Until The End of Time

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a/n: I know the time passed between dragon ball z and gt is 9 years. However, with this story we're going to make it 8 years. Basically, this sequel of Love Lost is 8 years later. And some, not all, of the characters may seem OOC if you base it off of GT. But Trunks won't be a f**king wimp in this story. And I'll be damned if Goten becomes a playboy background character.

Time Flew By Fast

"All we have worked for has culminated in this moment." Emperor Pilaf proudly said. He stood in front of the totem pole, ignoring the stares from the natives around the area. It was his moment. After a countless number of years by which he terribly aged, everything that he had desired was in his grasp. All he and his minions had to do was get up this thing and claim what was rightfully theirs. No, not theirs. His. The wealth and power that would come with him ruling over Earth was going to be all his and no one else. The wonderful thought made him want to leap an inch into the air screaming, "I finally win," to all around.

"I don't know what the word culminated mean, but I do know that I'm glad you guys brought me along." Shu cried as Emperor Pilaf began to daydream about the number of statues he would have built around the world so everyone could admire his manly power. However, Mai, being the only sensible one in the group, listlessly said, "Excuse me guys, but I notice that every time we're on the brink of success something inevitably happens to keep us away from it. And we have yet to reach the top of totem pole or find the dragon balls. So what do you say we hurry up with this?"

Emperor Pilaf was snapped out of his thoughts and replied, "Yeah right of course." He stood on his tippy toes as he placed one hand on his forehead to protect his eyes from the bright rays the sun shined down. He looked up towards the sky, where the totem pole seemed to keep going. And he asked himself, "Now, how are we supposed to get up here?"

Shock instantly swept across his face as an unexpected voice rang out.

"Hey look out!" the voice cried. But Emperor Pilaf wasn't fast enough as that individual's feet landed right on his head, causing him to fall face down into the ground. And the only thing his minions could do was stand there and hope that their Sire was alright.

"Oops, sorry about that." That person said as they awkwardly jumped off his back.

"You think sorry will fix this!" Emperor Pilaf yelled as Mai and Shu attempted to help him up. He slapped their hands away, embarrassed that they had assisted him, and then he dusted himself off. All three angrily and eagerly turned their heads to the individual who had made the abrupt appearance.

Emperor Pilaf began to scold as his eyes travelled up the person's body, "Just who do you think you…" But he paused as his eyes finally came to that person's face.

"Have you seen a man around here with spiky hair that seems to defy gravity?"

Emperor Pilaf didn't respond to them. He instead turned to Mai and Shu who had the same anxious expressions.

"Hey Emperor, doesn't this look just like that woman we met when we were trying to retrieve that bird's egg in the volcano?" Mai whispered. Emperor Pilaf was so shocked beyond words that he couldn't respond to Mai.

"She looks way taller and has much curlier hair." Shu replied to Mai as he squinted his eyes to get a better view of the woman before him.

"That doesn't matter. It's still her! Emperor, that means that Goku may be nearby! We need to hurry and get the dragon balls." Mai urgently said. Emperor Pilaf began to sweat at the mention of his name. His heart began to fiercely race, making him become hot all over. And no, it wasn't because of some love that he secretly harbored for Goku. This right here, was pure hate coursing through his veins for this man, no MONSTER, who always ruined his plans on world domination.

"Hello! I asked you a question. You shouldn't have side bar conversations like I can't hear you."

"YOU!" Emperor Pilaf shouted as he pointed at the female. He obviously had ignored what she just said.

"What do you mean by you?" she asked. She was apparently offended by the way he had said you.

"You're that beastly woman we met in the volcano right?" Emperor Pilaf questioned in a furious tone. If she was here, then Mai was right. There was a great chance that Goku might also be here. And oh! The thought of him made Emperor Pilaf think about changing his wish to one where Goku would suffer an excruciating death and he would have front row seats to watch such a magnificent thing!

"Who are you calling…." She replied back with the same intense tone as he had before realization automatically sat in. Then she said, "Oh, you must be talking about my mother."

"Your mother? That witch had children!" Mai exclaimed. Emperor Pilaf was relieved, but…

"And probably with that alien!" Shu fiercely added.

"Hey! You can't talk about them like that! I should…"

"What are you doing here!" Emperor Pilaf ferociously screamed his thoughts out loud, interrupting her once again. Of course, Goku was never any good. He would be a fool to think that his children were any better.

"Well I was racing that man I asked you about. But no." Emiko stated. She had had enough of them. Her tone shifted to a pernicious one as she stated, "You're not asking me any more questions. I should be asking why you are here looking for the dragon balls."

"That's not of your concern," Emperor Pilaf snapped back, completely oblivious to the change in the atmosphere around him. The natives noticed and had quickly gone into their tents.

