I was in the wrong place at the wrong time…For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme…

For the Rest of the Day...


"No T-Tobi! S-Stop, Dammit, un!" Deidara shouted as he tried to escape the tall and the once goofy acting partner of his, "Why are you doing this? Stop hugging me! Dammit!"

"I want to play with you Deidara-Sempai!" The orange masked man hummed. His behavior had changed in the last few days towards the blond artist. The once over zealous and childish ninja was now dark and somewhat ominous. "I want to play a game with the pretty doll face Sempai."

'What's happened to him?' The artist stared at his partner in disbelief, 'Tobi is so different, frightening almost. What does he want from me?'

That is when it hit him…the questions from 3 days ago… the questions that Tobi kept bugging him about and the events that happened after that with that pervert bastard, Hidan.

3 Days Ago…

"Dei-Dei-Sempai" Tobi sang the blond's name which irritated the artist to no end, "Are you a girl?"

"No! You fool! I'm not a girl!" Hissed the blond through clenched teeth, "Are you completely stupid, un?"

"B-But you are pretty like a girl," he said with a smirk on his face which was hidden behind his colorful mask, "Boys aren't pretty like you, so Tobi believes you must be a girl."

"Shut the fuck up Tobi before I kill you and Pein will have to find me another partner!" shouted the bomber who was reaching in his pouch for some clay, "I'll show you who the bitch around here is and it's not me! You're such a dumbass fuck!"

"Have you even been with a man?" Tobi's one dark eye that could be seen almost twinkled as he asked Deidara this, "Do you like guys with huge dicks?"

There was no shade of red that could describe how bright the little blond turned except thirty shades darker than the reddest rose.

"That's a very stupid question, you dumb fuck, un!" Shouted the now crimson faced blond, "I-I don't fuck guys!"

"Oh Sempai," Tobi sung again, "Do they screw you?"

WHACK! The sound from the slap could be heard from one end of the hideout to the other. Deidara had hit Tobi so hard that it knocked his mask off of his face.

"Shut the fu…" Deidara started to yell but stopped. Looking at the unmasked man that stood before him, his face never seen by anyone not even Pein, but there in front of the blond stood an unmasked and quite handsome Tobi.

"Y-Your m-mask," stuttered the artist as he fumbled for words that would not come. The blond could not help but stare at the now red cheek spiky haired man in front of him. 'Tobi is really cute' thought the blond and blushed as he watched the brunette, who was shocked at having his face revealed under these circumstances. Tobi grinned as he bends over to pick up his mask, as he stood back up; an icy chill ran down Deidara's spine. The smile that crept across the tall brunette's face was as eerie as Kisame's if not more so.

"You're quite beautiful when you're angry aren't you Sempai?" a voice so malevolent that even Pein would have jumped at hearing it, "those crystal blue eyes sparkle more when you're like this."

"T-Tobi…" stuttered the frightened blond, "I-Is that you, un?"

The brunette just stared at the pretty artist that was in his sight. Looking him up and down, his one eye lusted for the beauty in front of him. A deep longing could be seen in the once childish Tobi's gaze, but before the blond could really pick up on it, the spiky haired ninja returns to his goofy self and started laughing at the now confused Deidara.

For an instant the blond saw or at least he thought he heard someone else, not this goofball, not this Tobi. Not the fool that always causes him to lose his temper. The 'baka' that pisses him off by saying his name in that singsong way; or bothering him when he is trying to work on his art; watching him every minute of the day; just consistently being around him all the fucking time.

"Are you afraid of me or something, Sempai?" Laughed the brunette who had return to normal (well as normal as it gets for Tobi.)

Shocked by Tobi's strange behavior, Deidara forgets about the clay figure he was making to use on the swirly masked fool and quickly turns to exit the room, stopping at the door long enough to look at the still giggling Tobi who had put his lollipop swirl mask back on his face. The blond could tell that the brunette was grinning underneath the mask which pissed him off.

"You should stop wearing that stupid mask; you have a nice looking face." The blond blushed and shouted back at Tobi before storming out of the room, "But don't talk to me for the rest of day!"

Tobi touches his mask, still smiling beneath it; for you and only you Sempai will I let see this face, chuckling to him self.

