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This story takes place in Alternate Universe in Ancient Japan, when Japan's society was divided into two classes, the nobility and commoners. It was time when demons, dark magic, and spells were living beneath the Japanese.

When Love is not enough

Chapter 1 He Who Claim the Throne

Ling Xiaoyu was looking at her own reflection in the river nearby. She realized how bad she looked like after almost spending three months ride on her horse, traveling along with her companions. Her long hair was a fright and her face was covered with dust. Moreover, her big eyes were bleary enough to frighten small kids. She looked completely terrible.

"Arghh…." She moaned heartily, wiping her face without much thinking. The last night fire in small village in Kyoto had burnt part of her hair—not much but you can see the difference—and left so many dusts on her face. She complained, "why a female samurai like me should care much about one letter? Just because of one single letter…."

The letter was carelessly put besides her. Slowly the roll opened itself, ready to remind her again.

Ling Xiaoyu, please return to the Wang palace seven days from now and report yourself directly to the Shogun otherwise several forces will be taken for your ignorance—

Actually Xiaoyu didn't care much about her appearance, but the letter mentioned that she had to go to the Shogun Wang's palace next week. It was a grand palace and Xiaoyu didn't want to threaten her grandfather's reputation by her horrid look. Shogun Wang was her grandfather, the prominent shogun in the Mishima Period. It was quite hard for a Chinese like her grandfather to rule some districts and gained power in Japan, but he managed to succeed. Since her parents died when she was little kid, Xiaoyu lived with her grandfather. The strict living as one of aristocracies in the palace made her bored. So, about two year ago she ran away and lived as a young apprentice female samurai with her companions, ignoring her noble status as granddaughter of shogun.

"Have you finished yet, Xiaoyu-hime?" the voice of her protector and governess came behind her. It was Miharu Hirano, the friend of her late mother and her sole protector. Hirano had taken care of her since she had decided to run away from the shogun palace. She had always followed Xiaoyu like a dear mother to her. "I had told you many times that you shouldn't act like a female samurai, but you insist and look what is happening right now—you're a complete mess."

"You're the one who always teach me to help the poor and helpless, Miharu-san," Xiaoyu replied with annoying expression. "Besides, can you do something with my hair? It is so awful…."

"Do you know something, child? With you my life will never be boring," the middle-aged governess smiled, combing the ravened-hair woman in front of her with good techniques. "I can't believe you're 17 years old this year… I still remember the first time you're in my hand, so small and cute…."

"And now this small and cute little baby turns out to be a naughty little woman, is that what you want to tell me, Miharu-san?" Xiaoyu teased her. "It is good to help people. I hope I can help them with my power... "

"Well, I hope Kami-sama will grant your good motive, my dear." She added silently, I hope so, for you're a lovely woman with pure heart.

Miharu had just fixed Xiaoyu's hair when one of Xiaoyu's companions, a lovely female ninja, Kunimitsu appeared in front of her. Her purple and black costumes were suitable with her mask. None had seen her face, but Xiaoyu was sure that she was quite pretty since she had found old scroll of a young woman self portrait in Kunimitsu's bag. It must be Kunimitsu's portrait, Xiaoyu thought.

"I heard you want to return to your ordinary life, living as one of aristocracy member in Wang Palace," Kunimitsu said. Her voice was filled with weariness and sympathy.

"Just a while…. I'll return as fast as possible, Kuni-san, no need to worry," Xiaoyu explained. She noticed Kunimitsu wasn't ready to loose her. They had been good friends for two years, so it had to be hard to separate. Yes, a while could be eternity for best friends. "I'll have finished my business in no time."

The masked woman in front of her gave a quick reply, "I have bad premonition about you, my friend. I suggest we must leave this place sooner and you join with us."

Xiaoyu nodded lightly, "I'm sorry, I cant. I must go there, my grandfather needs me."

"Will you still go if I told you that I could see your future was going to—to bad direction?"

"I'll still go…." Xiaoyu's voice trailed of. "Oh, I'll miss all of you…."

Kunimitsu hugged her tightly, "I wish the best for you. Hope you can overcome all of the obstacles in your path later on, Xiaoyu-chan…."

At that time, Xiaoyu didn't know everything that Kunimitsu had predicted for her would be real. She didn't have any ideas at all. She just hugged Kunimitsu and said she would miss everything badly.




The Wang Palace was a very big and beautiful place. Outside the castle, the visitor could see the dragon's golden statues on the top of the tower. A lot of samurai were guarding the gate when Xiaoyu and Miharu-sama arrived there. With confused look on their face, they didn't allow Xiaoyu and Miharu-sama to enter the palace. Of course, it was quite uncommon sight to see beautiful woman in yellow kimono and old woman on a horse, riding it with ease.

Xiaoyu understood the situation and showed her scroll, pointing out the Wang's mark on it. "I have to report myself to the shogun, is it clear enough?"

The face of the samurai's leader suddenly turned red. He gave a closer look at Xiaoyu and smiled widely, "it's you… Xiaoyu-hime…."

Xiaoyu noticed that her old friend was the samurai leader nowadays. She quickly jumped from her horse and hugged him, giving a warm smile, "Panda-chan! Long time no see!"

