Until The End of Time

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Building Tensions

Last time:

"So Rai really is back?" Goku questioned, raising his head to face the group.

"Yep." Yamcha said.

"And is he living with Chi-Chi, like you said Pan?" Goku asked as he looked over to her.

"Yep." Pan easily replied.

"Oh okay. That's great!…." Goku cheerfully stated. "….."

Silence swept across the room.

"Well I guess I should be going now. It was a fun party while I was here." Goku said with a bright smile. He put up his two fingers to his head to instant transmission away.

"Should someone go after him?" 18 asked indifferently.

"Oh someone should, shouldn't they?" Gohan replied.

No one moved an inch.

"You all know I'm naturally peaceful and calm. And I can't stand violence. But I can't help but to think that Pan needs what you call a spanking," Dr. Briefs said.

"Huh?" Pan gasped.

"Weren't you the one who told Goku about Rai staying on Mt Paozu? Now why would you do that?" Dr. Briefs asked.

Before she could answer, Master Roshi stood up peering behind his tinted shades, staring among the group with a grave expression. It seemed as if he was about to utter something of importance, as his very appearance commanded everyone's attention at the moment. But instead, with his hand covering his face to prevent his nose from gushing he exclaimed, "I'll give it to her! I will spank Pan!"

Before he could move an inch, Videl threatened in a tone not to be challenged, "You take one step closer to my child I will make you suffer pain worse than what the tormented souls in Hell cry about." Master Roshi instantly cowered and took his seat.

Pan brought the attention back to herself as she cried out, "Don't worry about me mom! Instead someone needs to worry about grandpa. What if he kills Rai-Sama?"

"That would be a terrible thing, wouldn't it?" Goten said through a smile.

Mary face contorted to that of pure horror, forcing her to question, "How can you smile about that?"

"But I always smile. Is that a problem?" Goten replied with another grin.

"No. Not really," the entire group of people seemed to mumble and agree together.

"Yes. Yes it is! This is a serious matter." Mary protested. "How can you all joke about murdering someone?"

"We're not joking. Some of us just don't care," Android 18 replied, flicking a strand of her behind her ear.

"Yeah and it's normal for us," Krillin added.

"Normal! How is appearing out of thin air normal!" Mary argued, the pitch in her voice getting higher and higher. She rambled on, "And then you all can shoot rays out of your hand and move at godly speeds. A NORMAL human can't do that! So most likely the normal response of that man who just appeared here a while ago may be to kill someone!"

Mrs. Briefs, clueless as ever, said, "Oh my, the snacks are all gone. I'll.."

"I'll go to the kitchen! I need to get away from this type of people right now," Mary snapped as she rose from her seat and stormed off to the kitchen, her heels furiously clanking to the ground.

"What do she mean by 'this people'?" Yamcha asked, making the others join his conversation.

While Vegeta ordered to his son, "Trunks, silence your intolerable mate. Her incessant yapping is rather irritating. And unlike a normal person, when I'm irritated, ki blasts seem to fly out of my hand and towards a target."

"Vegeta you will not do something so embarrassing!" Bulma scolded him. Vegeta just shrugged it off, as if he couldn't care less. And before things got heated between them, Trunks began to get up from his seat to go talk to his fiancé, but Emiko was already standing up.

"That's okay. I'll go talk to her," she said, gently pushing him back down to his seat. She then walked out of the room and towards the kitchen to see a fuming blonde, rummaging through the refrigerator for a drink.

"This is exactly why I had to have this pre-engagement party. I can't imagine them coming to the actual engagement party, much less the wedding, with my family or friends there. People of their status shouldn't be around this bizarre group of people. If Trunks wasn't so…"

"So what? Rich?" Emiko finished for her.

"That's not what I was going to say," Mary stated, closing the door behind her since she didn't find anything to her liking.

"Either way, after this you may need to apologize." Emiko sighed. "You've messed up your nice sweet girl façade by saying such things. I can understand that they may seem a little strange, but Trunks is a part of this group. You'll have to get used to it. With that being said, I think we should try to be friends."