Deidara was still fuming as he entered his room, "Why does that fool always get to me, un? He's just a baka like the rest of these assholes around here." huffed the blond as he paced his room's floor, "Thinking of that dumbass always gives me a headache."

The sudden image of an unmasked Tobi flashes in his head, Deidara faces flushes and his heart starts racing. He imagines Tobi without his dark cloak that's covered with crimson clouds, his body a work of art because his face looks like it was crafted by Kami which was perfect so his body must be too. His tall chiseled body that stood over him was hidden behind baggy clothes, those lips against his would be soft and moist and…and…

"Aaarrgh!" shouted the blond as he fisted the air, "What the hell am I thinking? T-That dumbass may have a gorgeous face, but he's still a guy and I don't date men!"

A knock came from the door pulling Deidara from his thoughts. The blond opens it up to find one of the ninja world's biggest asshole on the other side; Hidan.

"Casper, what do you fucking want, un?" Growled the blond as he rolled his lovely blues, "No haunted houses needing a sadistic ghost?"

"Heard you fucking PMSing in here, so I thought I'd bring you some tampons." the pale demon said; whose true purpose in life was to be a total perverted dick. "But I could stick something much thicker inside such a pretty girly faced boy such as you."

"Fuck off you cult worshipping bastard!" spat the blond and flipped the creep off, "Go fuck yourself and leave me alone!"

Everyone knew that Hidan wanted Deidara since he laid his eyes on the young man from the first time he met the artist. He would make remarks that only repulsed the blond. He would lick his tongue out at the young bomber in a lewd and suggestive way. Walk up behind him and grope his tight ass or tell him that he would make him forget anyone else; yes the pale demon was sickening and today was no exception…today Deidara had the unwanted pleasure of having this stupid fuck at his door.

"What did you say?" Hidan's pink orbs flickered at Deidara's blunt statement.

"I said, 'Go fuck your…" Deidara started to repeat himself.

WHACK! Flashes of light danced in the blond's vision as the pale demon quickly back-handed him (AKA Bitch Slapped) Deidara across the face causing him to fell back onto the floor. Stunned the artist tries to get up using his bed for support. WHACK! Hitting the young man again he stumbles and fell onto his bed, almost blacking out from the force of the hit. Hidan steps into the room; closing the door and locking it behind him. He smiled at Deidara who lay dazed on the bed. The pale demon crawls on top of the young man and pins his arms above his head.

"Such a fucking dirty mouth," Hidan grinned and licked his lips, "I like my whores that way."

With wide eyes Deidara fought to get free from the sadist's grip. Kicking and screaming, just trying to get away from this sick fuck.

"Fucking freaky bastard! Don't touch me, un!" screamed the now trembling beauty, "Go find some dead zombie bitch to hump! Get off of me!"

Hidan had become more excited the more Deidara protested his advances. The pale demon's rod budges through his pants as he got harder. He started mumbling some bullshit chant and a few quick hand signs later the beautiful bomber is bound to his bed unable to move as freely as before.

"You dirty son-of-a-bitch; if you touch me I will kill you once I'm free!" Deidara hissed at him, "Keep your fucking hands off of me!"

Hidan's eyes burnt with lust at the blond's threat. Slapping the artist across his pretty face; he places his pale hand around his delicate neck and begins to squeeze. Deidara started to struggle for air; his back arches into Hidan as he slowly begins to black out. His mouth opening and closing for lack of air; tear sit in the corner of his eyes and blur his vision of the pale demon that was choking the life out of him. Mouthing words that will not come; his voice is temporarily gone and soon so will his life if he does not get this sadist freak off of him.

"Listen you fucking back street whore, you're going to enjoy this as much as I do!" Hidan's voice was husky and his eyes were demonic from his arousal which beckons for the blond's body beneath him. He releases the blond from the death hold; bends down and whispered in Deidara's ear, "You can scream all you want, nobody's here except for that fucking baka; Tobi and he's too stupid to do anything to help unless someone tells him too."

Tears from fear and from letting his guard down around this crazy fucker formed in his eyes. Deidara wanted to cry, yet his pride which was about to be taken away from him would not let him. 'How could this creepy bastard get him so easily?' Deidara pondered to himself, 'If I even get out of here, I will never let my guard down again.'

