Seppen: Ello readers and welcome back! Big thanks to my lovely reviewers.

Larxene: They must be as insane as you, if they keep coming back.

Seppen: Eh, I think you would insult them if you called them normal; I would be insulted, anyway.

Larxene: …

Seppen: Shocking, is it not?

Larxene: Shut up.

Seppen: I'm only getting started.

Larxene: Fine, Seppen owns herself, Xaria owns herself, and you all already know neither one owns Kingdom Hearts or anything else remotely related to the outside world.

Seppen: Good girl!

*lightning flashes*

Larxene: Get on with the show already!

Seppen: Rawr.

Xaria slipped out of her room quietly, and kept close to the walls as she progressed down the hallway. Each time she reached a doorway she would peer cautiously through it before making a mad dash to the other side and slipping close against the wall yet again. This tactic took time as Xaria was left sneaking past thirteen bedrooms and numerous other doorways as she made her way towards the Grey Room. At one point, Xaria turned a corner and managed to stumble into one of the lesser nobodies, a dusk. Xaria practically flipped out and nearly screamed as she went racing through the halls and hid in a closet. After about ten minutes, Xaria peered out of the closet and continued her trek. By the time Xaria finally reached the Grey Room, she collapsed onto the nearest couch, a seat that was previously occupied.

"Get off of me." Someone moaned underneath of Xaria's collapsed form.

Someone's arms frantically swung about, hitting Xaria on the head until she rolled onto the floor with a distinct thud. Xaria sat up with a wince and turned towards the couch's occupant.

"What the hell was that for?" Xaria moaned, rubbing her sore head.

"I'm not something you can just sit on! I'm not that short!" Zexion nearly shouted, folding his arms in a pout.

"Sorry Zexy, hadn't noticed you there. I was too busy making sure no one snuck up on me." Xaria explained with her hands out indicating she meant no harm.

Zexion pinched the bridge of his nose at the use of his "name". Taking a deep breath, Zexion looked up at Xaria and held his arms open. Raising an eyebrow, Xaria stared at Zexion with great confusion. Her head angled to the side as she attempted to understand, locks of red and purple hair swaying in her eyes.

"Do you want a hug or not?" Zexion asked, slightly irritated.

Xaria stared with wide eyes and opened her arms for a hug. She stepped stiffly towards Zexion. As much as her better judgment said this was a bad idea, how many people could say Zexion had offered them a hug willingly? Xaria finally relaxed to embrace Zexion, when something jabbed into the pressure points on her sides. With a high-pitched girl-ish squeal, Xaria jumped into the air, a slightly amused Zexion watching her with a devious smirk on his lips.

"That was for sitting on me." Zexion remarked as Xaria rubbed her sides.

Zexion spun on his heels and walked off down the halls, humming to himself as he disappeared.

"Emo," Xaria muttered under her breath.

Xaria released a sigh before someone gripped her sides, a gloved finger on each sore pressure point.

"Shit!" Xaria cursed as someone lifted her into the air.

Xaria moaned in pain, rubbing her sides again the moment she was back on the ground. Xaria nearly jumped when she turned around to find Xigbar looking amused with a wicked grin.

"What the hell was that for!?" Xaria yelled in his ears.

"For when you and Seppen annoyed the heck out of me." Xigbar smirked, "besides, I saw Zexion do it and thought it looked fun."

Xaria narrowed her eyes at Xigbar and turned to leave when he stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. Xaria clenched her fist in anticipation of Xigbar attempting to poke her in the sides again.

"I have a question; Demyx and I were discussing a very important subject and I need you to tell Demyx he is wrong." Xigbar explained as said blonde walked into the Grey Room.

"No, you're wrong!" Demyx shouted before the two were locked in a childish argument, resulting in the two looking like children.

"You're wrong!"

"No, you are!"

"You are!"

"Act your age, not your fucking height!" Xaria shouted above them.

"He started it." Xigbar grumbled pointing at Demyx.

"Nuh uh!" Demyx shot back.

"Yes huh!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Yes huh!"

"Enough just ask me the damn question already." Xaria shouted above the two again.

"If you were a zebra, would you be red with purple stripes or purple with red stripe." Demyx asked, pointing at Xaria's hair as an explanation.

"I told Demyx you would be a purple zebra with red stripes." Xigbar grinned triumphantly.

"And I told Xigbar you'd be red with purple stripes." Demyx retorted acting just as triumphant.

