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PROMPT: Kid Flash runs away from home and hides in the Batcave with Robin's help

WARNINGS: child abuse, child endagerment (pfffft like the usual), injured children, minor cursing, and FLUFFFFFFLES!

Bruce took the steps down into the Batcave two at a time as he looked out to where Dick was changing. The boy had already dressed in his uniform and was sitting on the ground against a stalagmite, tying his shoes with his mask sitting next to him. The boy was biting his lip as if he was nervous about something, but Bruce pushed it to the back of his mind. They had an important case tonight. Besides, if something was bugging Dick, he would tell Bruce.

Bruce changed, taking notice that within the time it took him to completely suit up, Dick was still tying his shoes and messing with his mask. Batman cocked an eyebrow beneath his cowl and asked, "What's wrong, chum?" His gruff voice held a hint of worry.

Dick's head snapped up as he looked at his mentor, the boy's face going blank as he triedf to hide his emotions. "Nothing," he said quickly, shaking his head.

Batman's eyes narrowed at the boy, but he left the conversation to end. "Put on your mask. We need to go-"


Batman's eyes widened with shock, his mouth opening a tad at the boy's fierce exclamation. Dick flushed when he realized he had just shouted at the Batman, even if he was also just Bruce, and looked down at his feet as he twisted his mask in his hands. "I- I mean-"

Batman crouched onto one knee, putting a hand on Dick's shoulder. "What is it?" he asked softly, using his Bruce-voice. Dick was surprised. It wasn't often that he heard Bruce's voice from behind Batman's cowl.

"Uh- I just- I just have stuff that I- that I need to do here."

Batman frowned pointedly. "What kind of 'stuff'?"

"Just- uh- stuff, y'know?"

The Dark Knight sighed, turning his voice gruff again. "Tell me. Now."

Dick bit his lip, looking deep into the lenses of the cowl with sad baby blues. He tried to bite back, but then- "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I know I'm not supposed to let anyone in the Cave. But he really, really needed help, and he's my friend, and he was bleeding and he still needs bandaids and- and- and-"

Batman quickly put a hand over Dick's mouth, quieting the boy. The man feared the child would hyperventillate if he kept going on like such. "Who is in the Cave?" he asked.

"Wally..." Dick said softly, biting his lip.

Batman sighed and pulled off his cowl. "Where is he?"

"The Med bay. He was hurt and I was gonna help him with his bandaids, but you came in and I was worried you'd be mad if he was here, so..."

Bruce took Robin's hand and walked over to the Med bay, opening the door to see a disheveled ginger child sitting on one of the cots. The billionaire's eyes widened for a fraction of a second when he saw Wally's injuries. The boy was wearing a shirt that was three sizes too big for him and torn almost to rags, revealing purple and black bruises running up and down his belly, chest, and arms. His scrawny body also had numerous cuts and scrapes. Wally's face was covered in tears, his right cheek colored like the rainbow, vibrant hues of blue, purple, green, and yellow. A large scrape above his left eye shed blood onto his eye.

When he saw Bruce, Wally froze in fear, a bloodied piece of gauze in his hands. Dick bounded over to the older boy, hugging him tightly, but being cautious of his injuries. Wally seemed to sink into Dick's arms as the much smaller boy looked to his father. "Please don't be mad."

Bruce knew he could never be mad at his son, and with the way Wally was looking, he couldn't be mad at the young speedster right then. Quickly gathering together gauze, medical tape, and several different bruise creams and healing oinments, Bruce used the intercom to ask Alfred to call Barry.

Bruce took off his gloves and gestured for Dick to sit back. The acrobat leaned backwards, but stayed next to his best friend. Bruce gently pulled what was left of Wally's shirt off the boy's body, his eyes widening at the bruises and cuts that had been hidden from his view. Bruce ordered the boy to take off his shorts, as well, which the young speedster complied to with a wince of pain.

Bruce Wayne was not dumb- the very opposite of dumb, actually. Bruce Wayne was borderline genius, and he knew child abuse when he saw it. Wally's body mirrored Dick's when the other boy had been spirited away from the Gotham Juvenile Center. Bruce said nothing as he dressed Wally's wounds, though, and the boy looked like a mummy by the time the billionaire was finished.

