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Rape, and why he did it.
By: Cpman

Arthur Read was a young aardvark. He lived a normal life, had friends, a dog, a good reputation, and he got good grades. He did'nt much aside from comics and child's things. His outlook was forever changed one Sunday afternoon. He was sitting at his desk in his little boy room, eating some Penne ala Vodka that his father made for dinner. He sat there and thought a little. Suddenly, his little sister, DW came running up to see him.

"Arthur, Arthur! Dad said you and mom have to go to the store down the street and get some more pasta, because he wants to make more of his pasta!" DW exclaimed to Arthur.

"Alright DW, tell mom to hold on, I will be right down." he responded.

Arthur then got his socks and sneakers on, alone with his one Yellow sweater and his signature blue jeans. He left his room and ran down the stairs, meeting his mother, and then leaving for the store. Arthur's dad then entered the living room that DW was sitting in. DW looked at her dad.

"Hi Daddy! Thanks for the really good Penny ala Vodko!" she said to him.

then got a very sour look on his face. He then struck DW with a clenched fist, which made the four year old fall to the ground and cry.

"Its Penne ala Vodka, you little fucking bitch! How dare you insult my cooking!" screamed at DW

DW used the couch for support to get back to her feet. She looked at her father, and then looked to the floor. began to become more vengeful. He grabed DW by the hair and dragged her too the stairs. Pal began to bark very loudly. He dropped DW and then kicked Pal. He began to stomp down on Pal, and with ever crushing blow came another howl, and another, and another. It continued like this for almost a full three minutes, but after nearly two hundred stomps to his little body, Pal was crushed to death. laughed and grabed DW by the hair once again. He dragged her up the stairs, and into his bed room. He threw her on the bed, and then began to tear his clothes off.

"Daddy! NO! Don't! What is that! Stop it!" DW yelled and cried.

He removed his undergarments to reveal a six inch long penis. He looked at DW and screamed at her! She was then crying.

"What is that! STOP IT! NO! MOMMY!" she cried again.

scowled and then walked over to his daughter. He gave her a kiss, and hugged her.

"DW, its alright. This is a good thing, after this, everything will go back to normal! Ok?" he reasurred his daughter.

DW began to stop crying. She looked at her father, and cracked a small smile.

"Are you sure Daddy?" she asked. nodded.

So, with that. told DW to "Just Watch" as he began to stroke his penis. He licked his hand to Lubricate a little, and he stroked. Up and Down. He then stuck his penis by DW's mouth.

"What is this? It is a lollipop?" DW asked.

He laughed, and stuck his penis a little closer.

"Sort of Honey! Just give it a taste! Tell me how it tastes!" said.

DW nodded and began to suck her father's penis. She began to look a little grossed out, but that just made him push her head down, and she was forced to deep throat the dick. Suddenly, the door to the room flung open! It was Arthur. then punched DW square in the jaw, and his penis was taken out of her mouth. He then tackled Arthur and forced him to the bed.

"Uh...Honey? Listen, I am going to talk to Arthur and DW for a moment, ok? We will be right down!" called down to his wife.

He then turned back to his children. Arthur looked confused, but began to stroke his penis again. He walked toward Arthur and forced him to suck it. He sucked, and sucked. Arthur was crying a little. then cracked Arthur straight across the face and pulled his penis out. He then turned Arthur over and pulled his pants down. He then put his penis in Arthur's butt, and thrusted it in and out, and in, and out. Arthur wailed in pain as his father fucked him up the butt without lubricant, or warning. DW then began to stir up. She then walked over to her father and asked him, "What Happened?" just kissed her. He then pulled his penis out of Arthur's butt and made DW suck it. With in moments, he came in DW's mouth. She ate all of it. Mr. Reed then took off all of DW's clothes and licked her pussy. He ate it out and DW began to get aroused. He then stuck his penis in DW's butt and fucked her. After fucking her for five minutes, he came, but not only cum came out, but blood and poop came out as well. He then made Arthur eat up all of the disgusting things that were on his bed. He then punched out both DW and Arthur. He quickly kissed Arthur on the lips, and took off all of his clothes. He sucked Arthur's penis just a little, but then took both of his kids and dragged them out of the room. He put them in their retrospective beds, and woke them up. He told the both of them that if they ever told anyone what happened, that he would kill them both and their Mother. He then kissed them both, and even fingered DW for a few moments. He then went downstairs to his wife and acted as if nothing happened.

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