Make It Stop.

Inspiration: Science teacher's youngest son
Words: 426
Main Pairing:
Maybe some twincest.
Warnings: Mild language, twincest,
Summary: "Hika get Mama… Tell the maids… just make it stop…! Please just make it stop…!"

Prologue: Look at Me!

Hikaru always makes sure to protect his younger, weaker brother from anything that threatens him. He'll take a bullet for his baby brother. Hikaru hates to see his little brother look so vulnerable and helpless. It makes his heart break at the sight of his twin close to tears. Of course... there were some things that he can't protect his baby brother from. Things such as certain illnesses and his own thoughts but he can always be careful and take care of him.

When he fails at protecting his twin, his own heart shatters and just one hurt look from Kaoru is punishment enough. Those looks make his soul scream and cry along with his twin. It makes his entire body burn as if he had been doused in Kerosene and then struck with a match. Hikaru hates when that look of absolute fear possesses his baby brother's face and twists it so that his eyes are wide with tears swimming in them, his lip is caught between chattering teeth, and his pale skin is nearly translucent shade. It, in turn, scares Hikaru and makes his heart skip a beat.

Like when they were newborns and Kaoru had suddenly stopped breathing. His cry was almost silent as he struggled for air. Hikaru had cried all night once Kaoru was taken to the NICU. Both of them had.

Like when they were three and Koaru had gotten the flu. Hikaru hadn't been allowed to go near his poor twin. He had almost had a nervous breakdown over all of the possibilities of what could happen to Kaoru in the middle of it.

Like when they were five and Kaoru had gotten the chicken pox. Hikaru had gone against his mother's orders that time and stayed with his twin throughout that and Kaoru did the same for him while he was ill the next week.

Like when they were twelve and Kaoru had broken his ankle from falling out of a tree they had been climbing. Hikaru nearly vomited from the fear building up in him as he carried his injured twin into the estate.

Like when they were fifteen and Kaoru had been dumped by his first boyfriend. Both twins had stayed up until three the next morning, eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Like today when Kaoru passes him a note with unnaturally scribbly handwriting. The note merely says 'Look at me!' And when he does the whole world around him seems to freeze at the terrified expression plastered to his baby brother's face.


"I don't see why people add disclaimers in their stories. I mean obviously they don't own it or they would be multimillionaires that actually did something with their life instead of writing things for fanfiction. If they actually owned all of this shit then it would've happened and they wouldn't even bother to think about this dumbass website." – One of my friends on disclaimers.

~Melody Syper Carston