"I'm going to enjoy fucking your bloody hole until you scream from a very painful orgasm." Hidan groaned into Deidara's ear as he be begin to rub his own large erection that was rubbing against his pants. His weight comes down on the small blond beneath him. Ghostly hand trace down the neck and chest of the blond stopping at his breast. Flicking, pinching, and rubbing the artist's nipples underneath his net shirt, until they were hard from the rough abuse.

"S-Stop! Don't! Touch! Me!" Deidara bucks under Hidan's fingers, he hated the pale demon's touch; it sickens him to no end. The tears Deidara had been fighting so hard to hold back slid down his smooth cheeks and his soft lips trembled, "No! Don't touch me, you filthy monster!"

Taking both of his hands, Hidan grasps the collar of Deidara's shirt and rips it open revealing smooth supple skin and erect nipples. The blond turns his head in shame as the ghost's hands slips down to the hem of the blond bomber's pants and with one quick movement jerks them off of his body, leaving the artist naked beneath his lustful gaze. Deidara shivered as Hidan's hands trailed down his body and came to rest at his limp member.

"Oh no, this will never do," Hidan hummed and roughly grabbed Deidara's member. He started pumping him up and down. Licking two of his long fingers and places them at the blond's entrance causing the blond to stiffen, "I want to see the lust in your face."

Hidan's rams his fingers deep into Deidara's warmth; the blond's screams could be heard throughout the hideout. Almost passing out from the pain, the blond pleads for the ghost to remove his fingers, his body shaking as Hidan works his fingers deeper inside him.

"No! Stop! Take it out! It hurts!" sobbed the young artist.

"You're a virgin?" Hidan grinned in surprise at the blond's innocence, "Well you won't be for long. I'll be you first. You'll never want anyone else."

"Aaarrgh! It hurts! Take it out!" cried the blond as he bit his lip, tasting the blood that now seethed into his mouth, "You're hurting me! Stop!"

"We've just started and see you're getting hard." Hidan smiled at his handiwork and continued pumping the bomber even harder. "Besides I like hearing you beg me to stop. I want to hear your deepest moan of pure pleasure from the pain that my cock is going to give you, little slut."

"I-I would rather die than have your dick inside of me, un!" Deidara throat was dry, but he managed those words to let Hidan know how he felt about his offer, "Go suck a corpse's dick, you fucking asshole!"

"Dead. Alive. Half Dead. Male. Female. I don't give a fuck about how you feel." Hidan's words were icy; laced with venom and lust as he thought about fucking a half dead blond, "One way or another I will have you. Willing or not, you tight ass now belongs to me.

'I can feel the devil walking next to me,' Deidara thought, 'and he's going to rape and kill me.'

The death dealer slips two more fingers inside the blond's virginal entrance and watched blood trickle down from it. Moving his fingers in and out, he hit a bundle of nerves and caused the artist to see stars. Pain and pleasure did mix together, but Deidara hated his body for giving in to the assault.

"P-Please…S-Stop!" he cried, "I'm going to come…Please stop, un!"

"I want to taste your sweet nectar, give me all of your delicious cum, whore!" Hidan commanded as he placed his warm wet mouth around Deidara's weeping erection. The ghost started bobbing his head up and down, drinking in and savoring the sweet taste of his crying victim. He watched as Deidara's body buck under his action, knowing the blond would not last much longer.

"I-I coming, un! S-Stop, P-Please!" cried the beautiful blond, "I-I don't want to com…"

Slowing his pace, Hidan tortures the blond by grabbing the base of his penis to keep him from coming right at that moment and said in a devious voice, "I want you to…beg me…to let you come."

The lust was taking over the young blond's mind and the pain was still there but mixed with an unbelievable pleasure and Deidara wanted a release, not caring how he got it at that moment either. Swallowing, the blond looks at the ghost with pleading eyes and shaking his head, his stomach tightens as his body begs him to be released form this torture.

