Twin Sized Bed

Lassiet, kind of strange/abstract, apologies

And now that I have two Lassie fics, I feel like I should also have two Shawn fics, but I'm lazy.

Why was Lassie in that interrogation room?

"Amputations" series

Carlton had been meaning to get rid of the bed for a while now.

It was a queen, more than enough room for when he had been married, but now that that was done, well... it was still more than enough room.

He had been meaning to get rid of it, but he was always so tired after work that he just fell right into bed and asleep.

So the bed was still there.

He managed to convince himself that he kept it for when he remarried, when he started dating again. Obviously, if he brought someone home, they wouldn't appreciate finding a twin bed in his room instead of something that allowed movement, right?

Right. Of course. That's why it was still there.

And when he didn't remarry, when he didn't go on more than a couple of dates, well, that made sense.

Because he was too busy chasing someone to focus on that other stuff.

Juliet O'Hara. Everything about her was beautiful, even her name. She put up with his gruffness, his snideness, his moments of anger and recklessness.

Maybe there was hope. If she could see past all that, if she could put up with him when they worked together and understood how important his job was to him, she had to have feelings for him. There was no other explanation.

Was there?

And so, without saying anything to her, continuing to make known to her that he was also interested, the bed became hers as well.

Now, instead of spreading across the bed diagonally, taking up all the space, Carlton had taken to sleeping on one side again. So he would be used to it when Juliet was there, on the other side.

It was so real, so routine by now that Carlton almost didn't notice that she wasn't there. But it always came back to him with the ache that had taken root in his chest, in the feeling he had when he looked to the other side of the bed, smiling, to be greeted with... nothing.

He couldn't live like this. He was the man, the senior detective, he would make the first move.

Of course. That's what she was waiting for. How could he deny her?

Maybe it was a bad time, but after what had happened to her with Yin... Carlton knew she would need comfort. She would need someone to cry on, someone to lean on. He was that man, and she knew it. She knew it, he knew it, probably the whole department knew it. So he would go into the room where she was making her statement and be there for her. Be there for her and let her know he was always there for her, and always would be (and hey, while I'm at it, there's been a space for you in my bed for about two years...).

But first, he stopped in the viewing room to make sure he looked at least a little presentable.

Carlton saw Juliet and Shawn kiss through the one-way mirror, and his heart hitched.

The next day, the bed was on the lawn in front of his house, a sign attached that simply read "Take it away".