Niko bellics story

hello mi name is niko belic. i am cumin phrum russiaton, easteuripostan 2 mak my lyf as an ameriacn dreem. niko stepd of the boat nd into romans taxi drivr place. i m drukn cusin, adn in America we get lots of big tittdie wuman so dnt loose site of ur dreem to be a famus hitmonchan said roman. do not worry cusin i am a grizzld man frum da army days and kan kill wif no problemz replyd niko. niko shot little Jacob in the hed and little Jacob cried out oh no me breda an ting de bludclut we see eye and eye and ding wif de bludclut and ting. Niko was not sorry becuz Jacob had betrayd him to da Nazis who roman brught bak to lyf using da resucrection crystal dat he fond in harry pottersville, liberty city. but malory wuz now wif niko becuz roman wuz 2 evil 4 her now dat he was suprem chancelor of the univerz.

Dey took they're pant off and strtd banging befor da final battel between roman and his best friend dimitri and niko (who is da gud guy go 4 him). Niko puld out his rockit lawnchair nd shot dimitri in da bals. he fell ova onto roman and becuz da fysics engine in dis gam is a little overzealous, roman fel of da building an into a pasing boat. Niko wuz happy cuz he one an roman wuld stop caling him to go bowling now and he culd enjoy malorys big titties. They got married. i am finaly livin teh ameircna dream said niko wif a smile.