"P-Please…H-Hidan...Please let me c-c-come, un." Tears rolled down Deidara's face as he trembled in Hidan's hand. His pride was gone. He had been molested by this monster and soon he was going to brutally rape him and possibly be killed by Hidan. No one would care; he would just be replaced just like Sasori. "Please let me come Hidan-Sama…"

"Good Boy" smiled the pale demon, "Come for me my little slut."

Running his long tongue up and down the blond's length, Hidan quickly engulfs his victim's shaft in his hungry mouth. Sucking hard and fast, Hidan could feel the artist's load moving through the vein in his cock.

"AAAHHH! UNN!" Deidara had reached his climax. "AAAHHH! UN!"

Shame plastered the young bomber's face as the ghost drank his sweet honey from his rod. He felt sick to his stomach as he watched Hidan's mouth move along his softening rod. Dazed and dizzy from his ordeal, Deidara watched as the pale man stood up to undo his own pants; pulling out his own large erection. The young man's eyes became wide with terror as the realization that Hidan's big cock would rip him wide open. Panic kick into overdrive as the artist's fight or flight instincts kicked in.

"No! Don't touch me! Get away from me, pervert!" screamed the blond, "Someone help me! For Kami's sake, help me, un!"

"Fight all you want, little slut!" panted the ghost, "I told you that no one will help. They just don't care about little whores like you. I'm going to enjoy fucking your tight ass!"

Positioning himself at Deidara's virginal entrance, Hidan was about to steal the only thing the bomber had left of him self. Just a Hidan was about to ram his rock hard monster cock into the blond's innocence, the door is kicked open.

BANG! Who else but 'Tobi the Baka' would dare to kick anyone's door down, but for once the blond was relieved that the baka did not listen to him about not talking to him for the rest of the day. Thank You Kami!

"Deidara-Sempai!" Tobi even when he knew the blond was mad at him would sing his name and still now it was annoying, but a welcomed annoyance none the less." Deidara-Sempai, Tobi needs to talk to you. Tobi wants to say that he is sorry for making you mad at him and that Tobi is a good…boy…"

Tobi's voice trails off as the brunette spotted the blond bound up on his bed with the pale ghost man over him. Tobi hated the ghost man because he really creped his Sempai out even when he did not say so, Tobi knew that Deidara hated the ghost man.

"Get out of here you fucking dick weed!" Hidan shouted, "Can't you see that I'm busy mother fucker!"

The brunette did not hear the pale demon's rant. All he could see was his Sempai. He saw that the blond was upset and did not want the creepy Hidan bastard near him; the pleading in the artist's eyes told him so.

"What are you doing to Deidara?" Tobi's voice deepens and became dark like before. "Get the hell away from Deidara!"

Hidan smirked as if this fucking ass wipe thinks by changing his voice will stop him from obtaining the blond's tight ass. Before the fanatical cult worshipping fuck could respond, Hidan is slammed head first into the nearest wall. Tobi presses the pale man's now bleeding head so hard against the wall that it starts to crack. Delivering quite a few punches to the pale one's back and ribcage, then with one quick and powerful jab Tobi punctures the lung of ghost man, causing him to cough up blood and wheeze for air.

"I know that you can't die, but I'll make your life a living nightmare if you ever touch Deidara again, you zombie bastard!" Tobi hissed as he released Hidan, "Get the fuck out of my sight before I rip you into a million pieces!"

Hidan slumps to the floor, gazing up he saw one eye peering back at him through the hole in the orange swirly mask. The menacing eye glow an unbelievable red and within it carried the promise of hell that no amount of worshipping to his god could save him from. Hidan shivered as he stared at the once childish Tobi. Gathering his clothes and releasing Deidara from the jutsu, Hidan scurries from the blond's room without a word.

Turning around Tobi saw Deidara curled up on the bed; his eyes closed and tears trickling down his soft features. Tobi walks over only to be greeted with the artist's back.

"Didn't I tell you not to talk to me for the rest of the day, baka?" the artist mumbles to the brunette. Tobi reaches out to grab his Sempai's shoulder but stops.

"Sempai…" the brunette started but turns to leave.

"T-Tobi?" Deidara whispered his name, "Thank You."

"You're Welcome, Sempai." Tobi whispered back and left the blond to rest.

"You really are a Good Boy…" the blond said as he drifted off to sleep in the empty room.

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