Make It Stop
Kapitel Vier: A Good Big Brother

"I'm taking him home. He should've gone home when this all started, but I was too much of an idiot and allowed him to stay. What a great big brother I am. Can't believe myself…" Hikaru muttered to himself. He was still sitting next to his twin on the floor in front of the red couch they had been sitting on. He ran his fingers through Kaoru's soft ginger hair, lovingly.

"Hika-chan shouldn't be so hard on himself." Hunny said quietly, hugging Usa-chan closer to his small chest. His wide brown eyes were full of concern. "It's not your fault. Kao-chan knew better than to stay at the academy if he knew this was going to happen to him. He shouldn't have asked to stay."

"Yeah…" Mori muttered in his deep monotone voice. He placed a large, comforting hand on top of the small blonde's head

Hikaru shook his head. "I should've taken him home anyways." He stood up, finally, and scooped Kaoru up as well. "We'll make up the hours the club lost throughout the week, alright? Right now, though, I just need to get him home."

Tamaki nodded. "Of course. And you know you can call us anytime if you need us." His voice was soft but serious. It wasn't like the blonde 'king' at all to be this serious. "We'd be there as fast as humanly possible."

The redhead smiled faintly. "Yeah, thanks. I'll let you know." He pressed his back to the door and brought one hand down to the door handle after shifting Kaoru's weight to one arm. His hand twisted the silvery handle down but before he could exit the room Kyouya started to address him.

"Oh, and Hikaru, I've taken the liberty toi call your driver and explain to him what has happened. He said he was on his way." Kyouya's voice was gentler than usual when he was addressing the twins. When the redhead turned back to glance at him before he walked out of the door, he could have sworn he saw concern swimming in the eyes of the Shadow King. It surprised Hikaru how much Kyouya cared for either of them. With all of the pranks and jokers they've played on all of them members and the trouble they've caused on a daily basis, it was hard to think that any one of the other five truly cared about them, sometimes.

Hikaru was silent as he carried his twin through the halls and down the stairs and past the classrooms and out of the front doors where their limo was waiting patiently.

The driver stepped out just as Hikaru walked down the path and made to take Kaoru from his hands but was stopped by Hikaru's quiet, "I've got him." Instead, the driver nodded and opened the door, closing it once more as the eldest redheaded twin slipped in behind his pitiful looking brother.

Hikaru wrapped his arms around his brother's almost-feminine-like waist. "Take us home." He ordered in the same soft voice.

Kaoru's head lulled to the side, onto Hikaru's shoulder as the car started to move. The young twin made a small sound in the back of his throat that sounded like a mix between a small yawn, a sigh, and a whimper at the same time.

As they drove, Hikaru ran his hands over and over again through his twin's hair. It was more to soothe himself than anything else. His eyes wandered from Kaoru's head, to the ceiling, to the floor, to the passing trees outside. Once or twice, he leaned down to kiss his brother on the top of his head.

They pulled into the driveway of the Hitachiin Estate twenty minutes later, and as soon as the car had stopped, Hikaru was out with Kaoru in his pale arms. He entered the mansion without a word to the maids who were throwing questions at him such as "What are you doing back so early, Sirs?" and "What happened to Master Hitachiin?" He continued through the house, up to the hallway their room was located in.

As the redhead neared their bedroom door, Kaoru began to stir. Hikaru opened the door and lay his twin on their shared king-sized bed. He grabbed the pair of orange sleeping shorts off of the floor. "You want me to help you?" he asked quietly, watching as Kaoru turned to shove his face into the blankets.

Kaoru groaned. "Mmhmm…" he answered with a yawn. "What-d'ja do? Feel all swishy and junk…" his voice was layered heavily with sleep and his speech was slow and slurred.

Hikaru would've found it comically had the situation been any different. He watched carefully as his twin undressed.

Once Kaoru was left in nothing but his boxers, Hikaru pulled him into a standing position and let the younger twin lean against him as he slipped the shorts on. Kaoru quickly crawled back onto the bed, burying his face in his overly fluffy pillow. "Ge' over here so tha' I can go to sleep, Hika, This was followed by another very muffled yawn.

Hikaru shrugged all of his clothes off and crawled over to his side of the bed. "Move over…" his voice that same gentle quality it's been all day.

Kaoru sat up slowly and watched with half lidded eyes as Hikaru moved the cover back. He slid under them as soon as he could.

"You know better than to stay at school when you feel bad." Hikaru chided, wrapping his arms around Kaoru's waist. "Why'd you do that, love?"

Kaoru shook his head and slipped a leg between his brother's. "Sorry… I guess I just didn't want you to worry too much about me." He wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck.

"You scared me worse than if you had just let me take you home." Hikaru whispered, moving so that their foreheads were pressed together. "Don't scare me like that again, alright? I don't want to remember anymore. It's bad enough to just watch, remembering is almost unbearable compared to that."

"I'm okay now," he answered. "I'm surprised you kept that sedative, though. I thought you had forgotten about it by now. It's been nearly ten years." He snorted in disbelief,

Hikaru shook his head, "Of course not. I worry too much about you, I guess. I always keep one in the bottom of my bag, just in case." His grip on Kaoru's waist tightened. "Love you too much to let you suffer like that. It scares me. I told you in Study Hall that my weakness was you begging me to do something."

Kaoru pulled back enough to throw his twin a confused look. "I didn't say anything. I couldn't say anything."

"But when I was watching you and even while I was searching for the sedative in my bag, all I could hear in my head was your voice from that time when we were five… 'Make it stop… Please, Hika, just make it stop. I'm scared, Hika.' The way you had begged me that day had broken my heart…" Hikaru raised his hand to Kaoru's face and ran his thumb across his soft, pale pinkish cheeks. "That's how much I worry about you, love."

Kaoru closed his eyes to blink back the tears there. "I', sorry, Hikaru." He whispered, guilt lacing his small voice.

Hikaru smiled faintly. "Just promise me that next time you'll let me take care of you?"

"I promise, I promise, I promise, I promise, I promise, I promise." Kaoru repeated mirroring the almost-there-smile on his brother's face. He sighed contently. "You're a good big brother, Hikaru. I love you."

Hikaru kissed Kaoru's forehead lovingly. "I know. I love you too, Kaoru… And you're a perfect baby brother. Now go to sleep. You need it."


A/N: I don't want this to end but I have nothing else to add to it. It's so saddening to know that I will no longer be working on this fic. I love protective siblings. My twin and I are very protective towards each other. This shall mark the end of this wondrous fic. For those of you who have stuck with me, I thank you for the support and the love. I hope you enjoyed the ending as much as I did while writing this. I hope you don't hate me for ending it this way…

So with that said…

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