Emiko smiled at the woman as she extended her hand for a friendly shake. Mary eyed her curiously, before she busted out into laughter, her chuckles echoing in that kitchen, bouncing off the walls just to hit Emiko right in the face.

"Friends? With you, a pitiable commoner? Someone who this family doesn't like that much? I'd rather not. Plus you're competition," Mary replied.

"And what am I competing for exactly?"

"Don't act like you don't know. You've come here in this get up."

"It's a summer dress. What's wrong with it?" Emiko questioned, her eyebrows wrinkling in confusion.

"Look at your chest! You practically have it sticking out! And then look at your hair!"

"What about it?" she further questioned, not seeing where Mary was going with this.

"Don't act like you didn't curl your hair and got yourself dolled up just for my engagement party." Mary's eyes narrowed.

"I didn't. I can't help if my hair is naturally curly and yours is as flat as your ass without silicone injections."


"Okay. Look, I'm sorry about that comment." Emiko said as she slightly bowed her head in shame for such a stupid and childish comeback. She guessed old habits didn't die hard. She sighed before lifting her head up and with a faint smile she said, "But listen I've already dealt with this kind of drama in high school."

Her smile dropped. "And I'll be damned if I deal with it as a grown up. We don't have to be friends. And you win in this so called competition."

Emiko turned to walk out, not wanting to converse with this woman any further; however, Mary Ann stepped in her way.

"You're a doctor right? Who majored in biology? You're doing your residence at the same place where you're working your way up to become the director of West City hospital right?"

Emiko was puzzled by why she was saying this to her. But more so, "How do you…"

Mary interrupted, "My dad is one of the top CEO's who has numerous friends in this world. It's amazing what power you have being the daughter of someone like that. You can figure out anything. How do you think I met Trunks? So you better watch yourself."

"Excuse me?"

"Oh I'm sorry. Did I say that in English?" She stepped closer to stare into Emiko's face. "Well let me tell you clearly in a language you'll understand. I don't care that you were close childhood friends, if you come around Trunks, I will ruin you."

Emiko took a gigantic step back away from Mary.

"For a second there, I had to refrain from knocking you out. But maybe that will knock some sense into your head. I've told you that I'm not your competition. I don't like him! I don't love him! He doesn't love me! Get it into your thick pretty blonde skull!" Emiko rushed her words out; panting just a little from all that she had just said.

She breathed in and out before continuing in a calm tone, "And even though we're not on good terms right now, it's impossible for me NOT to see him. I didn't want to come to this, but our families are close, so me being here was not my decision"

"I don't care. You better start making it your decision. You're just digging your own grave. You'll never work anywhere if you continue to come around him," Mary spat as if she had not heard a word Emiko said. And now Emiko just wanted to pull her hair out of her head. This woman.. was so frustrating.. and so damn stupid!

But she smiled it off and replied, "Oh well, no job. I guess I would have to become a trophy wife. You want to give me some tips?"

"Oh, you don't want to go there with me, bitch," Mary retorted.

"Really, a bitch? But you're right. I'm that bitch that you don't want to mess with. So Mary you may want to stop calling me out of my name and step out of my way."

Emiko took a step forward. She slowly yet softly grabbed the ends of her hair, "After all you don't want to end up with a bald head. Now do you? You have such pretty hair."

Before Mary could even react, Trunks appeared at the door; glaring at Emiko.

Emiko let go of Mary's hair, then brushed pass her towards the door and past Trunks. But Trunks grabbed Emiko by the elbow, causing her to halt. Instantly, Emiko snatched her arm away to equally glower upon him.

"I think you need to apologize to my fiancé."

"Well you didn't hear what your fiancé said."

"I was only trying to be nice to Emiko. And she came off harsh to me," Mary pouted.

"Oh you're so right! After all, that's EXACTLY why I followed you into the kitchen," Emiko replied, her sarcasm evident.

"See, she's admitting the truth herself!" Mary exclaimed.

Trunks paid her no mind. Yet instead he folded his arms, demanding, "Apologize."

"Not even if there was a cold day in hell."

