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Marik ran through the hallways, swearing in multiple languages. English, Egyptian and wow...was that Japanese? It wasn't entirely Marik's fault...okay so it was. First day as an official student at Domino high and he'd slept in. You knew it was gonna happen.

He looked at the time table, trying to figure out which room he was meant to be in. if he was next to 8-D now, it should be across the hall. Marik turned, only to find 9-D. Groaning, he turned to his last resort.

/Malik, blow up the school at will/ Wild laughter came through the mind link.

/But your education is so important!/

/Of course, blow up everything I don't want destroyed but when I ask for your talents.../

/My purpose is to annoy you, host/ The link closed, leaving a very annoyed Marik and an amused Malik somewhere in his soul room.

"These classrooms are so freaking stupid!"

"MARIK ISHTAR!" The said boy froze in fear, before slowly turning to face the creature of his nightmares. The woman had greying hair and more wrinkles than a pug. A hideous purple swearer finished the ensemble, plus a pair of glasses that looked like they'd been dug up with the dinosaurs. Yes...the horrible, monstrous, terrifying...MATHS TEACHER!

"Yes ma'am?"

"You're late! Get in here!" Marik ran into the class, fearing the old hag was probably armed with a ruler. A snicker came from behind him, and Marik turned to see 5 faces all too familiar. Yugi Muto, Ryou Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor. All. In. His. Class.

"My life is over." Tristan and Joey were laughing that hard it looked like they would fall off their chairs, and Marik hoped they would.

"Class!" Everyone suddenly sat up straight, and the room fell silent. "This is Marik Ishtar. Play nice, and maybe he'll survive for a day. Ryou Bakura!" The albino nearly jumped out of his skin, before replying.


"Watch Mr. Ishtar and make sure he isn't late to any more classes. Ishtar." She turned to Marik, who stiffened under her glare like a vulture's; waiting for her prey to drop. "Introduction."

"My name is Marik Ishtar. This is the first school I've never been to and right now I hope this one doesn't kill me." Marik somehow said it all in one breath, all the words jumbling together. Most of the other students looked oddly at the Egyptian, but the teacher didn't seem to care.

"Spare seat next to Bakura. MOVE!" Marik almost ran to the desk, sliding into the chair. Ryou smiled slightly, before turning back to the witch. "Everyone! Text books, page 195. Algebra!" No one dared to groan, grabbing the books and turning to the demanded page almost simultaneously. Ryou elbowed Marik, passing him a folded note. He took the torn corner of a book, opening it under the desk.

There's hope for you yet

Marik shook his head in doubt, before looking through the questions.

Alright... 5(x-4) - 12 = 20- 8+ 6

"What… the hell?" 25 pairs of eyes glared over at the Ishtar.

/It's simple. The point of the question is to find out what number x is. The answer is the same as 20-8+6 so it would equal 18. Then you-/

/Lost me at x/ A groan came from the mind link as the millennium rod, that had been hiding in Marik's bag, glowed. Ryou held back a squeal as Malik took control of the other. Looking over the sheet once, Malik held back a sigh.

/A 5 year old could do this/ Within 2 minutes, the yami walked towards the woman at the front, sliding the page under right her nose. All eyes followed him as he sat back at the desk. A small glow came from the desk and Marik found himself forced back into control. He grabbed the table, hoping it might cause the room to stop spinning. Ryou eyed him suspiciously, but all Marik could do was shrug.

/And that was?/


The teacher grabbed a correction pen, slowly flicking through the answers. Her eyes widened considerably, and she walked back to Marik's desk, placing the sheet upside down on the table.

"Very good Ishtar, you might not fail my class after all." The hag walked back to her magazine, and Marik turned the page over hesitantly. Ryou looked over his shoulder, and both we're shocked to see a bunch of red ticks...and not a cross in sight. Ryou stared at the sheet, before whispering.

"Is your yami a super genius?"

"I honestly didn't know." The pair sat in silence while Ryou tried to finish the page of questions, coming to a pause about halfway through.

"...Trade yamis?" Yugi swayed back on his chair, leaning against Marik's table and joining the whispered conversation.

"No trading yamis. And if we are, Malik's doing my homework." The bell rang signalling class's end and many relieved students ran out to meet friends for lunch. Marik walked with Yugi and Ryou, who were soon joined by Joey and Tristan. Joey slang his arm around Marik's neck.

