.:OMG Not Another Mary Sue One Piece Style:.

This is a sequal to OMG Not Another Mary Sue Pre Naruto Style, it will help if you click on my profile page and read OMG Not Another Mary Sue Ouran High Host Club and Pre Naruto first. But if you don't want to that's okay.

Anyway I enjoyed writing the first chapter, at first I was a bit worried it wasn't going to be as funny. But then an idea hit me! So just enjoy! -Shuridaru-chan-

Shura was floating around in the black abyss unable to make any sound about the immense pain she was feeling as her body healed her heart that was affected by the poison spore.

The pain began to dull and Shura started out into space dully, 'I wonder if my family notices I'm gone.' She thought curiously the sense of loneliness seeping into her brain; Shura sighed and then closed her eyes to sleep.

Elsewhere on Earth

Ben, Shura's little brother had been going through Shura's things to… erhm…. check to see if she left a note! About being gone, yeah a note. Anyway, he stumbled upon Shura's shonen jump which had the scene where Jiraiya was telling Naruto about his parents and their past and well. He dropped the book when Shura was mentioned.

At first Ben had thought that it was just a coincidence that a Naruto character was named Shura. But then it cut to a flash back and showed a team picture of Shibi, Shura, and Minato all standing together smiling.

"MOM!" Ben screamed finally about to vocalize what he had wanted to say, then ran out of the room with the shonen jump in hand.

As Shura was sleeping her body began to float towards a light that appeared in the abyss, the sound of the ocean could be heard and the smell of which could be smelt.

In Logue Town Smoker was enjoying a lazy day in his quarters until.


Something came flying through Smoker's window and landed straight in his lap after forcing him to fly against the wall.

"Huh…?" Smoker asked himself curiously, Marines who were outside heard and ran in.

"Captain Smoker!" The two yelled rushing in, the smoke cleared and they saw a strange girl in Smoker's lap asleep.

"Um… Didn't mean to interrupt." One of them said blushing embarrassed at the situation that seemed to be going on. Smoker made a grunting noise in annoyance at his underling suggesting that he had some sort of relationship with this girl. She couldn't have been older than seventeen!

"You weren't interrupting anything; she just came flying through my window randomly." Smoker corrected the two before they could start rumors that he had a Lolita complex.

"I apologize for jumping to conclusions captain." The marine who said that said quietly bowing. Just about then was when Shura woke up, "What? Oh I'm in another place, Oh well I'm going to go back to sleep." She said after sleepily looking around then flopping her head onto Smoker's shoulder and slowly closing her eyes.

Smoker stiffened up at this and stared at her not really knowing what to do.

Shura slowly opened her eyes again and stared at Smoker. "Hey you're kinda cute." She said still half asleep not realizing who she was talking to again.

The two marines who saw this began to snicker, Smoker turned pink at Shura's blunt comment. He seriously didn't know how to react to a girl ten years younger than him flirting with him.

"You make a good pillow too," Shura mumbled then sat up yawning. "Sorry for whatever a broke or any mental scaring I have caused." She said now staring Smoker straight in the face still not clicking that he was Smoker. Smoker took a long drag from his cigars; this girl was certainly interesting to say the least. But at least she apologized.

Smoker's eyes glanced over at the broken window. But still, that window coasts him 1,000,000 belis. Someone was going to have to pay for it.

"I'm Shura." Shura said deciding to introduce herself in her not fully awake mind. Smoker's attention went back to Shura. "Smoker." Smoker stated calmly, Shura froze for a moment.


Hadn't she heard of that name somewhere before? Smokey the bear? Nah, it was somewhere else. Wait! One Piece! That's where she heard it before! Shura looked at Smoker closely amazed at the resemblance between Smoker than this guy who happened to be named Smoker also.

'Wait a second….' Shura thought then she rubbed her eyes and looked around seeing marine banners and such. Shura's eyes widened 'SMOKER! OH SHIT!' She screamed in her mind then scrambled off of Smoker.

"Dude! I am so sorry! I didn't realize that you where Smoker when I called you cute! Well it's not like it's my fault, I blame your mother. But anyway! Sorry~!" Shura said bowing repeatedly, making the three men sweat drop at this.

Smoker chuckled amused and stood up, "its fine about that, however someone is going to have to pay for that window so you are now officially working for the marines as a cadet to pay off your debt." Smoker stated making Shura's jaw drop.

"WHAT!" She screamed making it echo throughout Logue Town.

Shura was now dressed in a marine uniform grumbling lowly to herself. "Damn Smoker and his stupid amazing abs and great ass." Shura grumbled only to be thwacked upside the head by Smoker himself.

"Stop talking about my body!" he shouted with a red face embarrassed that the girl his ten years junior was talking about him in such a manor. Shura adjusted her new hat and glared at him "Well if you didn't wear your damn jacket like that I wouldn't fucking notice and what's up with the Steven Tyler pants! Anyone can tell if you get an errec-." Shura said but was cut off by a very curious Smoker.

"Who's Steven Tyler?" he questioned curiously, Shura blinked then grinned "A rock star, well it has been debated by many women if he was a Greek god in a past life of his." She explained cheekily making Smoker sweat drop, "Fifty push-ups." He demanded pointing at the ground, Shura just grinned.

"Aw Smokey if you wanted to see my ass you could've just looked behind me when I wasn't looking, instead you go through all this trouble! Aren't you the sweetest?" She teased the older man with a playful but joking wink; Smoker was taken off guard for a moment then yelled "O-One hundred!"

"You must like me a lot~!" Shura sang being her usual self, "Two hundred!" "Okay two hundred it is! Do you want me to do it really fast or tease you by going slow?" "T-T-Three hundred!" "Slow it is!"

In a couple of hours Shura seemed to finish the three hundred push-ups without a problem.

'Jiraiya must of really taught me something because normally I wouldn't be able to do that.' She thought amazed at her own ability, and then she stood up and dusted her hands off. Shura looked over at Smoker and smiled "Enjoy the show?" She teased seeing the look on his face. Smoker turned a deep shade of red at this.

"I am not into younger women!" He shouted at Shura wanting her to stop teasing him like that. The marines will start to think there is something going on. "That's what they all say." Shura said brushing him off then began to walk off then stopped "Ne, Smokey where will I be staying and where's the kitchen at?" Shura asked, Smoker sighed maybe it was a bad idea to let a strange girl who came flying through his window into the marines.

After being shown where the kitchen was and where she'd be staying. Shura ate and then went to her room. Shura slipped off her new Marine issued boots and took off the hat. She flopped down on her cot and stared at the ceiling.

"Minato." Shura said out loud to herself, "I'll keep my promise, you'll see." She said as if she was talking to Minato face to face. With that Shura feel asleep.