Sora was nervous for what he was about to do. Moving forward toward his brothers room. A place he had never intended to enter but when he saw the condition his brother was in before his mother had taken him away had made him worry. Though he had suffered multiple times he didn't want the ones he loved to be hurt. He may be an asshole but he wanted to change that because he wasn't happy that way. Opening the door Sora saw his mother kiss Toichi's forehead and when Sora noticed he was spotted he felt like he was intruding and began to shrink away from the door. Orihime left Toichi's room and looked at Sora.

"Your a good brother Sora," said Orihime," I know you care for him. Go see him."

Orihime placed a kiss on Sora's cheek.

This made Sora smile internally. No one had made him really smile yet but if he were to smile he wanted it to be a memory with his brother. Entering the room Sora silently moved to the bed where he got on and laid down having his brother in his arms.

"I'm sorry," whispered Sora," I know you can't hear me but I should tell you this anyways. I wish I could have saved you from this misery but you fate was sealed when we were young. I was weak and could not find another way to save you. This was your destiny but I changed it somewhat because had I not it would have been far worse. You probably think I'm nuts but I'm not. I'm a see er. I can predict the future and it hurts. Hurt to see someone identical to me yet he was not I. Had you not been with Hazel I would have never met you and Hazel and Aizen's demise may have never occurred...I'm wrong. You're strong and didn't need me. There demise would occur but I would forever be sealed away. I wish I could have done something but I'm an idiot and only hope you can one day forgive me."

Sora felt the aching pain in his heart as he was telling his brother these things. He wasn't a worthless bastard but compared to Toichi he felt like trash or a pet that had to be put down.

"I should really hate you but I don't," admitted Sora,"you had a childhood I never had. You had hugs, kisses, presents, birthday parties, friends. I had torture, darkness and blood. You got girls and now Haruki. I was the worthless whore who no one would have never noticed. When I told you of that blind women even those she was blind not once, not once had she ever looked in my direction or acknowledged me by name. It was always boy. I thought maybe she had never learned it but she had and never bothered to care. If I had fathers eye power I would show you the darkness. I had even been forced to sit in my own faeces and urine. God it stunk. I wanted to cry so bad...Wanted to kill Hazel but was too afraid to be alone in the world. You should hate me but I know your thinking the same thing to Haruki how he should hate you. I wish you'd stop that."

Images flashed in front of his eyes as he saw Hazel ranking her nails into his back for when he pleased her with multiple orgasms or when he had not and was beaten with a belt or bat. She had managed never to deliver killing blows or ones that caused brain damage but she was horrid and evil. Enjoying the pain as a young child would be curled in a ball begging for less. Haruki saw the scars on his wrist from when he was bound up from barbed wire.

"No woman will ever love me," whispered Sora.

Sora had stopped crying at nine and stopped begging for mercy once he was twelve. He knew to take his punishment in silence. Each stab or cut he never made a noise nor face as well as when Hazel fucked him. The only way he would speak was when she used her powers and that was when she was in a bad mood. Looking down at himself while holding his brother he thought about his chest and how bloodied it would be. The warmth of it while his body was so cold. Thats when he felt it. The first tear shed in over nine years and that pain racked through his body as he shook and cried.

Toichi felt the bed shake and his eyes opened and he sensed Sora. Heard his sobs and felt the tears and they slid down Soras' cheeks and on to him. Toichi moved to hug his brother.

"It's okay," Toichi whispered.

Sora paused for a moment but then buried his face in Toichi's neck as if he were hiding his shame. Toichi patted his brothers back. Knowing that one day this would happen. Toichi had heard some of the things his brother had said to him and felt truly sorry for Sora. Not furious but if he could help Sora he would and right now he needed Toichi.

"Our family is fucked," said Toichi.

Sora looked up at Toichi with his amethyst colored eyes. Tears sliding down his cheeks yet he managed to crack a smile.

"I'm sorry Onii- chan," said Sora.

"Its okay Ototo-chan," said Toichi," with a tortured past like yours if I could curse the fates themselves I would."

Sora sniffled," it's okay really. Being a psychic has some good things. I can always win the lottery."

Toichi knew he was trying to avoid a topic. Something Toichi knew that was bad about being able to see the future is if you couldn't change it in time to safe the ones you loved. While most people are surprised by death it followed Sora so he could never avoid it. Toichi could only take away so much pain. He felt guilty unable to help his brother as much as he wanted. Everyone had their limits.

"So how did your captains meeting go?" asked Sora.

"Soi Fon tried to kill me," said Toichi and snorted," she was even going to use Suzumibachi."

"Why does she hate you?" asked Sora.

"'Cause I'm a "mutt" according to her," said Toichi," tch she's just a wannabe royal who is obsessed with Yoroichi."

"I don't know who those people are," said a confused Sora.

"It's okay," said Toichi.

"I still don't want to join the thirteen court guard squad," said Sora," bunch of assholes wanting to fight me or insult me. My name is now know everywhere. Fucking soul reapers probably would kick my ass if our family weren't strong."

"good thing we're strong," said Toichi.

Haruki silently crept up and saw Orihime watching through the cracks of the door. She turned around her grey eyes looking directly at him. Orihime left without saying a word. Haruki watched the entire conversation Sora and Toichi had and now he understood. Understood Sora's pain and sorrow.

I've been such an asshole thought Haruki.

Entering the door to see Toichi holding his brother Haruki moved forward and before he knew it Toichi no longer held sorrow but Haruki was. Haruki leaned forward. At first not knowing what to say. The atmosphere became strange and Sora was somewhat worried not knowing what to do. Though he trusted that Haruki wouldn't kill him. He had no sword and if he were to use a cero he would have seen it. The only reason Sora had not seen it was because it was a spontaneous result of action.

"I'm sorry," said Haruki," don't be offended."

Sora had no idea what that meant until Haruki placed a friendly kiss on Sora's cheek. Sora looked up confused.

"You man have been somewhat of a jerk," said Haruki," but you have your reasons as have I. I don't want to fight anymore. Truce?"

"Truce," said Sora.

Sora's arm had then flexed forward and Haruki fell of the bed landing on his back. Anger creeping on his face. Before he could do anything Toichi was on his trying to hold him down.

"Now were even," said Sora and smiled.

Haruki smiled," Fuck you."

"i do recall you saying you don't do twins," said Sora," plus I don't need anything up my ass."

Haruki chuckled and got up. Sliding on to the bed where he had Toichi in his arms and Sora on his lap. It may not be the best of relationships but he didn't want to kill Sora. Not unless he planed on hurting his family. Sora was looking down as Toichi played with his hair. Haruki moved forward and kissed Toichi on the lips.

"Love you," breathed Haruki.

Tilting his head up Toichi kissed him back.

"I love you too," said Toichi.

Last chapter. My next story is Jinnosuke's story. I think I wanna call it Veleno. It means poison in italian or l' ultima risposta which means the last reply. they are both songs by Subsonica as well as tutti i miei sbgali. So tell me waht you think it should be. Veleno or l'ultima risposta