"You seem to think I asked you Emiko," her name laced with an icy tone.

"What do you expect when you seem to believe her Trunks?" Emiko equally replied back with the same bitterness.

"Either you apologize or I'll stop having the Capsule Corporation supply your hospital with the materials they need."

"So you'll risk the lives of others over this dumb blonde who started this entire mess!"

"Yes," Trunks replied without hesitation.

"I don't understand how you could love her. She's nothing but a total spoiled rich brat who's very high maintenance, lazy, and stuck up. And she's entirely submissive when it comes to you." Emiko retorted.

"Right. She's the complete opposite of you. My perfect match," he said with a smirk.

Emiko eyes widen before settling into slits. Without another word, she finally walked back to where the party was.

"Since you won't apologize now, I expect an apology in front of everyone when my fiancé and I return to the room," Trunks called after her.

Emiko paused, her hands balling up at her sides before they straightened out again. She shook her head, continuing to walk as if he had not said anything. Should she just go home? No. Going home would mean that she lost, to her, him, and herself. Doing what they would expect from her. Doing what she wanted to do, be a coward and run away from all of this drama she didn't need in her life. She gets enough of that in the hospital. And if she did leave this party right now, then what would people think? She could hear them now. Oh I guess Emiko couldn't handle being here at the engagement party. She must really love him.

Her face wrinkled up in disgust. The last thing, which she hates the most in the world, is to be pitied by someone. She's NOT weak. She can handle this measly problem. And then the love part. Blah. She felt repulsed thinking about it. How could she love such a bastard? A bastard who didn't give a damn about her and who thought he could make her subservient. No fuck him. Especially after the way he treated her. It doesn't matter that that happened. She's in the right, he's in the wrong. And maybe being around for a while will make him realize that sooner or later.

Trunks watched her until she left his sight, a slight smirk coming across his face from defeating her once again.

He was basking in such until, "You can always say her entire name when you're talking to her, but for anyone, even me, you can't help but to say Emi."

"Mary," Trunks calmly said turning his head around to give her a half grin.

"Yes, pumpkin."

He still retained that smile "Shut up."


With his smile finally dropping, he turned his head back around to walk off saying, "And we'll talk about lying to me when we get home."


The car zoomed here and there, around the corner and through the lights. The tires screeched every now and then from the speed at which the car went. Its radio echoed everywhere it turned, since the windows were rolled down; allowing breezes to whisk through their hair as the two playfully argued about the other's driving.

"Look Rai, you can barely drive. If you insist on going a mile over 55, then you're going to hit someone."

"Look Chi, where's your license? Because last time I checked you didn't have one, much less a car," Rai retorted.

"Your grandma didn't have one."

"Oh, nice comeback. Is that all you got?"

"Is that all you… keep your eyes on the road!" Chichi laughed off.

"Look Chi, I've been driving since I was a newborn. The day I hit something or someone is…"

"LOOK OUT!" Chi-Chi screamed. The tires suddenly screeched. The car ceased any further movement, forcing their bodies to snap forward as the seat belts pressed hard against their body. The car had stopped right in front of a man, whom dark orbs cut through the windshield. It swirled maliciously as he looked upon the one behind the wheel. A look so deadly that around them the temperature instantly dropped. The wind even seemed to be frightened by the destructive aura this man gave off, as it stopped with its howling.

"Goku…" Chi-Chi stammered.

Chi-Chi couldn't believe her eyes that began to become blurry as tears filled them up. Her breathing hiked, a smile broke through and she was overcome with so much emotion that she didn't know what to do, except step out of the car. She hurriedly unlocked the door. It didn't seem to open fast enough as her hands fumbled with the handle.

Chichi stepped out of the car, preparing to happily race off towards Goku. She would've done so if it had not been for the fact that Goku wasn't looking at her. He didn't even seem to notice that she had exited the car. Instead his ki was flaring and his eyes… They were locked upon Rai, and held pernicious slits in them. And Rai…he looked at him just the same, griping the steering wheel so tight that his blood rushed to his hands. The last time these two displayed such behavior was at Emiko's birthday party, upon discovering Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi wanted to say something, but she couldn't help but to stutter, "Goku, it's…. I…"

Goku put his hand up to stop Chi-Chi from speaking. He turned his attention to her. His eyes slightly softened, but still retained anger within its depths.