Xaria deadpanned at the two Nobodies, the only fault in her expression being the one eyebrow that kept twitching. She released a long sigh and turned to the two Nobodies, intending to give some wisdom.

"That is such a ridiculous and obvious question, I'd be a…" Xaria paused in thought, her thoughts whirling around in her head, "Uh… How the hell did you come up with that anyway?"

"They were watching TV all night last night; I think the last thing they saw before their argument was 'Phineas and Ferb'." Xaldin clarified, residing in a seat across from the trio.

"Ah," Xaria nodded, turning back to face Xigbar and Demyx who were beginning to argue again.

"I'll just let them figure it out." Xaria mumbled as she slipped back down the hall.

Turning her head away from the two, Xaria continued down the hall and neglected to look where she was going.

"Hey Xaria," Axel greeted as Xaria walked right into him.

Xaria backed up a step only to notice that Axel's cloak was unzipped, revealing a black t-shirt with read writing.

"I am awesome," Xaria read eyes narrowed in concentration.

"Got it memorized?" Axel asked pointing to his head in exaggeration.

"Well, aren't we a little conceited," Xaria remarked.

"Got it memorized?" Axel repeated with a devious smirk.

From down the hall, several Nobodies joined in unison in the countdown.




"Shut the hell up, Axel." Xaria glared before gritting her teeth in a poor attempt to calm down.

"Delayed reaction much?" Axel continued to smirk deviously.

"Have you seen Seppen?" Xaria asked eyes twitching as she attempted to ignore Axel's previous remarks.

"She went on a mission and should be back soon. Got it memorized?" Axel remarked before disappearing into the dark corridor.

"I hate that Pyro!" Xaria growled between clenched teeth, punching the wall with her fist.

Xaria froze and slowly turned to her hand, finding a small dent in the wall. Pulling her arm back, Xaria began performing a crazy dance as she shook her hand in an attempt to relieve some of the pain.

"Stupid fucking wall," Xaria grumbled as she continued to shake her hand.

"What did the wall ever do to you?" Seppen inquired as she appeared from a portal right behind Xaria.

"Ah!" Xaria screamed as she jumped in the air, "Where the fuck were you?"

"Where was I or where am I going, which is more important: my past, present or future?" Seppen responded, completely deadpanned.

Xaria gave her a quizzical look and shook her head.

"Well, I'm going back to my room to wait out the rest of the day." Xaria huffed as she started down the hall.

"Well maybe you want to go there now, but maybe when you get where you want you need to go somewhere else. So what's more important, where you want to go or where you need to go?" Seppen asked as they headed down the hall together.

Xaria looked at Seppen for a moment, not noticing as they turned corners and descended on steps. The two continued walking as Xaria pinched the bridge of her nose, nearly tripping over her own feet in the process.

"Are you feeling okay?" Xaria remarked, turning her head an odd angle to examine Seppen better.

"I feel now, as I have felt before. Okay is a matter of opinion, a variant on one's scale of how life has been going." Seppen concluded with a playful smirk.

"Whatever, I'm just going to go in my room now." Xaria rolled her eyes as she opened a door and entered.

Not a second later, Xaria was back out with her back against the door. The content of the room from one of Vexen's supposed experiments gone wrong.

"That was not my room," Xaria said with wide eyes, finally examining her surroundings.

"I could've told you that, Sherlock." Seppen grinned devilishly, much like that of a Cheshire cat.

"Okay, well, what is the fastest way to my room then, miss smarty pants?" Xaria grumbled, slightly glaring at Seppen.

"Do you want faster or easier? If a giant heartless were chasing you, surely that way would be faster; however, the long winding path may be easiest. Time and simplicity are illusions created by the brain. Each person creates their own illusion of life, through the things they hold dear. Impatience is bred from the desire to use time to its fullest, yet lacking the ability to do so. These people never seem to enjoy the moment, in anticipation of what joys the next minute may offer. Patience can be looked upon as an extension of laziness, for people wait for things they do not go out and do them on their own. Simplicity is often misconstrued as another entity of laziness for people find the easy route rather than the more challenging one. Lessons can be learned from any route taken, some just happen to be more fruitful than others, but that too stands as an opinion." Seppen went on, ignoring Xaria's form as she sat curled up in a corner.

"Make it go away." Xaria repeated over and over again, covering her ears with both hands.

Seppen turned to Xaria, "Are you coming or not?"

