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Xemnas walked down the halls of the Castle That Never Was, feeling the need for some exercise. Of course, Xemnas was also in the mood for one of his "oh my Kingdom Hearts" moments and wanted an audience. As he continued walking he glanced to the side, expecting to find his precious Kingdom Hearts shining brightly through the window, however, he was met with the disturbing sight of boards having been nailed over the window. He took note of this, but continued walking, eager to reach the room where the windows were as tall as the walls. As he turned the corner he stopped dead in his tracks as he stared at the black painted windows. He ran quickly up to them and attempted to scratch the paint off, but it was too thick.

"AXEL! DEMYX!" Xemnas yelled, having forgotten that the two were on a mission in Halloween Town.

"Hey Superior, whats the issue?" asked Seppen, walking sleepily into the room.

Her eyes went wide at the sight of the windows and she immediately looked to the Superior.

"What happened?" Seppen asked, completely shocked.

"Nothing you need to worry about, but those responsible for this will pay dearly!" spoke Xemnas as he walked back down the hallway.

"What a shame, I was hoping for a bigger reaction." Seppen pouted.

Xaria popped out from the closet nearby, covered in black paint from head to toe.

"A little sloppy are we?" Seppen asked.

"Next time, you paint and I will nail the boards." Xaria grumbled as she walked down the opposite hallway towards her room to clean off. Seppen giggled as her friend walked off.

Later that day Seppen and Xaria were walking down the halls, Xaria having cleaned herself up. When they passed by Xemnas again.

"Good morning, Mansex." Xaria said with a straight face.

Xemnas blinked and turned back to Number XIV.

"Excuse me, what did you say?" Xemnas asked.

"I said good morning Superior." Xaria replied.

"Oh, um, that's what I thought you said." Xemnas said, rubbing his temples.

"You must really be worked up over the window incident." Seppen suggested.

"Yes, I think you are right, Number XIII." Xemnas said nodding his head as a headache began to form.

"May the force be with you." Seppen said as the two girls walked down the halls.

Xemnas paused mid-step and reconsidered what Seppen might have said. He shook his head and headed to his office, intent to find a bottle of aspirin for his aching head. As he walked down the hall, he passed by Xigbar.

"Good morning, Number II." Xemnas greeted.

"Good morning..." Xigbar trailed off as Seppen showed up from behind Xemnas, holding a flashcard with large bold print. "Good morning, Mansex."

"I'm sorry what now?" Xemnas said as Seppen disappeared around the corner.

"I said Good morning Xemnas." Xigbar replied, attempting to stifle a laugh.

Xemnas nodded, and continued towards his office. He quickly opened one of the drawers with a key and popped the lid off a fresh bottle of aspirin. He downed several and grabbed a bottle of water that was lying on his desk. He laid back in his soft chair and soon he fell asleep. At that time, Seppen and Xaria peered into Xemnas's office and walked quietly towards the unconscious Nobody.

"Ready for the next stage?" Seppen whispered.

"You bet." Xaria replied, pulling out a duffel bag from nowhere.

Seppen and Xaria began pulling several objects from the duffel bag and setting them on the desk.

"And here we go." Seppen sad as she handed Xaria a marker.

Several hours later, Xemnas awoke as loud knocking came from the door to his office. He rose and walked to the door, opening it to find Saix holding Demyx and Axel by the fronts of their cloaks.

"You wanted to see them, Superior." Saix said as he shoved Axel and Demyx into the office, not even looking up at Xemnas.

"Thank you, Number XII." Xemnas thanked as he closed the door with a loud thud.

Xemnas turned to the two Nobodies who now stood looking around the office.

"Sit down!" Xemnas practically yelled as he walked over to his seat.

Axel and Demyx sat in the two less comfortable seats in front of the desk. They both shifted in their seats, feeling even more uncomfortable.

"Something wrong, Superior." Axel asked as he looked up at Xemnas.

Axel immediately regretted looking up at Xemnas as he attempted to stifle his laughter. Demyx looked up just seconds after and burst out laughing, unable to control himself. Finally, Axel couldn't hold it in any longer and began to have a laughing fit.

"What is the meaning of this?" Xemnas yelled.

Axel pointed to a mirror, which had somehow found its way onto the Superior's desk. Xemnas lifted the mirror to find that someone had drawn all over his face and had written Mansex on his forehead. Xemnas slammed the mirror onto the desk, cracking the mirror in several places.

"That's seven years bad luck." Demyx said, in between laughs.

Xemnas was fuming now and walked around his desk to stand in front of the two Nobodies.

"Stop laughing this instant!" Xemnas yelled. "I have had it up to here, with your pranking."

"But we didn't do it this time, honest." Demyx pleaded.

Xemnas gave Demyx a glare which quickly shut him up.

