He takes a deep breath, holds it for a moment and then releases it. He places his hands on the keys and begins to type. Skipping the address and the salutation he starts the essential content of the letter.

This is not my formal letter of resignation (which you will find enclosed) but due to our long association I feel I owe you an explanation of my actions and some words of thanks. I will emphasize that this was a very hard decision for me to make but I know this is the right decision for me at this time. It is time for me to make more of a commitment in other areas of my life that unfortunately can not be undertaken if I remain with you.

Meeting you enabled me to realize a long held ambition of mine when I had yet to 'prove' myself in this field which was a great boost to my confidence at that time and over the years you have taught me many things and continued to encourage the further development of my skills. I am sure at times this has not been easy for you!

I have many happy memories of our time together in various situations that I will always treasure. I hope our relationship will continue in a personal capacity even if we no longer work together as I've come to consider you a friend.
Yours sincerely,

He begins to read over his work but his concentration is interrupted by the ringing of his phone. He flips it open and answers. "McGee."
"Hey probie we've got a case. Are you at home?"
"I'll pick you up in twenty."

He flips the phone shut and rapidly scrolls to the top of the page where he types Ms Lyndi Cranshaw, Cranshaw Publishing, Dear Lyndi. Making a mental note to check her address he saves the file and shuts down. As he heads to the bedroom to collect his gun he thinks deciding to give up writing was hard but it was the right thing to do. There was nothing more important, exciting or fulfilling than his job as an NCIS special agent.

A/N - I hope you enjoyed this story with its typical Gail twist. I'm about to break all my rules regarding these (does anyone else wish Gibbs would come up with a rule that equates to "there are always exceptions to every rule?"). Sadly today McGee also speaks for me in that I think the time has come for me to 'retire' from the writing of fan fiction.

There are numerous reasons for this including that I've been struggling with my writing of late and my number of readers/reviewers for my real stories are down. Although this is disappointing it is more a matter of priorities. Writing, typing, proofing (and you know I'm a bit of a perfectionist in that area!) and responding to reviews in a timely fashion all takes time.

Conversely the fun I had writing my Follies series and talking to people about it reminded me of how much I used to enjoy fan fiction and highlight the fact that I don't any more. When individual stories are added up plus some I've taken down this is roughly my 155th story. So I've decided it is time to take a break from the writing side of things and just read. I will continue to review and pm but responses will not be as prompt as previously.

I would like to thank all my readers both regular (who I won't name as I'm bound to forget someone) and newer who have read, reviewed, favourited and alerted my stories over the years. I hope you will continue to encourage and support others as you have me. I recommend Calliatra, Saphirae2014, abfirechick, usa123 and colorguard28. I have no idea if this will last a few weeks, a few months, forever or just until next season.

Until then, to borrow a phrase,
I'm hugging you all in my mind, Julia aka Gail Cregg.