This is Vampire academy. Same characters. Same problem. New story. Dimitri POV. I changed all the things about the book that I hated (like the vampire bites)… so pay attention!


I sighed, and looked around the privet jet plane we were in. There were at least five flight attendants bouncing around from seat to seat. I looked at the guardians – eleven of us—around me. They sent eleven guardians –that were much needed back at the academy—out to get a couple of girls. I was completely and utterly appalled. How could we be reduced to this? I bit back my rage. This was unnecessary. I could have brought these girls back alone. Hell I probably could have brought them back alone, blind, and with one hand bound behind my back. They were teenage girls for Christ sake! And to top it off, one was a Moroi! The strongest guardians out there didn't stand a chance against me, much less a Moroi girl and a novice. It was degrading to be here and embarrassing that they thought they needed eleven of us to get them back to the academy.

Once we got that tip from an alchemist where they were, they were as good as mine. I would take them down without a problem. We were almost there. Just an hour more and we would be there. I laid my head back against the seat, trying to relax. One hour. One hour and this degrading task would come to an end. 'Yes, just one hour' I chanted in my head as my eyelids fell and I drifted into unconsciousness.

'Why did you leave? Why did you let me die' Ivan Zeklos was standing in front of me with tears in his eyes. 'How could you? How could you let this happen to me? I have a family to take care of. What will this do to them? It was your job to protect me! How could you fail? How could you fail me?'

He was looking older by the second. 'I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry. I tried to save you. I didn't want to fail you. I'm so sorry.' I was on my knees with my hands clasped together, pleading with him. 'I'm so sorry. So sorry.' I reached for him, but he jumped back. His hair was turning white and his face was gaining wrinkled before my eyes.

'No! You failed me! You let me die!' he screamed at me and I flinched at every syllable.

'I'm so sor—' He cut me off.

'You failed me. ..' he said in a low voice. I watched as he fell apart. Literally.

His hands fell to the ground followed by his arms. His head fell to the ground and his body crumbled. 'NO!' I screamed reaching for him, but it was far too late. His body was just a bloody puddle. I looked to see his head still in shape. I reached to him too late. With one last accusing look his head crumbled. 'No!' I screamed one last time, and then fell on my side. I stared at the pile of bloody ashes. I stayed there for a long time, if time even existed. Every time I moved it felt like I was there for just seconds, yet when I stayed still it felt like I'd been there for hours.

'You failed me. You failed me. You failed me. You failed me.' I repeated his words again and again. 'You failed me. You failed me. You failed—'

I woke up to the sound of scuffling. I looked around and saw that all the guardians were moving to the door. I jumped up and quickly wiped my arm across my sweaty forehead. I stepped out the door behind the line of guardians. The chilly air felt like ice on my sweaty chest and face. I took a deep breath. 'Just a little longer. It will all be over. ' I told myself.

We split into two groups, each in a separate car. "How far away is this campus?" One of the younger guardians in the car, asked the driver.

"It's a short drive" he replied flatly. From then on we all stayed eerily quiet.

It turned out to be true about the drive. In just thirty minutes we were parked a few blocks away from where the girls were living. The head guardian from the other car reported on our head piece that they were on the other side of the campus, and we were good to go.

I noticed that the older guardians, the ones that knew the Hathaway girl were very tense. Of course I ignored them. What was a young novice to me? She didn't stand a chance, and honestly I would be surprised if they even put up a fight.

We were outside the car now. We took our separate ways and – me being the head—I went to the bushes outside her room. The lights were off and everything was silent. I could make out a bed in each window, and bumps on each bed where they slept. I stayed back though. We'd wait till morning when they were awake.

I shook my head in annoyance as several voices came in through the headset. My God! Why the hells are so many of us here? Why are we wasting such precious resources, on party girls? I mean, I get that we need the Dragomir girl safe, but why bring so many of us? I clenched my fists in anger. This was a waste of time, my time.

We stayed like that for hours. I clenched my jaw when I looked at my watch.

"What are we waiting for?" someone hissed into the headset.

"Movement" I replied.

"Look, this Hathaway girl? She's dangerous." I recognized Hans's voice. "We've warned you about this. I know Alberta put you in charge of this, but you didn't know her. She was amazing. When she was just five she caused one of the school teachers to almost go blind, by throwing a book at her face. She didn't stop there. She was a trouble maker and you cannot underestimate her. Maybe we should get to them while they sleep." He said clearly. There were some mumbles in agreement.

I didn't reply. Honestly, she was just a girl. This would cause me no trouble. Not a bit. I couldn't understand why the hell they were making it seem like they were scared of her. They couldn't possibly be scared of a young girl. She was seventeen for Christ sake. Just then one of the girls shot up from the bed. She was already in view of the other widow when I heard the scream. It was an ear piercing scream, one of horrible terror. I tensed ready to move if something went wrong.

"There's movement." I said

"Should we move in?" one of the guardians said in a rush. I stayed silent, deciding.


"No" I said cutting him off