Xaria shot up next to Seppen in less than a second.

"So which way do we go?" Xaria asked, looking down both ends of the hallway.

"Well, left is right and right a mistake, yet right is always right because right is never left." Seppen explained, pointing in either direction as she spoke.

"You're no help! Uh, let's go right." Xaria guessed, turning to Seppen for confirmation.

"You can take a right or three lefts, it does not really matter." Seppen nodded, leading Xaria down the hall.

"Alright, I have had enough of this!" Xaria shouted before taking off down the hallway on her own.

Seppen gave herself a shrug before spinning around and pulling out a miniature version of the Mad Hatter's hat from her cloak. Tipping her hat to no one in particular, she disappeared with a mischievous grin.

On down the hall, Xaria continued wandering on her own. Her eyes scanned about warily, she was preparing in case someone decided to try to spook her again. Xaria turned her head forwards at the exact moment she came upon a wall.

"Ow," Xaria moaned, "I was sure the stairs were around here somewhere."

Turning her head from side to side, Xaria huffed and climbed off the ground. She crossed her arms, wondering if hollering for Seppen would get the crazy girl to come and help her. Xaria shook her head; her head was still reeling from Seppen's ramble only moments ago. Relaxing against a wall, Xaria sunk down and hugged her legs close to her chest. She laid her head in her arms and soon dozed off.

Sometime during her nap, Xaria had fallen over and now lay sprawled on the hallway floor. She mumbled something incoherently as a shadowy form crept towards her in the semi-darkness. Xaria's eyes flew wide open just as the lights flickered for a moment.

"My creeper senses are tingling." Xaria whispered to herself as she shot up.

Without hesitation, Xaria summoned her katana, the blade seemingly causing the shadows to dance at her feet. Her eyes flickered over the red kanji on the blade and she smirked to herself. Swinging the blade in an expert-like manner, Xaria stared into the shadows at the incoming threat. With one last intimidating swing, the blade slipped from Xaria's fingers and flew into a wall. The hilt was the only part sticking out as the wall engulfed the entire blade.

"Shit," Xaria exclaimed as the figure moved towards her in an awkward fashion.

Xaria zoomed over to the sword and pulled with all her might as the form moved closer. The entire time she kept repeating curses under her breathe.

"I've watched one too many horror movies with Seppen." Xaria thought in a panic as the blade would not budge.

The figure seemed to move faster at seeing her predicament and Xaria shied back as the figure lunged. Xaria fell to the floor and covered her face with her hands. Panting slightly, Xaria peeked from behind her hands, as the figure seemed to awkwardly back flip, pulling the sword out with its large hands. The creature landed with surprising ease back on its hands before knocking the sword back to Xaria. The form turned to Xaria and seemed to bow its head before seemingly disappearing in thin air.

"Creeper," Xaria muttered under her breathe.

"Hey Xaria!" Called Demyx as he practically bounced up and down on his way over to Xaria.

With a strong pull, Demyx lifted Xaria off the ground as she held the sword in her other hand.

"You do know you could have released your sword and then summoned it again, right?" Demyx asked, looking at the large gash in the wall.

Xaria blushed as she stared at Demyx, "Uh, yeah I knew that."

Demyx smirked at her playfully as she stuck her tongue out at him. She looked back into the shadows just as a creature popped out and touched Demyx's shoulder. Emitting an ear-splitting scream, Demyx jumped into the air. Xaria covered her mouth to stifle her laughter.

"Having fun with the Creeper Nobodies?" Demyx remarked, stepping away from said lesser Nobody.

"Xaria's always did attract creepers." Seppen popped in with a grin, "Aw, I think they like you, Xaria."

The creeper moved awkwardly towards Xaria and stopped by her side like a trained guard dog. Seppen and Demyx broke out in laughter as Xaria nervously shied away with a glare aimed at Seppen.

"How do we get out of here?" Xaria whined hiding behind Demyx as the Creeper disappeared.

"Well, I'm sure it would have led you back to your room, but the simpler conclusion would be teleporting." Seppen smirked triumphantly as Xaria face palmed.

"I hate you so much." Xaria glared making a lunge with her katana for Seppen.

"Love you too," Seppen laughed before disappearing through a portal.


Seppen: Just so everyone knows, Xaria controls the lesser nobodies known as Creepers. I think I made that rather obvious. This was much later than planned, but I got it in before my birthday so I am pleased, even if it was late for Xaria's, Heh oh well.

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