Kyouko was impressed.

The woman in heels hadn't stopped chasing her through the alleys, the gate climbing and the red lights.

Kyouko saw a woman with (dyed?) purple hair coming out of the grocery store near her apartment and Kyouko smirked.

She put on her hood and asked Junko if she needed help with her groceries.

Junko agreed and Kyouko started in a sprint.

A glow from the sun was cast upon Junko's right eye and her eyes went from violent to violent gold.

The red haired girl stopped at a hill and laid the bag down she got into a fighting stance and had one hand out and motioned for Junko to come at her.

Junko took off her heels and launched herself at Kyouko with lighting speed.

Kyouko blinked and with the older woman's longer reach she grabbed Kyouko's green hoodie sleeve and the those cocky red eyes went from smug to surprised as Junko did a judo throw to her.

She slammed into the hill with much impact that left her without breathe and hurt her back.

She then put Kyouko in a leg-lock.

"What the fuck." Kyouko thought.

Junko made Kyouko's legs numb after a few seconds and grabbed her by the hair and gave her a full nelson.

Many people were standing around watching in awe as an older woman was essentially schooling the teenage thief.

Kyouko tried to fight back with her arms but was unable too. Her neck was hurting from being forced to look downward and her arms were locked into a press.

Junko let Kyouko go and grabbed her from behind as she slammed her overhead into the grass.

Kyouko passed out.

Junko dusted herself off grass and glared at the passerbyers staring at their curb stop battle.

They went back to what they were doing out of fear.

She looked down at the red haired child and spoke.

"If you wanted a proper meal you should have asked. I would gladly make you taste my fist anyday." Junko said proudly as she grabbed her groceries in her right hand and slung the red head over her left shoulder in tow.

A.N: -shurgs- Just wanted to write something fun. :D