"Why, if id isn't me pal Marik!" Tristan joined in the welcome.

"Yeah, I mean we haven't seen you since Egypt man!" Marik grinned nervously, it was true he had been avoiding the gang since the pharaoh decided to stay in the present...he was still ashamed of what his darker half had done, or tried to.

"Yeah...Long time no see?"

"I'll say." Everyone started walking off, before realising Yugi had dropped out of the conversation.

"Com' on Yug!" The tri-colored haired boy shook his head, before catching up with the others.

"What words of wisdom did 'his royal highness' have to say today?" Yugi looked up at the brunette, and even though he'd have a growth spurt recently he was still the midget of the group.

"Tristan, you know he said if you ever call him that again his will get you when you least expect it." Tristan shrugged it off, as Yugi turned to Marik. "Yami says welcome back to Domino and the current record is destroying 6.5 things on the first day, set by Yami Bakura."

"Wait, he couldn't have said all that just then!" Yugi turned back the brunette.

"No, he said he'd get you the time before last." Marik grinned, before realising what he'd just heard.

"6.5?" Ryou sighed, wondering why he had to get the yami that was neither kind nor smart.

/I heard that!/ The albino rolled his eyes.

"He only burned down 'half' the gym." Marik held back a laugh, and Yugi sweatdropped.

"Personally I wouldn't of mind had he burned it completely down."

"Aw come 'ere Yug." Joey grabbed the boy and gave him world's biggest noogie, talking to Yugi like he was a baby. "You're just jealous that we can run faster than you." Yugi tried to escape from the blonde grasp, and Joey let the shorter boy go.

"I grew two inches last summer!"

"Yeah, but we're still faster than you, stronger than you, have better aim-" Yugi sighed, elbowing the teen.

"We get the picture." Marik smiled; maybe high school wasn't all that bad.

"Yugi could still kick all your butts at duel monsters." Yugi grinned at the Egyptian, while Joey pouted.

"That really hurt Marik, really hurt." Marik rolled his eyes, while Joey failed at playing the sympathy card. The bell rang and Marik jumped, covering his ears. At some time during the conversation, he'd accidentally stepped right under the speaker and got hit with the full volume of the annoying tone. The others laughed at him, while Marik frowned. Joey pat the blonde on the back.

"Don't worry Marik, ya gonna fit in just fine."

"Great..." Ryou, being the more organized one of the group, pulled out his timetable and grinned sarcastically, turning to Yugi.

"Guess what Yugi, your favourite subject." The shorter boy paled, stepping backwards.

"No, nononononno." Joey and Tristan seemed to glow in happiness.

"Sport!" The pair started running off. "Physical education. Helps up improve coordination. Can you feel the admiration-" Yugi groaned as the others vanished from sight, and the hikaris started heading towards the gym. Yugi looked over at Ryou.

"What's your excuse this time?" Marik looked at the albino and was shocked when he pulled out a note.

Please excuse Ryou Bakura from all sports on account he has injured his ankle.

The note was signed by the albino's father, who Marik knew was in Egypt at the moment on an archaeological dig.

"How'd you get your fathers signature?" Ryou shrugged.

"I forged it." Marik raised an eyebrow.

"Your yami did?"

"No, I did it." The Egyptian couldn't believe it. Kind and quiet Ryou, forging signatures to get out of P.E.

"That's amazing!" Even though he shouldn't have been encouraging his friend, it was a brilliant forgery. Ryou smiled sweetly, making it even harder to believe it was actually him that did it and not his thief of a yami.

"Thank you." Yugi pouted again.

"I failed at writing grandpa's signature, can you write me a note Ryou?" The albino shook his head sadly.

"Sorry Yugi, I tried last night but it's impossible. I can't mimic a bunch of scribbles." Yugi sighed.

"Thanks for trying." They arrived at the gym, and Marik grinned as he saw where they'd had to rebuild the gym after Bakura's 'accident'. Yugi just shook his head.

"I still don't know how they managed to rebuild it so quickly." Marik turned to the shorter boy.

"When'd he burn it down?"

"Last week." Yugi and Ryou replied in unison. Marik's eyes widened as he eyeballed the structure, as if it was going to fall down and crush him at any minute.

"I hate this place." Yugi turned and smiled sadly at the blonde.

"See. We told you you'd fit right in?"