"Tell her emperor." Shu smugly said with an arrogant smirk, since Emperor Pilaf had definitely put Emiko in her place. Mai nodded her head in agreement. Witnessing such as a sweat dropped down her forehead, Emiko now acknowledged the type of fools she was dealing with. She would need to take a different approach than an intimidating one.

In a superior voice she said, "Hey, I'm just trying to tell you dummies that if you're looking for the dragon balls then you should start in a tropical forest."

"Why would we look in a forest?" Emperor Pilaf asked.

"You are looking for dragon balls right?" Emiko retorted, maintaining that overconfident tone.

Shu chuckled at the fact that Emiko thought she knew it all. It was time for her to understand that she was many levels below his sire's greatness. With a smirk still on his face he patted the totem pole and said, "Not those dragon balls. Emperor's talking about the ones at the top of this…"


Emperor Pilaf hit Shu right upside the head.

"You imbecile! Why would you tell her something like that!" Emperor Pilaf angrily asked.

"Wait. You think that there's going to be dragon balls in Korin's tower?" Emiko said, trying to play dumb.

"Who's Korin? We're talking about the guardian place, stupid." Emperor Pilaf snootily stated.

"Now, you've said it Emperor." Mai replied.


Emperor Pilaf hit Shu upside the head again, causing tears to come to Shu's eyes as he grasped his head in pain.

"That's because Shu's stupidity rubbed off on me!" Emperor Pilaf declared before turning to Emiko and calmly saying, "Anyways, I don't have time to talk with you. Since, Goku doesn't appear to be around, I can freely wish upon those black star dragon balls. And then the world will be mine! Now, don't get in my way or Mai and Shu will easily dispose of you."

This wasn't possible. She's definitely being punk'd right now.

"Hold up. Wait a minute." Emiko quickly said as she put her finger up to stop them. Her eyebrows furrowed on top of her forehead as she tried to settle the confused beliefs racing through her head. Someone must be playing a joke on her. She HAD to be hearing things. With that in mind she asked, "Are you telling me that you believe that there's a group of black star dragon balls waiting for you on Dend..the guardian's place?"

"Why yes you idiot." Emperor Pilaf replied, irritation apparent in his voice.

"Oh…ok." Emiko slowly said. Her puzzlement vanished as it was replaced by something greater; a feeling that rumbled within the pit of her stomach, which had nothing to do with hunger. So, Emiko busted out laughing. The three before her, ridden with disbelief and amazement, were becoming thoroughly pissed by her actions.

"What are you laughing about?" Emperor Pilaf angrily questioned.

Emiko paid no attention to him as she grabbed her sides. Her knees gave out as she fell to the ground. Her laughs boomed all around and began to bring the natives from their tents once again.

"Shut up now! This isn't a laughing matter!" Emperor Pilaf furiously shouted.

Emiko's eyes filled up with tears, forcing her to squeeze them shut. She absentmindedly went to all fours. Then she couldn't stop her fists from banging on the ground around her as she continued to laugh. Her strikes upon the land sent great vibrations within a two mile radius, causing those around her to fall down. Soon the natives became quite concerned, so as they held on to objects around them they tried to nicely say, "Hey miss you're causing an earthquake."

"Oops, I'm sorry." Emiko quickly said as she stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes. The natives, who recognized her Son smile, smiled themselves, and then walked back to their tents.

"Phew! That was a great laugh. But really? Do you guys believe that you'll be able to climb or fly up this totem pole to a place protected by the guardian after the time that a pink monster easily flew up there and caused even more destruction, only to find these so called black star dragon balls already there to grant you a wish?" Emiko incredulously asked as she stifled a laugh and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Yes! Not stop asking questions. You're irritating me!" Emperor Pilaf commanded.

Emiko held onto her mouth, to hold it in her giggle once again. She removed her hand before saying, "Just one more question. Where did you get this information from about the so-called black star dragon balls?"

"Are you mocking me! The black star dragon balls do exist. They were made long ago before Kami separated from Piccolo. And I know this because I am a brilliant researcher and an unrivaled mastermind...with a special knack for devious behavior." Emperor Pilaf pompously claimed. The smile left Emiko's face at that moment. The laughter in her had vanished in a flash. This wasn't funny anymore.

"Oh okay. And the next thing you're going to tell me is that you only get one wish, by which the dragon balls will spread across the galaxy. And if the dragon balls aren't collected back to the place the wish was made, then that planet would explode. But no. It doesn't stop there. There's actually a weird blue robot named Baby made by a long ago extinct species called the Tuffles, who happens to magically get hold of a black star dragon ball as soon as it spreads across the galaxy and he knows exactly what power they hold EVEN though he knows nothing of Earth or Kami. And he so happens to want that power and to kill off all the Saiyans left." Emiko said.

"We never said such!" Emperor Pilaf yelled.

