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E.A. Michael

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"10" Kurt stumbled around feeling the alcohol in his system affect his balance. He had to get to Blaine before the clock struck midnight. They had gotten separated when Jared had forced Kurt into a conversation while Blaine went to get them another glass of champagne.

"7" Kurt knew Jared was following him but he didn't make the connection between the time and the conversation they just had. Well screaming match is more like it but Kurt didn't want to admit that he was yelling at anyone, even if he was drunk.

"4" Kurt looked around frantically looking for his boyfriend through the huge crowd of dancing teenagers. He could barely see even if there were no teenagers around him. The room was so dark and the only lights were black lights. He knew Blaine was wearing a white v-neck shirt but so were the majority of the party attendees.

"2" Shit. Kurt only had one more second until the ball dropped and it was officially the New Year. He wanted his first ever New Year's kiss to be with the boy he loved. He knew he shouldn't have let Blaine go off to get them drinks when it was so close to midnight.

"1" Kurt felt himself get spun around and felt lips meet his while others in the room yelled "Happy New Year!" He knew this wasn't Blaine, he knew that he shouldn't be kissing this mysterious person but he was drunk and at the moment wasn't thinking straight. When the kiss ended a few seconds later, he opened his eyes to see who ended up kissing him. It was Jared. Kurt's eyes narrowed and he reached up to slap the boy but Jared was too quick. He grabbed Kurt's arm and used it to pull Kurt close to him again.

It was then Kurt realized who was behind Jared. The strobe lights were flashing and he saw his face. He saw the disappointed and confused look in his eyes. It was as if he couldn't believe what he just saw. He couldn't believe that Kurt would do that to him. After all they had been through he couldn't believe that Kurt, his Kurt, would cheat on him.

Kurt shoved Jared out of his way and ran to Blaine but in his drunken haze he tripped and Blaine mechanically threw his arms out to catch his boyfriend… ex-boyfriend. Kurt looked up at Blaine through his dark eyelashes and for a moment Blaine's heart softened but then the picture of Kurt kissing Jared of all people appeared in his head and his eyes hardened again and he let go of Kurt.

"Blaine I…" Kurt stumbled out but Blaine held his hand up.

"I don't want to hear it Kurt. You knew. You knew how I felt about you being around him and now you kiss him. On New Years. This was supposed to be our night." Blaine hissed at his boyfriend. "Ex-boyfriend" he had to remind himself.

"But Blaine I didn't. I would never! He kissed me I was trying to find you!" Kurt slurred out. He then realized how much alcohol he had actually consumed that night... in preparation for what he and Blaine were planning.

"Yeah like I'm going to believe that Kurt, especially after I have repeatedly caught you two flirting in the hallways" Blaine murmured, "Kurt I can't do this. We are…" he sighed rubbing his face. He looked at his hands like just realized that he had dropped the two champagne flutes when he saw them kiss "Kurt we are through. I don't want to be around you" Blaine stormed off and shrugged Kurt's hand off of him. He opened the door to the apartment and walked out leaving Kurt stunned behind him.

Two Weeks Earlier

"Kurt! Blaine is here!" Kurt smiled as his father called up the stairs for him. He looked in the mirror for what had to be the tenth time in two hours. He couldn't stop beaming at the thought of his very attractive boyfriend at the bottom of the stairs waiting to take them on their nine month anniversary date. He couldn't believe that it had been nine months. The best nine months of Kurt's life. The time had flown by so quickly but at the same time Kurt felt like he had known Blaine for years.

He looked in the mirror one last time and smoothed out the imaginary wrinkles on the latest Marc Jacobs jacket. He slowly walked down the stairs knowing that the wait would drive Blaine crazy and when Blaine was crazy, well let's say he would do some very good things to Kurt. When he got to the last step Blaine turned from where he was talking to Burt and beamed at Kurt. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have such an amazing boyfriend. Blaine walked over to Kurt and took his hands and gave him a quick peck knowing that Burt would be watching them. As happy as Burt was that Kurt was finally in a relationship with a boy that seemed to really like him, and as okay as he was with is son being gay, Burt still wasn't comfortable with seeing them kiss any longer than a few seconds.

