he could vaguely recognize but not in a way that he was sure he WANTED to remember. It smelled like something… rotting? It didn't quite sound right to him…

Too bad he just couldn't see what was causing the smell. His eyes still had yet to focuses to the dim lighting in the room. Closing them again he tried to think on what to do (should he be really this calm in this situation?) and a plan to get of… where ever he was… It seemed he couldn't remember that ether. Or anything for that matter…

Shouldn't he be able to remember? That wasn't normal right? (Another comment that was amusing thou he couldn't place why.)

Wait… What was that?

Footsteps? Yea that was definably the sound of footsteps, a few people from the sound of it. The steps were light and quiet but not… Not what?

Pushing the thought aside, he wondered if he should make any noise. Considering he was tied up and gagged in a place he didn't know it could be someone sent to find him. Or finish him off… Yea, he really at this rate didn't have much to lose. He wiggled on the concrete floor the plastic ties holding his hands behind his back scraping across the floor making a sound that echoed around the room. The footsteps stopped and he almost didn't breath as he waited for the sound again. Was he hallucinating that sound? Crazy and no memories? No fun at all.

When the footsteps not only started up again but also getting closer he let out a sigh of relief. At least he wasn't crazy too. Wiggling again to make more noise he almost had a heart attack as a wall or now looked like to be a door was slammed open as a flashlight shined on his face. He shut his eyes immediately blinded by the sudden light.

"Clear!... Uh Boss, you're going to want to see this." He hesitantly opened his eyes to see a man holding the flashlight that had blinded him. In the light, he could tell the man was still young but getting on in his years but the serious look on his face was worry some. They flickered over to him and then over to his left. What was he looking at?

Turning his head to the left, he felt his throat close up.

The smell.

That retched smell had been… He could just taste the bile creeping up his throat but he kept it down.

A dead body, corpse, stiff, carcass, cadaver, his mind supplied the synonyms in seconds but it was all the same.

A dead, rotting body. He had been in a room with a corpse! What had happened? How had that happened? How did he not know the answer? He felt his limbs work to move him as far away from the body, which he could now make out as a man. Oh god, a man had died. He started to tremble as his back hit a wall and there was no more space he could put between him and the… the…

"Hey kid." The man was now next to him looking concerned. "I'm going to cut you free alright?" He couldn't even manage to nod his head as the brunet haired man pulled out a pocketknife and made quick work of the bonds. Before the man could blink, the gag had been taken out of his mouth and he had his arms wrapped around the man. He still couldn't stop shaking and buried his face into the man shirt. That stopped him from looking at the corpse again and from breaking down in tears. Hesitant arms reached around him giving him a gentle hug. "Hey, it's going to be alright." The man's voice was of some comfort but he worried if it would.


"Boss." He pulled his face up and looked up to the door, trying not to pass a glance at the left corner of the room, to see another man. He was older than the one holding him. The salt and pepper hair was easy to make out with more whites than grays. They both stared at one another for several seconds as if communicating before 'Boss' as 'Dinozzo' had called him gestured to something or someone behind him.

"Ziva, McGee, bag and tag. I want photos of everything." It turned out to be two someone's as a woman and another man walked it.

"Yes Boss." Chirped the man as he placed a box on the ground while the woman started to take photos… But not before giving a though look over.

"Kid." He snapped his attention back to 'Boss' who unlike 'Dinozzo' walked over to him without making a sound. The man looked much more intimating than up close than he had over by the door and he gulped. "Who are you?"

He opened his mouth and then promptly shut it. He tried to think of anything but in the end…

"I don't know."

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