Title: War Paint
Fandom: Full Metal Panic!
Author: Starzki
Characters: Melissa, Sousuke, Kurz; implied Kurz/Melissa
Words: 100
Rating: K+
Summary: Melissa called it "putting on her war paint."
Warnings: None


Melissa called it "putting on war paint."

After slipping on her slinkiest dress, she would let Sousuke watch her apply her makeup. An artist, she could make herself almost unrecognizable.

Black surrounded her eyes, highlighting her exoticism.

Red stained her lips and her sly smile promised both sex and death.

A touch of teal green on her eyelids "kept them guessing."

Melissa was at her most serious when she played bait. Also, with the way Kurz clutched his chest and sank to his knees after she later passed him in the hall, it was when she was at her deadliest.


Author's Note: Written in response to LuxKen27's Summer Mini Challenge prompt "teal green."