By: TracyCook

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Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Authors Note: Decided to add a second part to this story explaining their bath scene in decent depth. Hope y'all like it! This was recommended by Cain one of my most faithful and awesome readers! Oh and because of the sexual nature of this addition I had to change the rating to M. Sorry for my modest readers.

Bath Time

"Mm I just love baths, especially baths with you." Tawni said seductively with a smirk on her face as she snuggled the back of her wet naked body against the brunette. Feeling her hardened nipples pressing against the sensitive skin on her back as their bodies melded together.

"Is that so?" The brunette stretched the word so with a lustful undertone in her voice.

She could feel herself heating up and the enjoyment of the bath going down considerably, she wanted something a bit more. Smirk widening across the blonde's face as Sonny ran her fingers up and down the insides of her thighs, shaking every once in a while when the fingers grew close to her center. Leaning her head back against her lovers shoulder she pressed soft pink lips to her neck right below her ear before purring out. "Well, yes. The warmth of the water relaxes my muscles and of course the feeling of being clean… Love that."

Sonny was now wearing a devious smile of her own as she leant into the other woman's lips and moved her fingers even further up the perfect and toned thighs of her girlfriend. "I could see that, all good reasons to love a bath."

As those fingers moved even closer to her womanhood Tawni's blue eyes fell shut and she bit down on her bottom lip raising her hips in hopes to gain more contact. The brunette gently moved her fingers to the wet center just grazing the top with the tips as she found the sensitive nub between her folds and applied pressure to it. The blonde gasped out and let out a soft moan into her ear which excited Sonny even further than she already was.

"Oh and there's that of course…" The diva mumbled through soft gasps as the fingers worked their magic and moved in circles against her clit as the tips teased her entrance. Again she lifted her hips in order to show she wanted more.

"I don't know that this comes with all baths Tawn." Sonny stated matter-of-factly which earned laughter from her girlfriend.

"Oh shut up and kiss me." She mumbled out and as the brunette turned to look down at her Tawni pressed their lips together.

The kiss quickly grew passionate as their tongues explored and danced around each other both moaning out against the other woman's lips. Along with kissing the blonde Sonny inserted two fingers inside of her. Despite the awkward position the two were in she managed to thrust them in with moderate speed and decent depth. It was obviously good enough for the diva who had to pull away from the kiss the let out loud gasps and moans.

"Oh god Sonny… Deeper." She groaned out as one of her arms snaked around the brunette's shoulders, her hand digging into wet brown locks, nails practically in her scalp as she raised her body practically riding the fingers now.

It was difficult for Sonny to get deeper at the angle she was at so she moved her arm in order to thrust her fingers deeper into the blonde moaning out as she felt the walls tightening around her fingers, knowing that her lover would orgasm very soon. "You feel so good." She mumbled.

"Fuck I feel good, you feel fucking fantastic! God Faster sweetie!" Tawni moaned out as she moved against the fingers digging her nails deeper into the brunette's scalp. Normally she would have worried that she would hurt her but as she was coming close to reaching her climax she did not have a care in the world and neither did her girlfriend who was ignoring the pain and doing as she was told picking up the pace of her fingers in hopes to bring the woman she loved over the edge.

"Yes, right there, right there!" The blonde groaned out, the feeling of Sonny's naked body against her back only intensifying her pleasure. Reaching out her free hand she tried to grab hold of the edge of the bathtub in order to brace herself as she reached her peak. "Oh god, I'm coming!" She shouted out followed by loudly moaning out her girlfriends name along with many profanities as her body shook and she reached her climax.

Feeling the blonde's walls tighten around her fingers was almost enough to bring Sonny to her own orgasm as she too moaned out. When she felt that Tawni had finished her orgasm she pumped her fingers a few more times inside of her before gently pulling them out.

"God I love baths." The blonde stated out of breath as she fell back against her girlfriend.

"Yeah, me too. Like I said, you can never have enough baths." Sonny stated and could not help but start laughing at the way that Tawni reiterated her original point thanks to her clever antics, this caused Tawni to start laughing along with her both of them wearing large smiles across their faces.


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