Panda-chan was the only son of the chef in the Wang palace. Long time ago he was taken as son by a samurai in the house, and made himself a good samurai. He was Xiaoyu's childhood friend for years before she had left Wang Palace. They had spent many times together, playing and learning through the time until she decided to leave.

'I must meet grandpa… I must go," Xiaoyu uttered sadly, releasing herself from her friends' strong arms. "It's nice to meet you again."

"Nice to meet you too, my lady. I'm sorry for behaving irrational." Panda-chan mentioned about hugging her in front of public, but Xiaoyu didn't mind it at all and strongly stressed that he didn't have to commit seppuku just because of hugging her. She said it was too much, besides, they had been good friends for years. The bulky man smiled and ordered his subordinates to allow Xiaoyu and Miharu for entering the gate. He had never expected the crying baby Xiaoyu had transformed into a beautiful young woman. However, his smile diminished as he remembered about the rumors which had spread in the main house. Poor woman, he acknowledged.

Xiaoyu followed several young maids who guided her to the main house of the palace. Miharu stayed in the garden since it was a family business. She wasn't allowed to follow her young lady to the main house.

Xiaoyu kept on walking, looking at places around her. The palace seemed never changed through all the time. The scent of fresh roses and jasmines around the garden, the clear water of golden fish pool and the small bridge into the main house brought her back old memories. She always loved playing there with her parents, running and chasing butterflies. Her father once had joined her and her mother, spending time together. That was a sweet memory. It would always be a sweet memory for Xiaoyu.

Finally Xiaoyu entered the main room in the main house. There, her grandfather was waiting for her. His old face was full of vigor when he noted her coming. All of his hair had turned grey, and wrinkles had changed his face a bit. He was wearing his favorite yukata she realized.

"Nice to meet you grandfather, hope you always well and healthy all this time." Xiaoyu greeted her grandfather, bowing her body.

"You have grown up now, becoming a beautiful woman like your mother."

Xiaoyu couldn't help blushing as she heard her grandfather's words. However, the tone of him reflected flat emotion. The old shogun continued, "I'm calling you here for fulfilling your destiny, saving the honor of our clan."


"All this years, our clan had good connection with the palace. It's not easy for Chinese like us to live between those Japanese. We must do something to strengthen our bond. And I believe you could do it perfectly."

Xiaoyu raised her eyebrows, didn't get the point. She was about to speak when her grandfather clasped his hand, showing her the map of their belongings. "This is our area, which is belonged to our clan. Your highness would grant us more and more as you come to the royal kingdom…."

"Grandfather…. You mean…" Xiaoyu's face was turning white. She fully understood what her grandfather was talking about. He wanted her to be the emperor's concubine. He wanted her to be the next concubine for Jin Kazama, the new emperor in Mishima's dynasty.

"Everything has been arranged, granddaughter," the old shogun explained. "Your wedding ceremony is just a matter of time."

Your highness would grant us more and more as you come to the royal kingdom, as his bride….That order kept coming into her head, suffering her the most. She bit her lips painfully. She would be the emperor's concubine...




The clear sky made his eyes irritated. He hated blue clear sky and the smell of new cutting grass. He hated everything connected with nature. He quickly closed the window and dropped himself in his chamber. She was still there, he thought. He looked at the woman who was still sleeping besides him with full of hatred. Stupid woman, he cursed. Why all this time you kept giving me daughters?

He just needed an heir. An heir who could continue his damned bloodline.

The emperor shook his head and with disgusting look in his face, he tried to wake her up. The beautiful woman who was sleeping besides him was his cousin, and currently his empress, Asuka Kazama. Last year she gave him twin daughters, and successfully made him hate her more than ever.

"Wake up, damn you! I have told you to leave my chamber before I wake up many times!" he yelled furiously. "Asuka, wake up and leave dammit!"

Finally, the woman opened her eyes. The beautiful hazel eyes looked at him with sorrow, hoping him to treat her better. Well, he didn't give a damn. He never gave a damn about her. Since their wedding nearly two years ago, he never cared her even once. Their wedding was only his tool for getting over the throne. Their wedding was his tool to gained power over Kazama's clan.

"Jin-sama…" she spoke slowly, trying to avoid meeting his cruel eyes. "Can you be nice a bit? I'm so tired…." Asuka whimpered. They always had wild night, yet he always treated her like piece of shit in the morning after. He always treated her badly, wanting her just for fulfilling his lust—and producing him an heir.

"Don't give me such bullshit, Asuka! Leave this place immediately or else!"

Asuka was taking her clothes and wearing them when suddenly Jin added with sarcastic tone, "in these days, my concubine will come. Prepare yourself to greet her."

Asuka nodded and replied with doubtful tone in her voice, "yes, Your Majesty."

She looked so gloomy when she left his chamber, he acknowledged it. He liked the frustrated face from his empress, making him satisfied. He hardly waited his concubine coming. Last night he had just received a letter from one of his shogun, telling that his wedding would be arranged soon. Smirking smile appeared on his handsome face. His hazel eyes were dark and cold as he looked at the ceiling.

He was more than ready to destroy another life. He didn't want to suffer alone in the cold world. He needed a company, even in hell. Come here faster, darling…. I couldn't wait any longer….

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