Yami's eyes widened, blood rushing from his face as he recognized the horrifically familiar voice. "I'm going to enjoy killing you. It's going to be slow. And painful. And bloody. "As Bakura slowly moved to try and get behind the girl Yami's only option to try and keep her talking, which was easy considering all the questions he had to ask.

"How did you get here Anat? I thought you died."

"Oh I did. I died 5000 years ago. My soul went to the shadow realm in tiny little pieces, but when you did your little time travel trick there was enough shadow magic left for me to put myself back together again. Time continued as normal after you left, and I didn't change a thing."

"Then you're an idiot." The girl growled under her breath and pushed the gun further into his back. Yami winced, and Mokuba whimpered while hiding behind Seto. The sound caught the girl's attention and she dropped her guard for a second, long enough for Bakura to tackle her, knocking the gun out of her hands before swinging her over his shoulder. Malik grabbed the gun but Yami confiscated it immediately as Bakura dragged the girl out kicking and screaming.

Malik decided to follow out of curiosity, and after checking the others were okay Yami quickly caught up with him, finally seeing how Anat had aged over the past years. Her skin was possibly even paler than his, her blonde curly hair now almost double the length it used to be. Her eyes were still red, but a hazel colour was visible behind it. She wore a simple purple shirt, long dark jeans and a black coat similar to Bakura's old one. The blonde girl was sitting on a couch, Bakura having a firm grip on her shoulder that noticeably tightened as the other two walked over. Yami glared at her and she grinned, almost no trace of sanity left in her eyes.

"What was that?"

"I want you dead Atem."

"Well that's not going to happen."

"You deserve to die!" Bakura hit her over the head and she glared at him.

"Calm down." She froze, looking at the white haired boy eyes wide with horror and anger.

"Seriously? I spend ten thousand years in the shadow realm to find out you guys are just peachy?!"

"Ten thousand years?"

"When you guys left the past you just jumped back to this time period. I had to watch the world for 5000 years again." The girl groaned and buried her head in her hands, cursing under her breath. "No point now considering you two are getting along, I hate you all." Yami felt a little sympathetic for Anat, but she did just hold a gun to his back and he wasn't forgiving her anytime soon.

"I have one more question Anat, how do you have a body?"

"I got trapped in an item second time around." The blonde said matter of factly.

"Which item?"

"Millennium Cartouche." She said grinning a little too proudly.

"There's no such thing!" The other three almost jumped at Malik's sudden rage, but remembering the circumstances of his part reincarnation it's understandable why he'd get defensive. Anat smirked pulling a silver chain out from under her shirt, Yami's fists clenching until his knuckles turned white.

"There is after Atem's pretty name was put on it."

"Where did you get that?"

"Meh, when you went back in time your conscience returned to the present, but time continued as usual. For some reason the cartouche stayed around your neck and you never noticed. I trapped you in the puzzle, psychical form poofed but the cartouche survived, your name giving it enough," The blonde did the stereotypical jazz hands. "Magic, for my soul to be linked to it. I wasn't in the item like you guys but with a bit of help I was summoned out of the shadow realm and tied to it." Yami raised an eyebrow.

"Bit of help?" Anat smirked, the cartouche glowing brightly. Feature changed, curly hair turning to almost dead straight. Blonde changed to brown and red eyes faded to another shade of brown. Her eyes were wide and innocent like a hikari's eyes should be, but when she leaned back crossing her arms the mischievous and cocky glint was obvious.

"I'm Alison. Just Alison."

"Alison? The duelist?" Bakura raised an eyebrow as Yugi suppressed the pharaoh back into the puzzle, but had a slight idea the pharaoh was allowing it when the brunette girl seemed to loosen up.

"Yep that's me. It's nice to finally meet you Yugi Muto. Still the king of games?" The last line sounded more like a statement then a question, but it was enough to make Yugi blush.

"Really it's only a title that means very little to me."

"Don't let Kaiba hear you say that." Both laughed and Bakura coughed, the situation suddenly turning serious. The brunette girl frowned slightly.

"Now I ask the questions. Why didn't AJ kill you?"

"A little bit of convincing."

"She still sounds pretty blood thirsty." Yugi laughed nervously, tapping the puzzle out of habit.

"I'm sure she does."

"So you're the thief guy?" Bakura looked insulted.


"Alright." Alison laughed and Bakura glared but it wasn't his usual 'you piss me off' glare, it was simply 'shut up or else'. Yugi grinned and friendly shook her hand.

"Well I'm Yugi and the pharaoh likes being called Yami now. The thief as she called him goes by Bakura and his lighter side is Ryou. Malik is the psychopath and Marik is the only hikari to willingly be the villain."

"I'm Alison and this is AJ. We're both the psychopaths."

"Nice to meet you." The cartouche glowed quickly, AJ grinning as her grip tightened around Yugi's hand.

"Nice to meet you too Mr Muto." The puzzle glowed and Yami glared back at the blonde, laced in venom.

"If you ever hurt Yugi I will snap that pretty little chain and throw you to the bottom of the ocean."

"And wouldn't it be tragic if one of the puzzle pieces went missing and little Yugi didn't get it back until his final moments, you escaping just long enough to see him take his last dying breath." Bakura pushed them apart from each other, hitting both over the head.

"Both of you cut it out." Malik watched the scene, crossing his arms in thought.

"I'm sensing a lot of sexual tension in this group." The other three glared at him, screaming his name as though a warning shot. He chuckled, smiling innocently. "Well I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but we kinda left the others in there by themselves, and since Kaiba's paying I think it would be nice to let Marik have a free game." The yami quickly retreated into his item and Bakura chucked as Marik took over.

"What's up with the psychopath?"

"He doesn't want his butt kicked again." Bakura shrugged and let Ryou take over, the two hikaris turning to enter the laser tag area, but when Yugi and the new hikari Alison didn't follow they had to stop. Yami and AJ were glaring at each other angrily, the girl speaking first.

"Alison doesn't take over until the pharaoh leaves."

"I am not leaving Yugi with this psychopath." Marik groaned.

"Both of you go back in your items both of you." Both glared a response and Ryou sighed.

"Please?" AJ stared at the white haired boy for a minute as though studying him, before smirking at Yami.

"Fine, I'll do it because I'm not the immature one."

"What'd you just call me?!" The cartouche glowed and Alison smiled back at Yami innocently, the pharaoh rolling his eyes before letting Yugi take over. For a minute there was awkward silence, but Marik was getting impatient.

"Laser tag! Now!" Ryou grinned.

"Game on."