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Tobi kisses away the tears the mark the artist's lovely face. He then moves to his soft waiting lips; licking and pecking them oh so lightly, seeking permission to enter the warm wet carven of Deidara's mouth; tasting a sweetness that could never be found in this world. Deepening the kiss; the brunette pulls the blond as close as he possibly can and breathes hope into his once dismal world, only breaking the bond to refill their lungs with much needed air.

"Damn…Tobi…!" panted the blond, "That was…WOW …incredible!"

"I'm just getting started Sempai," Tobi cooed into the artist's ear, "If you liked that then you'll love what I'm going to do to you next."


For life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away…

Chapter 3-Ecstasy

Tobi' mouth trailed down Deidara's neck; sucking and nipping at sensitive flesh; licking away any painful memories that once graced such pure skin. Inhaling the exotic scent of sweet spices; an alluring aroma lingered in his nostrils as he took in the blond's fragrance; so pure; so innocence; so heavenly. How could this beautiful creature not be wanted or loved? Just being near him was mind blowing; his soft features and artistic ways were in them selves, unique by any means.

Deidara's love for life was intoxicating to say the least; but that too was beginning to wear down due to the fact of the way he had be treated most of his life; a person can only take so much and then…and then they shatter into a million broken pieces, unable to be made whole again. Was that what this world was trying to do to his Deidara? Tobi's heart sunk a little; knowing that the artist was trying to keep afloat in this lifestyle; a lifestyle, mind you, he did not want in the first place.

Pulling the blond's shirt over his head, Tobi stares at flawless skin that had been touched gently by the sun; soft and smooth, waiting to be caressed by the brunette's ungloved hands; waiting to be kissed, sucked, taken, and most of all; loved. Removing the blond's pants, Tobi could not help but smile; he could see that underneath Deidara's boxers, the blond was already hard from the sensual kiss he gave him earlier. Gently stroking the fabric covered shaft, Tobi watches the blond's lovely eyes close and arch into his touch; moaning at the slightest pleasure that he is bring the artist. Oh how he was going to enjoy this moment and every moment thereafter with the little bomber. Tobi released the artist's waist length hair that he usually wore in a pony tail; it fans out like a river of spun gold on the dark red sheet sheets beneath the bomber; which only complemented his beauty more. Tobi finally removed the last article of clothing from Deidara; at last he had his naked angel in front of him and he wanted to take in everything about him.

"T-Tobi, you're making me nervous, un." Deidara blushed trying to cover his body, "Don't stare at me."

"You're so beautiful, Sempai." Tobi said moving the bomber's hands away from his body, "Let me see you; all of you. Don't hide from me."

"…" Deidara gulped down the knot trying to forming his throat.

"There's no need to be nervous around me, Sempai." Tobi hummed as his fingers traveled down the naked angel's form, "You're the picture of perfection and I want to have this memory forever."

Slipping between Deidara's silky smooth legs, Tobi bends down and starts kissing the blond's slim neck; earning a soft whimper; his fingers continue to dance along sensitive skin coming to rest at pert nipples. Flicking his fingers over the nubs; circling and lightly pinching them until his angel moans in delight; bucking under the brunette's merciful touch.

"T-Tobi…please, un." Deidara moaned; his voice was lustful, "Take off your clothes. I want to see you, too."

The brunette was more than happy to comply with the blond's request; Standing up beside the bed, Tobi removes his garments; the body that Deidara had pictured in his mind stood before him in all its naked glory; well defined abs; chiseled chest and a cute sexy ass; Thank you, Kami for the beautiful man that stood before the artist. Deidara could not take his eyes off Tobi's body; it was magnificent and it was all for him; Kami had made the brunette just for him.

"Do you like what you see, Sempai?" Tobi grins and positions his head in between the angel's leg.

"…umm…un" was all the blond could manage to said as Tobi slowly wrapped his hand around the bomber's rock hard cock.