"Enough, I want you two to go clean up the windows and when your done the punishments will begin!" Xemnas yelled so loud that the entire Castle seem to shake.

Outside in the hallway, stood Xaria and Seppen, listening in on the conversation.

"And that is how you cause an earthquake in the Castle That Never Was." Seppen said, acting like a professor.

"Move!" Xaria said as the door started to open.

Xaria and Seppen moved away from the door just as Axel and Demyx came flying out the door.

"I've never seen Xemnas so mad before in my life." Demyx said staring back at the door.

"Too bad we didn't pull those pranks." Axel said as turned to see Seppen and Xaria.

"Ello, Axel! Ello Nii-san!" Seppen said with an innocent grin.

"Hey boys, whats up?" Xaria asked.

"Hi Imouto." Demyx said happily to Seppen.

"What are you two doing here?" Axel asked arching an eyebrow.

The two girls looked at one another and back at the two boys.

"Nothing." The two girls said in unison.

The girls were about to make a run for it when all of a sudden Xemnas yelled from his office again.

"PERMANENT MARKER!" Came Xemnas's voice as the soft rustle of an aspirin bottle came in the silence afterwords.

"Well... Bye!" Seppen waved as she opened a portal and pulled Xaria through with her.

"Bye, bye." Demyx waved as the portal closed behind the two.

"Those two girls are up to something." Axel said as he crossed his arms.


Axel and Demyx took one last glance at the door to Xemnas's office, before running a mad dash towards the painted covered windows.

"So how are we gonna get the paint off the windows?" Demyx said, looking to the top of the windows where neither of them could reach even on each others shoulders.

"We could get the dusks..." Axel trailed off as Saix walked by and then disappeared around the next corner.

"How about I use my sitar to wash it off?" Demyx asked.

"Nah, whatever is on the windows will need lots of soap and strength." Axel said as he ran and grabbed a bucket and some soap from a nearby closet.

Axel grabbed a squirt bottle of soap and began squirting the windows until they were dripping with soap. He grabbed a sponge and began to rub the windows as hard as he could, Demyx following suit. The two kept scrubbing for a few hours before they both sat on the ground, completely exhausted. The soap slowly receded down the window and the two watched to find that all the paint was still on the window. Axel stood and summoned his Chakrams, convinced the paint might melt off the windows and if not, then they would get new windows. Demyx jumped up and stopped Axel, putting his hands up and nearly get burnt.

"Let me try first." Demyx pouted.

"Fine, but when it doesn't work I'm gonna break those windows." Axel growled menacingly.

Demyx summoned his sitar and began to soak the windows with water. To Axel's amazement the paint came right off without any effort. Demyx grinned triumphantly until Saix walked back around the corner.

"Now that you cleaned the windows, you can break the boards off the others and then you can clean the floor." Saix said, pointing out the now completely black floor that was also wet and covered in soap.

"You have got to be kidding me." Axel moaned as Saix walked away.

Axel took one step towards the closet to get a mop when his foot slipped and he did a back flip twice before landing on his back. Seppen and Xaria randomly showed up out of thin air, holding score cards.

"I give him an 8.5." Xaria said, "I've seen better form.

"I'd go with a 8." Demyx said, "because that's his number."

"I give him a 9.5." Seppen said, "for getting pwned by a puddle of water."

"You're just giving him that because you like him." Xaria said, poking Seppen.

"Shut up!" Seppen said as her face started to become warm.

"Aww, I knew it!" Xaria cheered.

Seppen ran after Xaria down the halls and tackled her as Axel slowly rose from the puddle.

"Oh look, pretty fire flies!" Axel said before passing out.

Seppen cam running back and pulled a stick out of nowhere as she began to poke Axel.

"Where the heck did you get that from?" Xaria asked.

"um, good question." Seppen said as she stopped poking Axel and held the stick up.

"You mean you don't know!" Xaria yelled.

"Not a clue." Seppen said as she started to poke Axel again, "wake up Mr. Sleepy head."

Axel rose slowly to find himself being poked with a stick. Instinctively, Axel set the stick on fire which caused Seppen to through the stick which happened to be just as Xemnas walked down the hall. Xemnas caught on fire and started running around in frantic circles. Demyx used his sitar to put the fire out, unfortunately, instead of summoning water, Demyx hit Xemnas over the head.

"Now, what can we learn from this?" Saix asked as he walked back into the room and lifted Xemnas off the ground.

"Um, not to play with fire?" Xaria guessed.

"Fires are put out by water, not sitars directly." Demyx tried.

"Don't throw things at people?" Axel asked.

"You stalk people." Seppen mumbled.

"What?" Saix growled at Seppen.

"That all great wise men fall!" Seppen said as she opened a portal and the four made a quick escape.

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