New Year feared for her life at that very moment of time, and that very moment of time consisted of her neck being held in the grip of a crazed teen girl who was out for blood as she bashed New Year's head into the ground.

New Year was in immense pain at that very moment and could barely hear have of the things that Shura was growling out that she'd do to her. She faintly heard something about a ladle, women's clothing, and someone named Smoker, a hammer, a barrel of monkeys and a shot gun through her pain.

She clearly needed to do something to get out of this position and then she'd have a fighting chance. New Year then was punched in the face so hard that it turned her head and she looked and saw the sand.

Sand! Of course! It was playing dirty but, she needed to get out of it. So reaching over and grabbing a hand full of sand she then threw it in Shura's face before she blacked out.

Shura tumbled back now with sand in her eyes and some in her lungs, New Year scrambled out from under Shura and laughed as loudly as she could after being choked and said.

"T-That did not hurt at all weakling! You may have had the upper hand for a small time however that will not happen anymore!" The red haired woman proclaimed as Shura rubbed her eyes trying to get the sand out. "For I am one of the strongest out of all of my people!" New Year proclaimed getting more and more confident as moments passed by.

Shura slowly stood up trying not to fall over because of her lack of sight. "You really think that I give a flying FUCK about that?!" Shura shouted at New Year with her eyes squinted shut. Shura gave another wipe to her eyes and then she opened them. New Year stepped back and then sputtered out "Y-Yo-You sh-should!"

Shura glared harshly at her, "I don't, what do care about is the constant grief and guilt of which I've felt ever sense I've arrived here. That very thing has been eating away at my insides of ages now! But… Now that I've found who's responsible for this. I can take at least some pleasure in knowing that I'm going to make something eats you alive from the inside as well!" Shura shouted with her a flame with wrath that could match the merciless eyes of a demon.

New Year's eyes widened in horror as Shura thrust her hands forward in a claw like motion gripping onto her chest and her stomach and Shura said this, "Die, you bitch. Kanzenchōaku: Zaiaku-kan no hebi!"

Shura then left go as Miss New Year stood there for a moment feeling fine until, she let out a blood curling scream and collapsed to the ground. Shura stood there and watched as she saw the snakes ravage New Year from under the skin. Normally she would be frightened and disgusted but oddly enough in this case she was rather, fascinated by it.

"Pl-Pleas..Please. He…Help me!" New Year begged holding on to the last strands of life in her body as she was being eaten alive by these snakes. Shura smiled and leaned down "Beg for it like a little bitch you are." She said as New Year teared up "PLEASE!" She begged screaming as Shura smiled then said "Hell no." as New Year's eyes widened in horror. "But I ca-an tell you about the people who sent me!" She exclaimed as Shura chuckled amused at the begging of a dying dog. "Don't care." She said and then New Year let out one final scream and then she was dead. Shura stood up straight and sighed roughly.

She didn't like the fact that she had just killed someone, however. She could justify it and say she was an avenger of her own blood being shed, seeing how her next of kin was obviously unable to do it.

Shura stood there staring at the blood spot in the sand were New Year's body used to be and then ran her fingers through her hair.

"Ha~ sometimes I scare myself! I hate getting that mad!" Shura said to herself then she looked at her hand which was glowing bright gold. "Looks like it's time to leave." Shura said as the world around her became white as a blank sheet of paper. "Strange…" Shura said then she turned around and saw Luffy and this time, it was the real Luffy.

"Shura?" Luffy said looking around as Shura blinked "What are you doing here? I'm getting ready to jump!" Shura exclaimed as Luffy shrugged. "Dunno." Shura then sighed but shrugged as well. She might as well use this as a chance to say goodbye.

"Hey Luffy," Shura said catching Luffy's attention as he looked around scratching his head swearing up and down he had just finished fighting the "Stupid banana crocodile man." "What?" Luffy questioned turning to Shura who smiled at his stupidity.

She knew very well it would be something she missed about this world. "You know I'm going to leave this world right?" Shura said as Luffy tilted his head to the side curiously. "That means I can't be your nakama anymore." Shura deadpanned as Luffy stared at her then hit her on the head. "Hey!" Shura exclaimed as Luffy said "Baka Shura, of course we're still going to be nakama!" He said as Shura rubbed her head. "I meant I can't sail with you!" Shura exclaimed with tears on the rim of her eyes. Luffy had just hit a sore spot own her head.

"Just because you're not on the ship doesn't mean we can't be nakama." Luffy said as if it was the simplest thing in the world. Shura sighed "Touché." She said admitting defeat to Luffy's logic. Luffy then smiled at Shura "I guess this means goodbye then!" He announced as Shura grinned back and grabbed his hand. "How about see you later?" Shura suggested as Luffy grinned gripping her hand tightly.

"See you later then!" He said as Shura nodded "Oh Luffy, when I see you again I'm kicking your ass for messing with my bag again!" Shura shouted as Luffy faded slowly and Luffy laughed "I'll be looking forward to it!" He shouted as distance seemed to grow larger between the two kindred spirits.

Shura smiled happy that this ending in her time in this world wasn't heart breaking. But rather heartwarming, and she slowly closed her eyes as darkness surrounded her.

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