Dick and Wally squeezed together on the cot, Dick whispering to Wally quietly as the ginger nodded in return. Bruce crouched so that he was face-to-face with the young speedster, placing a gentle hand on the boy's knee. "Wally... Who did this to you?"

Wally's eyes widened, and he shook his head. "N-No! N-No one did this to me! I- I-"

"Wally, I know you didn't just fall down the stairs..." Bruce's eyes narrowed. "Who did this to you?" Of course, Bruce had his own theory already, but he wouldn't voice it until he knew for sure.

Wally whimpered, and Dick took his friend's hand, hugging his arm tightly. Bruce's heart clenched as he saw the flash in Dick's eyes- the one that meant he was reliving his days at the Center. Dick shook his head, focusing his eyes on Wally. Bruce couldn't help but smirk. Focused on his best friend while he's reliving one of the most traumatic moments of his life... You raised a good boy, John, Mary...

"Wally..." Dick whispered, barely loud enough for Bruce to hear. "He hurts you... and it hurts me when he hurts you..." Tears came to the ebony's eyes. "Please," he hissed, voice dying softly, "please, Bruce can help... Uncle Barry can help... Please..."

Bruce looked at Wally, waiting for an answer.

Slowly, the boy looked up at the billionaire and, lip quivering dangerously, said, "My dad..."

Bruce's fists clenched, his teeth grinding together as he tried to comprehend someone hurting Wally. Sure, he can be damn annoying at times, but so can Dick... He's a kid, it's what he does. And how in the Hell could someone hit their own child? Especially a child like Wally! Damn that man... I think Batman has a new someone to visit... No, Bruce- no... you can't risk your identity like that... Dammit! As Wally started to cry silently, Bruce snarled to himself. I can at least make sure that man never sees the light of day again... I promise, Wally, he'll be behind bars by morning...

There was a flash of red, and suddenly, Barry was standing next to Bruce in his Flash uniform, the cowl pulled down. When he saw Wally, the speedster gasped. "Wally? Wally, baby, what happened?" Barry asked as he crouched next to the boy, hands on his shoulders as he looked over the boy's injuries at a super-speeded pace. "Wha- What happened?" he asked, a need snarl in his throat as he looked over at Bruce. The billionaire was surprised at the dangerous glint of protectiveness in the speedster's eye, but voiced nothing of it.

Wally was still crying, and Dick looked extremely close to tears, himself. Bruce quickly picked up the ebony boy and said to Barry, "Let's change and put the boys in bed. Then I'll explain."

Barry, having borrowed clothes from Bruce, stood in the doorway of Dick's room, said billionaire hovering over his shoulder. Wally was wearing a pair of boxers as pajama shorts from Bruce's dresser while Dick had donned elephant-covered pajamas. The men had tried to settle the boys down in separate rooms, but they had clung to each other like field stickers until their mentors relented. Now, Wally was lying beneath the thick comforter with Dick half on-top of him, the two snuggled closely together. Empty dishes with cookies crumbs and cups of half-drunk milk rested on the bedside table. Bruce made a mental note to thank Alfred for putting a light does of Melatonin in the warm milk. The boys would surely have had nightmares if he hadn't.

Barry turned to Bruce, unable to hinder his anger anymore. For being so relaxed and laid-back, the man got angry fast when Wally was hurt or crying. "What... happened?" he seethed, hands in fists at his sides. Bruce gestured for Barry to go towards the kitchen, shutting the door to Dick's room behind him silently.

As the two walked towards the kitchen, Bruce began his tale.

"I was getting ready for patrol when I noticed something was bothering Dick. I asked him about it, and after some convincing, he told me Wally was in the Med bay and was hurt."

"How did he even get to the Cave?" Barry asked, astonished. "He had a swollen ankle, bruised ribs, and a concussion, Bruce!"

"Minor concussion."


Alfred shot a disapproving look at the men's raised voices as he cleaned off the kitchen countertop. "Master Bruce, I will be resigning to my quarters, now. Please call if you require anything. Master Barry, please refrain from shouting. I only put a light dose of sleeping medicine in the boys' drinks, and I cannot say whether or not your belligerant yelling will wake them up or not." With a huffy bow, the butler recined to his room.

Barry let out a sigh, calming himself down. Bruce waited until the man's green eyes fixated on him to continue. "As I was saying, Dick told me that Wally was hurt. Of course, I dressed his wounds as immediately as possible. After that, I questioned Wally, but all I truly got out of him was that... that his father was the one that did that to him."