"We will be back before midnight dad" Kurt smiled and waved at his father as he and Blaine headed out the door. Burt had extended his curfew on account of how important he knew this was to his son. He never thought his son would find someone who cared about him this early, that every month was a blessing in his eyes. They climbed into Blaine's 1967 Mustang that he had restored himself and when they were finally alone Blaine leaned over to give his boyfriend a proper kiss.

"Mmm… I missed you" Kurt smiled into the kiss and he felt Blaine chuckle against his lips.

"Kurt it has been two days" Blaine stated as he pulled away. Kurt raised one of his delicate eyebrows and Blaine sighed "Fine, I missed you too". He gave him another quick kiss which led Kurt to whimper when Blaine pulled away. Blaine put both hands on the steering wheel, closed his eyes and took a deep breath trying to control the problem that the noises Kurt was making created. Even though they had been dating for nine months they had never gone farther than some heavy making out and some touching outside of the clothes. Kurt wanted to wait and was still nervous about the whole idea of anything further than what they had already done. Blaine respected this and loved Kurt way too much to pressure him into anything.

"Are we going to the restaurant now or not" Kurt smirked knowing what he did to Blaine, having felt it on his stomach or leg many times. Blaine just nodded and began driving to the restaurant and by the time they had arrived Blaine's 'problem' had subsided. They walked into the nice little Italian restaurant, holding hands despite the glare that the hostess gave them. They were used to this and just shrugged it off and sat in the booth that the she led them too. Their feet automatically found each other's and tangled together under the table. They quickly ordered and when the food arrived Kurt had an idea.

Kurt let out moans and sighs as he sipped the soup off of the spoon. He looked across the table and saw Blaine's eyes widen and saw his adam's apple bob as the swallowed. Blaine crossed his legs and but his utensils down not trusting his hands to have any control.

"Um Kurt. What are you doing?" Blaine whimpered. He blushed as the sound of his voice but he really couldn't control what was happening.

"I am just eating my soup Blaine. Is there a problem" Kurt stated as he looked Blaine across the table. Blaine swore he saw a glimmer of mischief in Kurt's otherwise innocent eyes. He shook his head and attempted to control his breathing and tried to eat as Kurt continued to make very interesting noises. Eventually he just gave up as his problem continued to grow, and waved the waiter over.

"I think we will take the check now. We are in a bit of a hurry" Blaine choked out as he felt his face redden. He quickly took and paid the check with cash so that the waiter did not have to run his card or do anything that would take any longer than necessary. "Keep the change" he said as he pulled a shocked Kurt out of the booth and drug him to the car.

"Kurt why the hell would even make those sounds. In public?" Blaine hissed before grabbing Kurt's collar and pulling him into a deep kiss. He sighed happily as he felt Kurt respond just as enthusiastically and began sucking on Kurt's bottom lip before urging his tongue into the sweet warmth that was Kurt's mouth. Kurt breathed in deeply through his nose as he kissed back, their tongues wrestling each other's and began to run his hands underneath Blaine's shirt and over his 6-pack, letting out a muffled moan when he felt Blaine's hands running down his thighs.

"We can't do this in a car Blaine and you know it." Kurt whispered against his partner's lips not wanting to break away but knowing that Blaine's house was empty and that there was a nice big bed waiting for them. Blaine's eyes lit up as he pulled away and started the car. He reached over and held onto Kurt's hand knowing that there needed to be some sort of connection or he might go crazy. It was already hard enough to think with all of the blood that had left his brain and he was afraid that if he didn't hold onto someone that he wouldn't have remained ground and probably would have just jacked off right there and then. But no. He wanted to feel Kurt's hand on him and the mere thought of that made him harder than before which he believed to be impossible.