The brunette starts pumping the shaft of the blond; gliding up and down; firm enough for the other to feel his touch, but gentle enough to tease him a the same time. Oh gods, and if that was not enough, he lightly pecks the weeping tip with his soft lips; teasing the slit with his wet tongue; letting it drag around the head so slowly; driving the other insane with desire that he never knew was possible.

"Ummm, Tobi," moaned the blond as he bucked his hips, "That feels sooo good."

"Suck." Tobi commended as he held up three fingers to Deidara's lips. The blond took them in without hesitation; sucking and licking until they were well lubricated with his saliva; all the while making the brunette harder with each suck.

"Just relax, Sempai." Tobi said softly, "You might feel some discomfort at first, but it will get better, I promise."

Tobi places one finger at the blond's entrance; teasing the puckered ring at his back side. He can feel the young man tense up from his touch, but relaxes some, but not for long as the dark haired man slips his first finger inside the angel's warmth; he continues to stroke the artist's cock to detract him from the uncomfortable feeling. Inserting a second finger; scissoring the blond bombshell; he pumps the blond faster. Deidara is in pain until Tobi hits a bundle of nerves that about send the angel over the edge with pleasure; bucking up off the bed, Deidara moans as sparks shoot through his mind; this was nothing like before; nothing like what Hidan had done; this was different somehow and it felt wonderful. He moaned louder each time Tobi hit his special spot; damn this was great and he wanted more; with each thrust of Tobi's fingers, Deidara would meet him in time; rocking his body to the rhythm of being finger fucked. Finally Tobi added the third finger; which pushed Deidara over the edge to ecstasy.

"Aaaahh…Tobi…un!" Deidara moaned and bucked his hips, "Aaaahhh!

"You're so sexy, Sempai." Tobi's voice was heavy with lust and desire, "I want to taste your sweetness; I want you to come for me."

Placing his hot mouth over the sensitive angel's cock; he bobs his head in time with his pumping and thrusting; sucking the nectar from the blond's rod; causing him to explode into a mind melting orgasm from heaven.

"TOBI!AAAHH! UMMM!" Deidara cried as his seed spilled into Tobi's waiting mouth, "TOBI! UMMM! AAAHH!"

Deidara's body shook as he rode the wave of his orgasm out. Panting hard from his climax, the blond's eyes rolled back in his head; he had never experienced anything like that before; it was beyond belief.

"You taste good, Sempai." Tobi smiled as he licked the remaining cum off his fingers, "I like it when you say my name."

"T-Tobi…" Deidara panted trying to catch his breath, "T-That…was...incredible…"

Raising Deidara's hips; Tobi licks the blond's tight entrance, sliding his tongue in and out the sweet puckered hole; wetting it and making it slippery. Deidara moaned as Tobi prepared him for his stiff rod; causing the bombshell to tremble in anticipation. Deidara shivered as his mind when wild from the thought of the spiky haired man making love to him; holding him; penetrating his virginal entrance. Yes, the blond was a little scared, but he knew that Tobi would never harm him; that in fact the dark eyed man was in love with him and only him. Deidara could hardly wait for those strong muscular arms to embrace him; hold him close to that sexy chiseled body; Deidara started getting hard again just from the thought itself.

"Enough…with…the…tongue, un." Deidara groaned out, "I…need…you, Tobi. Take…me…now."

"As you wish, Sempai." Tobi smirked as he positioned him self in between the artist's leg; kissing him on his neck and shoulder, and teasing his nipples ever so lightly, "This is going to hurt, just tell me when to you want me to stop and I will."

"O-Ok." Deidara smiled nervously at the handsome man; relaxing as much as possible.

"Ready?" Tobi asked as he placed his hard cock against the wet entrance of the blond, "I'll go slowly."

Steadily Tobi slips his lengthy rod into the moist carven of the blond; reaching the first ring of tight muscles; almost losing it from the warmth and feel of the blond around his cock. He felt the blond tense up; gripping on to Tobi's shoulders; digging his nails in creating red marks on the brunette's skin. Tobi kisses the blond to distract him as he fully sheath him self within tight hole.

