Author's Note: So… my beta is in Scotland and beyond reach at the moment, so I decided while he was away and I was unable to update any of my major series, I would challenge myself to write a group of 100 drabbles based on a group of themes that were provided.

This is in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Section but there will be drabbles based on some of my many crossover universes but don't worry there will be a warning before each drabble to say which universe they're based in.


Universe: Yu-Gi-Oh!

"What are you playing?"

The boy, who looked far too young to be in her class, jumped and dropped his gameboy, which only didn't hit the floor because she darted forward and caught it.

"Thank you." Amethyst eyes widened in surprise as they looked up at brown ones, a small, shy smile gracing the face of a boy with the most strangely coloured hair she'd ever seen.

"I'm Tea Gardener." She told the boy as she handed him back the handheld console and watched as he saved and turned off the game. "What's your name?"

"My name's Yugi… Yugi Mutou."

+1 Because I had another idea for this prompt: -

Universe: Clanverse(spoilers for the future) Yu-Gi-Oh!/Harry Potter

Kylie wasn't sure when help had arrived but she had never been so grateful to see another Duellist as she had been when a pair Duellists arrived backed by a Harpie Lady and a Fire Princess.

The older of the two helped them cover the retreat as the younger assisted the others to safety, starting with the youngest, taking them away from the scared masses who had finally had enough of the 'freaks' among them.

"Who are you?" Kylie needed to know.

"I'm Mai Valentine, I'm with the Duellist Network." She smirked confidently, "And I'm getting you out of here."