Dear my faithful Readers,

I wanted to apologize for not updating this story, Inuyasha: Morning Star, for several months and wanted to thank you at the same time for your unlimited patience and faithfulness in reading my story. However I hate to be the bringer the bad news but here it is; I have lost my inspiration and motivation to continue writing this story despite the fact it is near its close.

Let me explain! I undoubtedly love my cherished character Hoshiko as much as all of you and she has earned her place as one of my star OC's, I have found her to be a great inspiration in her nature and beliefs. However, the main reason is because I have quite unhappy with her story and am disappointed with certain parts and facts of my writing. No less there has been changes in Hoshiko's story and that my old fashioned writing disturbs me to the point I cannot bear to continue writing. I just cannot continue when I know there are mistakes. I sadly, am a perfectionist and with the knowledge her story is now incorrect, cannot force myself to keep writing it anyway and correct it later.

So, I have come up with one possible solution that I am happy with and I can only hope you will be pleased by the news. I am going to rewrite the entire story of Inuyasha: Morning Starand correct every error and fix my writing style (which has improved). Hoshiko's story will continue I promise! I have vowed to myself my next project the next few weeks is going to be rewriting this story and sadly, I will delete this story and repost it with its new glory and corrected to fit my satisfaction. I hope you will continue watching me and look for when the new Inuyasha: Morning Star is published. I hope you will forgive me for failing to keep posting but hopefully be happy with the fact her story won't go unfinished or incorrect. And I honestly do want to get this story freaking done since I've been working on it for two years and I'll bet you all want to see a conclusion with Hoshiko. Don't worry; she'll get her story's end! She deserves it from all your love and support for her which has inspired me greatly as her creator.

I also wished to inform you I will be changing my user name which will occur within time - I have yet to decide on one but until then, I will still be known as BronzeStar47.

I send my love and gratitude,