Half hollow half soul reaper all badass. Toichi Shiefler. Son of Orihime Inoue and Ulquiorra Schiefler. Currently living in Soul Society where hollows where once not allowed to live yet Toichi and his father were the exception. As Toichi sat in his mothers barracks on a seat he mused about the past. How his family would often visit the world of the living to see his mothers friend Ichigo and his lover Grimmjow and Grimmjow's son Haruki. They would often visit some of Orihime'ss other friends but Ichigo seemed to be more frequent. Usually they would visit Kiskue Uruhara and Toichi remember as he would be in the shop he would see the black cat named Yoroichi who would move around as he wished. The cat drank tea and for some odd reason could even talk. No one had informed Toichi that Yoroichi was indeed female and he had learned the hard way. They had told him that Yoroichi was a shape shifter and one day he could bored and began to question the power of Yoroichi's shape shifting.

"You know..." said Toichi," you really do suck at being a shape shifter. Come on a cat. Only a cat? Geez come up with something more original or at lest transform into something else a were cat isn't even c-"

Toichi waas silenced when a cloud of mist formed inside the small room and a lady around 5'2" stood there with dark brown skin and purple hair and luminous golden yellow eyes. blinking at the women Toichi noticed she was not in the place she once was. Yoroichi now stood in front of Toichi using her fist to slam him into the wall. Toichi was angered since he was in his gigai at the time and was unable to acess his zanpaktou.

"Ow!" complained Toichi.

Yoroichi reappeared in front of Toichi and since Toichi was knocked flat on his ass he was forced to look up at the were cat and stunned at what he saw. The woman was fully naked. Toichi closed his eyes and when they were reopened Yoroichi was fully clothed making Toichi sigh in relief and in turn making Yoroichi chuckle.

"It's what you deserve," said Yoroichi," plus you never know how long your going to live. Least you get to see what a womans beautiful body looks like."

Toichi's face blushed a deep red that you couldn't even tell where his red tear streaks where. They were in the same place as his fathers but his pale face was flushed from Toichi's mother was concerned and ran up to Toichi to see if he was injured.

"Are you okay?" asked Orihime," do you want me to use Ayame and Shuno?"

"I'm fine mom," replied Toichi," I'll get you next time Yoroichi."

"Toichi," Orihime warned," you know she's know as the flash Godess. You have no chance up against her. Being part hollow and using a sonido gives you no advantage."

"I was fast enough to beat your flash step," grumbled Toichi.

"Yeah but now I can catch you just like that," said Orihime and snapped her fingers.

"I don't like this gigai," Toichi complained.

"Oh hush," said Orihime.

Toichi loved his mother the most out of the choice of his mother and father. Yeah Ulquiorra was great and taught Toichi all he knew about fighting yet that wasn't enough for Toichi. Toichi's training had been worthless when he entered the academy for at least a year. They were not pleased with his way of fighting since he was too rough on other students only making him a match for Haruki. Many students disliked how strong Toichi was at such a young age. Toichi was able to manage to defend himself against the older students. He was the talk of the academy. Nothing good nor bad went said about him. Haruki seemed to face the same problem since he was also half soul repear half hollow. Some students coward in fear and Toichi would hear the freshman ask the seniors if Haruki and Toichi would eat them because hollows liked to eat souls. That only pissed off Haruki since Haruki hated soul reapears the most since that was what his mother was. Some he was able to handle but the females were the ones he wanted to sliegh. This hatred Haruki had gained was from the abandonment he received from his mother. He was placed on the doorstep of Grimmjow's and Ichigo's house one day and his mother left a note saying her duties were the reason why she couldn't take him. His mother left no name no nothing and since she was dead he couldn't get a DNA sample either and Grimmjow said it was too far in the past and his memory was blurry since he was drunk out of his mind. Soon enough Haruki stopped caring about his mother and because he was such a great fighter Kenpachi claimed him before anyone else. Sometimes Haruki told Toichi he swore someone was watching him but when he looked around there was no spiritual pressure or a sight to be seen. Toichi was also placed in squad 11 shortly after Haruki and they trained together. Haruki had told Toichi that he was his best friend and Toichi could only repsond with calling him 'trash' since he had picked up that trait from his father. Toichi considered them aquaintances. He could not befriend such low life in his own opinion but when he talked like such he got scolded by his mother. Haruki rarely went to the world of the living after he was accepted into the soul reaper academy and when Kenpachi placed him in squad 11. He went maybe once a month every two months and never bothered with human schooling because Haruki said it was pointless. Haruki knew how to read and write and was skilled at it so he just said fuck the rest because all he needed was intellegence and power to be a soul reaper. Toichi never would say this to Haruki's face but he knew Haruki loved Grimmjow no matter how bad he talked trash about Grimmjow or how he could kick his ass. Along with how he loved Ichigo too because he had loved Haruki like his own child not treating Haruki different. Toichi could even recall the first time he and Haruki had met when they were maybe four or five. A time before they were gathered to the academy since Yamamoto had sensed their powers and demanded they become soul reapers or die. Orihime and Ulquiorra had taken Toichi to the world of the living where they went to visit Ichigo and Grimmjow. The two were forced to play with each other and the first thing Toichi told his mother was this.

"I'm not playing with such trash," Toichi stated.

This infuriated Haruki forcing him to punch Toichi in the face as hard as he could. Toichi gritted his teeth and removed himself of his gigai and had a purple colored cero in his hand ready to blast his new rival into smitherins. Just before releasing the cero Toichi felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see Ulquiorra staring down at him.