"Chi-Chi, can you tell me what's going on here?" Goku didn't ask. It was more like a demand to know the truth, not a question. This behavior was a bit intimidating and too authoritative that it threw her off guard. Her heart continued to thump and thump. Words became more jumbled up in her head as she tried to process everything. She didn't want this situation to get out of hand, so she needed to say something quick. But when she opened her mouth to say something, nothing; not even a syllable nor vowel came out.

"Chi-Chi we need to talk." Goku stated. Right before he or Chi-Chi responded, cars on the road began to frantically beep. Apparently, they had driven up behind Rai's car not too long ago. He got out the car to shoo them away. The honking of their horns brought Chi-Chi back to reality and gave her her voice.

"Chi-Chi did you hear me?"

"Yeah, but first Rai and I have to go take this groceries back to Capsule Corporation," Chi-Chi protested.

"But we need to talk now."

"But the groceries…

"Now." Goku interrupted, with a smile.. But that smile.. It was unsettling.

"I think Chi-Chi said she wanted to drop the groceries off first. Any good husband would cater to his wife desires first. But you wouldn't know anything about that would you, since you're soooo naïve," Rai said with a smile of his own.

Goku just looked at him. He didn't need to say anything. His words came right out from the look he gave Rai. And Rai crossed his arms as he leaned up against the car, not phased one bit by the look Goku gave him. Neither seemed to be breathing as they stared each other down. Their faces, their tense bodies…and their eyes.. their eyes changed everything. Even the entire mood, it became more intense. Luckily, multiple cars flew by angrily honking the horn at them to break up such.

Somewhat oblivious to the silent conversation between the two, Chi-Chi said, "Now let's get going. I'm sure they're waiting for us at Capsule Corporation."

Chi-Chi walked back to the car door. Before opening it she turned her head to Goku to ask, "We can meet you there if you don't want to be in a car. Rai doesn't know his way around here, so I have to ride with him. But if you do ride with us you don't mind Rai being behind the wheel do you? After all it is his car."

"I don't mind at all." Goku cheerfully said as he smiled at Chi-Chi who smiled back. Rai hmphed as he got into his vehicle; and she followed his suit. Goku nicely, damn near skipped over to the car. And then he bent to place his hand on the car's hood.

"Goku, what are you doing?"

"Just give me a second." Goku happily said through a grin. In that second they all instant trasmissioned right in front of Capsule Corporation.

"We're here. Now you don't have to ride with him anywhere," Goku laughed off. Rai glared the hell out of Goku, who only grinned even more. Chichi, still oblivious to such, reached in the seat behind her to get the groceries.

She stepped out of the car and walked towards the building, glancing behind her to look at Goku and Rai when she didn't hear anyone following her.

"Aren't you two coming? Didn't you want to talk Goku?" Chichi asked.

"We have to talk first Chichi," Rai sweetly said as he leaned up against his car again, smiling at Goku. "And don't worry we won't kill each other."

"Uhh…" Chi-Chi began to protest.

"Yeah, he's right Chi. We won't kill each other. We'll be right there," Goku replied with an even brighter smile than Rai.

"How stupid do you think I am? Do you think I'm going to leave both…"

"Is that Bulma I hear calling you?" Rai interrupted. "She's probably upset that someone like you could be so forgetful about the groceries and even take so long to bring them in," Rai added.

Chi-Chi frowned, "I didn't hear her calling me."

"I did, Chi." Goku surely said. She didn't believe it for a second, but Rai was probably right about Bulma talking that way about her. It was just like her to say something like that. With that thought in mind, Chichi stormed inside with the bags in tote.

Rai turned his head towards Goku and asked with another one of his infamous smiles, "So where do you want to do this Goku? I'm ready when you are. We won't kill each other, but ONE of us may."



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