"You mine as well. All of it is complete rubbish." Emiko bluntly stated. But seeing the pitiful, wrinkled face of Emperor Pilaf lead her to sympathetically say, "Now I don't know who got your hopes up, but as many times as I been to Dende's lookout I know for a fact that there are no black star dragon balls there. You could check yourself to see I'm right. But based on your appearance, I can tell that climbing up this pole won't be possible. And flying to such altitude for you is out of the question. So why don't you go home, child. You look worn out and I'm sure your mother is worried about you."

It doesn't matter how kind she said it, he was infuriated beyond belief. Comparing him, this wonderful man of average height, to a child was UNFORGIVABLE! She will pay! Therefore, Emperor Pilaf heavily stammered but could barely get out, "Mai, Shu, get her!"

Mai took a capsule out of her pocket and threw it into the air. From it appeared two robots. Emiko folded her arms and watched as Mai and Shu "quickly" got into the robots. She immediately recognized the model and what year it had been produced. She even knew the updated version of this robot. But as she concentrated more by looking at the Capsule Corporation logo, she felt somewhat bothered by it in a non pleasant way. It reminded her of the party she would have to attend today.

"Mai, Shu, fire the missiles!" Emperor Pilaf ordered, immediately taking Emiko out of her thoughts. She heavily sighed. The least they should do is get the most recent robots. But even those wouldn't leave a scratch on her.

Soon massive missiles flew towards Emiko. Without delay, she flew up in the air so the village around wouldn't be destroyed. As expected, the missiles followed her. Emiko paused and let them hit her, exploding all around to bring about a gigantic cloud of smoke.

"Yes! That'll teach that brat to toy with me!" Emperor Pilaf gladly said, showing a toothless grin through his joy from killing another.

"Mai, Shu. Come. We have black star dragon balls to wish upon." Emperor Pilaf ordered as he hastily turned towards the totem pole. But they didn't respond. Angrily, he turned back around to see that they were gawking up to the sky. He followed their eyes. Going from the ground, to the natives faces, to the tree, and finally the sky. He damn near fainted. There, Emiko stood smiling that wretched smile.

"Well, it's been fun, but I have a group of people to meet today. But before I go, I wonder have any of you flown without wings." Emiko said. Now they didn't think they could get away with insulting her parents, did they?


It was peaceful on Mt. Paozu. The birds pleasantly chirped about as the sun beautifully shone all around to give a warm, yet desirable setting. And a delicious aroma floated within the air, beckoning the animals nearby to come closer. They were hypnotized as they naturally drew near the source by which the smell emancipated from. Suddenly, they snapped out of it and got the hell away from that house. And why?

"I don't know how many times I got to tell you all to NOT appear like that!" Chi-Chi screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Sorry Okaasan." Emiko sheepishly replied as they embraced each other. Her mother never did get used to them doing instant transmission into the house. With her anger melting away at her child's embrace, Chi-Chi walked back to the stove.

"Late again. What are we going to do with you?" he asked. Emiko hugged Gohan from behind then took a seat at the table that him and Videl were already sitting at.

"Love you too Oni-san. And hey Videl." Emiko said. Videl smiled in response as she took a sip of tea.

"Hey, she's not the only one who's late." Chi-Chi said as she sat a pastry down in front of Emiko. She began to mumble something, but no one could tell as Pan ran into the kitchen.

"Did I hear auntie come in!" Pan yelled. She had a brightest smile on her face until, she immediately tried to punch Emiko in hers. Emiko caught it and smirked as she then moved her hands to hold tightly, but softly onto Pan's wrists.

"You will not do this in the house!" Chi-Chi scorned them as she snapped around. Emiko still held onto Pan as the little girl desperately tried to break out of her grasp. Gohan paid them no mind as he idly cleaned his glasses with his handkerchief.

"And I told you numerous times Pan that that's not a way to treat your Aunt." Videl added.

"That's okay Videl. It's been like that ever since I said that Pan had a crush on Trunks." Emiko teased as she finally released Pan, who almost fell down.

"I do not!" Pan retorted as she angrily crossed her arms.

"Do too." Emiko replied.

"Do not!"

"Yeah you don't. After all you're just a child. What does a child know about having a crush; especially on a grown man?" Emiko said as she took a tiny bit of her pasty and cut her eyes at Pan.

"That's not true! I'm not a child! I'm 12 years old. So what if I have a crush on Trunks!" Pan blurted out.

Silence went through the kitchen. Chi-Chi stopped washing the dishes. Gohan stopped cleaning his glasses. Videl stopped sipping on her tea. Even Emiko, a hungry demi-saiyan, ceased nibbling on her pastry. They all turned to stare at Pan.

Gohan nicely placed his glasses back on his face and he broke the silence as he simply said, "Then it's decided. Pan will never be alone with Trunks again."