"You know he's part hollow part soul reaper," whispered Ulquiorra," so quite it. You don't stand a chance. And even if you do he is not worth your time."

Toichi had unfourtunetly admitted defeat and from then on him and Haruki had a voilent relationship full of fighting and occasionally they would have those peaceful moments and just hang out like regular kids. Both obtained great strength making the pair excellent sparing partners for each other. Haruki had graduated from the academy early and when he did he left for the world of the living. Two months later Toichi graduated but Haruki never returned back to soul society for another year leaving Toichi to be alone in squad 11 at such a young age. Perhaps eight. Ikakku would insist on fighting since he had sensed the power but Toichi would leave and ignore the third seat. Toichi was the least bit interested in fighting that man. He had better fish to fry. The ultimate fish bein Haruki. Screw trying to be as strong as Yamamoto. If Toichi wanted to be as strong as anyone it would be Ichigo since he was basically the strongest soul reaper. Able to take down Aizen who Yamamoto couldn't even take down. Really when Ichigo died all of fucking soul society would be in a holy shit mode and look for the soul of him if he were to get lost. Sadly Toichi barely had any reason to go to the world of the living to do anything like find Haruki since Toichi's parents were in a sense "dead". Though when Haruki and Toichi had hit the age of thirteen they decided to ask Leuitenant Renji Abarai where he got his tattoo's and Renji responded which led Toichi and Haruki to search for the man who did so. When they arrived they showed the man the numbers they wanted. Toichi demanding the number four ranking of his fathers espada ranking and Haruki wanting his fathers number six. Toichi went first telling the man to place it on his left hip above his hollow hole. The needle stung but Toichi watched in amazement as the ink dug into his skin and settled in. Toichi smiled once the man was done swipping some vaseline on it telling Toichi to place some on his every so often but not to be scented then placed a plastic baggy over the mark also telling him to keep that on for twenty four hours. Toichi then watched as the tattoo artist moved Haruki's blue hair out of the way and began to draw the number six on the back side of Haruki's neck. Soon enough he was done and told Haruki the same instructions. They had paid the man and were off to Toichi's home. Unfourtenately when they arrived Haruki had began to piss off Toichi and they began to brawl. The two swinging punches at each other and grabbing each others arms so that neither of them could use their fists to attack. Toichi's shirt rose up for a split second but that was enough time for Ulquiorra to notice the piece of plastic on his sons side. Ulquiorra demanded that Toichi tell him what it was. Toichi responded with a smart ass remark.

"Look at your own chest," repiled Toichi.

Ulquiorra pulled off his shirt and noticed nothing out of the ordinary until Orihime spoke up.

"Dear I think he means your tattoo," piped in Orihime.

Ulquiorra sent his son a heated glare but his chest was swelling in pride that his son would get that tatoo.

"What about you?" Ulquiorra asked Haruki.

"Tch fuck you," responded Haruki," old man ain't gonna care if I got one since he won't notice it and like Ichigo can do anything about it. Shit's permantent ya know."

"Where is it?" asked Ulquiorra.

Haruki reposonded by giving Ulquiorra the middle finger. So Toichi reposnded for Haruki.

"His neck," whispered Toichi.

Once Toichi had muttered those words Haruki turned around and began to run but was too slow because Ulquiorra caught him by the scruff of his shirt and used the other hand to pull away the blue hair to see something that resembled Grimmjows tattoo on his lower right side of his neck.

"Aw don't get too mad," said Orihime," I think it's cute that they did that but Toichi your grounded for getting a tattoo without asking."

"Ha ha," said Haruki.

"Ichigo's going to ground you too," said Orihime.

"Pft yeah right," scoffed Haruki.

"How you hid your spiritual pressure so well I do not know," said Orihime.

Toichi hadn't mentioned that they had hidden their spiritual pressure by having the squad 12 captain make them something. Mayuri was happy to since they were espada soul reaper hybrids. It made Toichi shiver at the thought he planned on doing to them. Experiments after experiments if he managed to trick them. Ugh pure horror. That crazy man made him sick to his stomach. Though when Orihime decided on a punishment she said no television, no reading, only missions for him when they were given and he had to do chores using no powers. This left him nothing to do.

"Sometimes you can be so unfair," said Toichi..

"I could be worse," said Orihime," I could force you to have training by fighting against Kenpachi, Ikakku, and Ichigo. All by yourself. Oh and Byukuya."

"I guess your right," admitted Toichi.

No way in hell was he going against two captains. One who had bankai the other brute strength. Along with Ichigo and his vizard powers which made him on level with Toichi yet it made Ichigo ahead since Toichi did have a "bankai"but he prefered his release form and rarely used bakai. Then there was Ikakku. He wasn't a captain but Ichigo had told him once about the non captains who had achieved bankai. Ikakku being one of them. Now it was Toichi's turn to train. Kenpachi told him and Haruki that the two would be going to the world of the living. Slaying hollows and going to "school" like regular teenagers. Haruki had told Toichi school was a bitch though Toichi was grateful that Ichigo and Grimmjow were allowing him to stay at their house. All was good except man was Toichi nervous. He never stayed in the world of the living long enough where he would stay for months. Usually it was only a few days to check up on the town and do had also never gone to school in the world of the living so this scared the shit out of him. Leaving his mothers barracks Toichi headed home where he would back his bag, go to bed and then wake up in the morning to start his own adventure.

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