Barry's jaw dropped, his eyes widening to the size of saucers. Then, he turned around and rested his hands on the counter, leaning heavily on it as he tried to control himself. "Rudolph..." the blonde snarled heavily to Bruce. "His name is Rudolph... goes by Rudy... I knew he had anger issues, and I knew he was always tough on Wally for school and everything, but... dammit! I should have seent he signs..." Barry berated himself. Bruce put a hand on the man's shoulder in an uncharacteristic attempt at comfort.

"Barry, the signs are often not... easy to see," Bruce said, groping for words. "We shouldn't dwell on the past. Right now, Wally is safe." And so is Dick... "I can pull together a good case against Rudolph. I took some pictures of Wally's injuries after he told me his father did it, while you were changing." Bruce's gaze hardened exponentially. "That sick son of a bitch is not going to get away with this... I promise."

Barry looked at Bruce, an evil smirk on his face. "I know."

Three weeks later, Wally was under the custody of Barry and Iris Allen. Rudolph West was in jail under the count of child abuse and neglect, possession of illegal drugs, assault and battery, and tax evasion. It was the most Bruce could put against him, but both the Dark Knight and the Scarlet Speedster had sneaking suspicions that Rudolph was involved in even more than that. As for Mary West, she had disappeared off the face of the Earth, but there was a manhunt out for her in Blue Valley and Central City alike, for counts of suspicion of child abuse, child neglect, and tax evasion.

Wally hadn't said anything about his mother or father in three weeks and was in a deep depression that only went away whenever he was around Dick and Roy. This prompted their mentors to get the boys together whenever possible. Wayne Manor and Oliver Queen's penthouse had become the favored playgrounds of the three boys- whenever the Watchtower was not an option, that is.

Presently, Dick, Roy, and Wally were all running around the grounds of the Manor, throwing snow at each other as they shrieked and scampered about happily. Bruce, Barry, and Oliver were all reclining in the parlor, a large mirror offering an easy view of the boys as they played.

Once Oliver had been informed of what happened, he and Roy- both unafraid for their identities' sake- snuck in to Central City Compound and scared the life out of Rudolph West. When he was found the next morning, the man was rocking back and forth in the fetal position in the corner of his cell, a wet spot on the front of his trousers.

Oliver raised his beer towards Barry and Bruce, nodding his head. "To our boys. May they ever live to annoy and entertain us!"

Barry laughed and Bruce chuckled, shaking his head. "To our boys," Barry replied, raising his own beer. "May their innocence and happiness be ever preserved!"

Oliver laughed, shaking his head. "Too late for Roy..." he murmured.

Bruce raised his own beer, ready to toast. "To our boys... May we be able to protect them for a little while longer..."

Barry and Oliver grew solomn, and Bruce winced. Barry nodded. "May we be able to protect them for a little while longer..." Oliver echoed the toast, and the men toasted.

There came loud laughter and giggles as three wet and red-faced boys ran into the room, grinning and chasing each other. Dick stumbled over the rug as he ran towards his foster father, holding his hands out. "Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce BruceBruceBruceBruceBRUCEBRUCEBRUCE!" the boy exclaimed as he jumped into Bruce's lap, making the billionaire laugh and catch the acrobatic monkey. Dick snuggled into his mentor's chest, giggling loudly. Bruce sighed and kissed the boy's hair, closing his eyes for a moment.

I don't know what I would do if someone ever hurt Dick like that... Wally looked at Bruce as he snuggled with his uncle, grinning. His green eyes shined with something Bruce hadn't seen in the boy's eyes before. The billionaire smirked at the child, nodding his head. Dick jumped up and grabbed Wally's elbow, taking Roy's sleeve in his other hand. "Let's go get cookies and cocoa!" the boy cried out as he led the two towards the kitchen.

I don't know what I would do if someone hurt you again, either, Wally... Bruce thought to himself as he rubbed his chin, sipping his beer. I doubt anyone could ever hurt Roy, but if they did... Well, all of those boys have... wrangled their way into my heart... He glared out the window. If anyone hurts any of you boys... I think they'll end up in a body cast...

As he watched Barry and Oliver talking, Bruce managed a smile. But I don't think I'm the only one who'll be overprotective of your boys, either...

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