"What!" Pan exclaimed

"Videl, I think it's time for you and Pan to have a talk." Gohan said, ignoring Pan's outburst.

"Come on Otousan I was just kidding. At least I don't love him like Auntie does." Pan hysterically stated.

Emiko instantly became choked on her pastry. She pounded on her chest to cough up the food.

"Don't blurt out nonsense like that!" Emiko shrieked as she wiped her mouth.

Pan grinned as she said, "Nonsense. I wouldn't call it nonsense Auntie. Everyone knows you don't want to go to this party today. And I know you're still wearing…"

Chi-Chi threw a rag right into Pan's face to prevent her from further speaking.

"Since you have time to run your mouth then you have time to finish up these dishes before we leave." Chi-Chi said. Emiko shot her a meaningful glance. Chi-Chi smiled at her daughter in response.

"B-But." Pan tried to object.

"Do as your grandmother says Pan." Videl ordered. Gohan put his arm around Videl to show that he supported her decision. Pan huffed and puffed, then stormed to the sink the wash the dishes. Soon, she realized that she needed some more soap and momentarily left the room.

"So when will they be here? Goten and Otousan are taking way too long" Emiko asked.

"They should be here in a few. You know how your father can be sometimes." Chi-Chi replied as she sighed, and then leaned up against the counter.

Gohan added, "Yeah, I just talked to him on the phone a few minutes ago. And if you sensed it out their ki then…"

Someone did a clever little beat on the door before opening it.

"I'm home! And I'm hungry!" Goten cheerfully called out as he ran into the house.

"AND, I smell pastry!" Goten happily sung as he tried to snatch the dessert from off of Emiko's plate. Emiko pushed his face away.

"Get your own!" Emiko stated as she tried to fight him off by frantically swatting at his hands.

"I beat you today in our race, so I think it should be my reward!" Goten said as he easily took the remaining pastry right out her hands and stuffed it down his throat.

"Okaasan!" Emiko screamed as she stood up from the table. Chi-Chi grinned as she shook her head and went to get another pastry. Gohan just shook his head in shame.

"You two still act like children." Gohan said as he was about to take a bit of his food.

"I'll take this too. Thanks Oni-san." Goten said as he ate the pastry right from his hand.

"What the..! I'm going to ... Okaasan" Gohan yelled as he jumped from his seat and tried to attack Goten. Chi-Chi turned around. And what a sight she saw. They were trying to choke each other. Evidently it wasn't a serious fight; nevertheless, she was infuriated beyond belief at the behavior her sons were displaying. She couldn't help but to be speechless for that moment.

"What a lively bunch to see when coming home." He said as he stepped through the door.

"Otousan! Goten ate my pastry!" Emiko shrieked as she ran to wrap her arms around his one arm.

Hearing him speak and Emiko's high pitched voice, Chi-Chi was able to find hers. She almost yelled in her threat, "You two cut it out!"

They were dirtying up her kitchen as they rolled around on the tiles. But at the sound of her voice, both immediately stopped and stood up. Chi-Chi gave them the look, making them become filled with shame; bowing their heads in response.

"You know he started it Okaasan." Gohan mumbled.

"I don't care who started it! I'm finishing it. Both of you go stand in the corner!" Chi-Chi furiously instructed.

Goten and Gohan looked at each other then laughed. Gohan even said, "Okaasan I'm a grown man with a child and you're…."

The room suddenly became cold. Gohan instantaneously stopped. Goten began to tremble. Because that look, that horrifying look that could make blind children cry or even make the Devil fall to his knees to pray, was shown right on Chi-Chi's face as she looked at her two sons. She didn't need to say anything else. They were in a corner in that second.

"Ha, ha." Emiko laughed, once the room became warm again.

"Emiko you can pick out a corner too." Chi-Chi snapped back as she stared at her.

"W-What!" Emiko quietly stammered.

"Come on Chi. Don't be so hard on them. Plus we should get ready to leave for the party." He said.

"I guess you're right about one thing. We do need to get going. I just hate to be late. Okay you two come out of the corner and get yourselves together." Chi-Chi instructed.

"Yes ma'am." Goten and Gohan said simultaneously. At that, Pan quickly ran back into the kitchen.

"I thought I heard him!" Pan excitedly stated. She ran to him, pushing Emiko and the others right out the way. He tightly embraced her, and then placed her down. But Pan still clung tightly to his arm.

"Now that Pan's back from getting whatever we should depart." Videl said as she stood up from the table.

"But before we leave I have to ask for something." He stated

"What is it Otousan?" Emiko asked.

"Oh it's nothing much. Just a simple request." Rai replied.


a/n: I didn't mistype that. Yes it's Rai. And if you haven't read love lost, then just know that this is another man in Goku's place. I don't know the next time I'll update, but it WILL take some time. I have to edit chapters. I need a beta. Anyone interested?