"Aaahh! Aaarrgh!" Deidara cried into Tobi's mouth; it hurt more than he thought it would; Tobi is so big. Tears slid down porcelain cheeks as the blond shuttered into the brunette's kisses, "Humph! Aaahh! Aaarrgh!"

"Are you all right Sempai?" Tobi asked and kissed away the dewy drops that ran down the beauty's face, "Do you want to stop?"

Deidara could not believe the kindness that Tobi was showing him; how could he had been so mean to someone that show him only love? How could he have been so blind from this man's affections? He could not believe that he almost missed it. The blond knew that he would truly be happy with Tobi for the rest of his days; that even if this was his last day in this world, that Tobi had made it the most wonderful day of his young life and he would never forget it.

"No, un." Deidara said letting out the breath that he was holding, "Just give me a moment, please."

Tobi waited for the artist to adjust to his size before he continued; moving slowly in and out; picking up his pace as he pounded into the blond increasing his speed; searching for that special spot.

"OH KAMI!" Deidara cried out, "TOBI, YES!"

"Bingo!" Tobi smirked, "Found it."

Lifting one of the blond's legs over his shoulder, Tobi angles his body so he can go deeper inside the artist's precious being; causing the beauty to moan louder; bucking underneath the dark haired man. Tobi leans in to kiss Deidara deeply and to pump him harder; causing a throaty moan to escape from the beauty's lips. Grabbing Deidara's dripping member, Tobi starts stroking him in time with his thrust; twisting his hand up and down the young man's rod; making him putty in his hands.

"To…bi…I'm…going…to…" a lustful voice moaned, "I…don't…think…I…going last much…longer."

"Come for me, Sempai." Tobi panted kissing the blond, "You're voice is so beautiful when you moan."

Slowing his pace, Tobi struck the bundle of nerves each time he passed over them, causing Deidara to match his thrust in return; bringing his hips down to meet the brunette's throbbing cock; his own aching and begging for release; leaking and dripping more and more of its enticing nectar onto the flat stomach of the blond; placing one of his own mouth hands over the head of his penis, Deidara slipped a wet tongue over the slit as Tobi pumped hard into his heavenly hole. The blond's body tensed; a wave of unbelievable pleasure washed over him as his orgasm pushed through his body; causing him to arch off the bed and into Tobi.

"TOBI…AAAHH…I'M COMING! UMMM!" Deidara screamed in orgasmic delight, "TOBI! I'M COMING! UMMM!

Deidara's seed erupts all over the two ninja's stomach and chest; his muscles tighten around Tobi's large rod; making the spiky haired man spill his hot seed inside the beauty; coating the bombshell's inner being with his own love juices.

"SEMPAI…OH KAMI…I'M COMING, TOO!" Tobi said burying his cock to the base deep within the artist, "DEIDARA …I'M…COMING!"

Two precious souls lay beside each others; they had experienced true ecstasy as they came down form their orgasmic high; an artist that had almost been broken, finally finding his true muse and the muse who never give up, finally finding the true artist. Deidara was searching all this time for someone that was there the whole time; Tobi continually waiting for the blond to finally see him.

Strong arms pulled the sleepy artist into a warm embrace; gentle kisses are place on top of a golden halo of soft silky hair; and words of reassurance are whispered into Deidara's ear; words of hope; words of happiness and joy; words of true love.

"I Love You, Deidara," a deep voice with velvety undertones whispers, "I have for a long time and will continue until the end of time."

"I Love You, Tobi," Deidara replied back not noticing the other's voice due to his recent activities and being a little drowsy, "but it's time to go to sleep, we have tomorrow off, so we can talk later."

"Tobi is a good boy," he said in his normal goofy voice, "but Tobi doesn't want to talk to Deidara-Sempai tomorrow…"

"Why not?" pouted the blond looking up at the grinning man, "What are you going to be doing tomorrow?"

"Tobi is going to be making love to Deidara-Sempai for the rest of the day."

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