61. Fairy Tale

Universe: Clanverse (Harry Potter/Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Yami knew the noises on the rooftops rather well but it had been a few years since he had last been awake to hear them. Once upon a time, before they had gone to Hogwarts and he had gotten his own body, he had been awake at this time every year to hear the sounds of hooves on the roof and bells jingling away, the initial surprise turning over the years into delight and in fact pleasure at seeing an old friend who could actually see him without him having to borrow Yugi's body.

The spirit of the Puzzle slipped out of his hikari's room, shot down the corridor, not having to worry about the noise he made as he ran, hoping to catch the culprit before he left. Finally reaching the room he was looking for, he passed straight through the doors and grinned at the sight of a huge man in a red outfit which was trimmed with white fur, long white hair and a white beard and a smile on his face when he saw Yami had entered the room.

"Santa-san." Yami bowed, hiding his grin as he did so.

"Yami...no, Atem-san." Santa Claus bowed back before chuckling slightly, "So much nicer a greeting than the first time you met me."

Yami blushed in embarrassment at the reminder of his first Christmas, when he had thought the man before him was an attacker and borrowed Yugi's body to deal with the issue. He had been rather surprised when the gentleman who called himself Father Christmas, amongst other things, had not cheated but it was not until the following year he had understood a little better who the man he had Shadow Gamed actually was.

"Isn't Yugi getting a little old for presents from you now?" Yami asked with a chuckle as he tried to shoo away any proof of his sheepishness.

"He may be growing old in years, but his heart is still that of a child, Yami-san." Santa informed him seriously, "Besides, he still believes in me. It would not do to disappoint him. Not when so many others have."

Yami could understand and respect that, even as it made him wonder how many others like Yugi still got gifts from Father Christmas. Instead of asking, he gestured towards the nearby table where there was a mince pie and a glass of milk set out. "The others laughed when Yugi put them out for you, but he remembered your favourite brand again this year."

"As always." Santa nodded, putting the gift for Yugi under the tree and then wandering over to the table to eat and drink his treats before finishing his rounds. "I have to say you lot have done well for yourselves here." Santa mused over his mince pie, "You seem to have collected quite a following."

"Yugi," Yami stressed the name, "Has gathered them and given them homes." The former Pharaoh paused and smirked slightly, "How long did it take you to work your way through the wards?" He could not help but ask, remembering how one year Yugi had nearly been without a present from the jolly old man until Yami had shown him how to get through the wards he and Ombre had erected.

"Not that long." Father Christmas replied, finishing the pie and drink quickly, "Now please excuse me, I have a lot of homes to visit tonight, as much as I would love to stay and chat, I really must be going."

"Running behind today?" Yami asked, concerned as he followed Santa back to the fireplace.

"No more than usual, Yami-san." Santa waved it off. Before Yami could say another word, Santa had dissolved into light and vanished up the chimney. The spirit of the Puzzle blinked away the sunspots, wished once again that he would remember Santa did that and then headed for Yugi's room once again.

He was kind of looking forward to the responses of the others in the morning when they realised Santa really had come and had only left Yugi a present.


Author Note: So it's been a while since I've updated anything and I want to apologise for that. Life has been a bit of a rhymes-with-witch recently, so my ability to write has been curtailed. For everyone who's waiting for a Relic Song update I do actually have a chapter halfway finished shockingly, while Shadow Treaty and Ennead have chapters started but they keep getting rewritten. Thought I'd share this one shot in the mean time. Couldn't resist writing it after seeing Rise of the Guardians.