Kurt had never seen Blaine drive so fast, breaking at least five laws, and it scared and excited him at the same time. He knew exactly was Blaine was feeling seeing as his own problem was rapidly getting bigger and bigger as he thought about what was about to happen. He really hoped that no police were around. How were they to explain the fact that Blaine was driving so fast. "Sorry officer we just want to get back to my boyfriend's house so I can fuck him". Kurt didn't think that this would go over too well and breathed a sigh of relief as they arrived at Blaine's house. Blaine parked the car and dragged Kurt out of the car and ran to his front door fumbling with the keys. He dropped them and Kurt couldn't help but giggle. Blaine 'glared' at him before finally opening the door. He pulled Kurt in and slammed him against the back of the door, effectively closing it at the same time.

Blaine wanted to hear those sweet noises coming out of Kurt's mouth again so he began nipping at his neck and sucking his collarbone.

"Fuck Blaine" Kurt groaned as he tossed his head to the side and gave Blaine more room to work with. He began unbuttoning the shorter boy's shirt and tossed it to the side as Blaine pulled his shirt apart, not even bothering with unbuttoning the buttons.

"Blaine that was a brand new Alexander McQueen. Do you know how much that cost me?"

"I'll buy you a new one" Blaine grumbled before leading them both upstairs and to his bedroom. He tossed the pale boy onto the bed before climbing on top of him and began kissing down his chest. Kurt was making those amazing noises again and Blaine began to slide of Kurt's skinny jeans. This was the farthest they had ever gone. Normally Kurt would stop Blaine way before this but he seemed to be enjoying this too much to even think about being nervous. Blaine slid his hands over his partner's boxers, paying special attention to his hardened cock. Kurt through back his head and let out a very loud moan which made Blaine's cock twitch in his pants. He needed relief and looked up to Kurt who understood and reached down to slide Blaine's pants off and saw the huge tent that had formed in the darker boy's boxers. He smirked and began rubbing his boyfriend's dick from the outside focusing on the head and smiling as he felt Blaine's boxers getting wet with pre-cum.

Blaine moaned loudly and thrust his dick into Kurt's hand surprising himself. He climbed on top of the taller boy lining their dicks up and grinding his into Kurt's. They both groaned at the contact and began to move in sync.

"Fuck me…please" Kurt whimpered into his boyfriend's ear, nipping at his earlobe. Blaine looked at him shocked and stopped moving his hips beginning to pull away.

"Kurt. I can't we said… we are going to wait" Blaine pulled away and slid off his boyfriend rolled over so he was lying next to the now pouting boy.

"I know what I said but…" Kurt sighed "I love you and I just want to be close to you" he pouted and felt tears prickling his eyes.

"Hey baby don't cry. It is really okay. I know you don't want to go farther and I am not going to force you" He smiled at the sad boy next to him "I love you too and we don't have to have sex just to be close. I think we are very close, closer than I am with anyone, and how long have we waited to have sex?" He wrapped his arms around Kurt knowing that the moment was over and there would be no more action tonight so he settled on cuddling with his boyfriend instead.

"I guess you are right" Kurt sniffled leaning into Blaine's body, "I just wanted it to be a special night." He sighed, "Blaine I am ready though. I am ready to take that next step. I want to be with you fully."

Blaine smirked "I want to be with you too but I would like to make it really special for you. And for me I suppose. I mean it is going to be both of our first times." He glanced over at the clock, "Besides I need to take you home if I would like to see you again before school starts in January. I would rather your father not ban you from seeing me because I brought you home too late".

Kurt smiled at his boyfriend and gave him a kiss, "Well I guess you better get me home, we wouldn't want my dad to bring out his shotgun now would we?" With that Blaine's eyes widened and he jumped out of the bed pulling on his pants. He pulled Kurt out of bed.

"Come on Kurt! We need to go!" Kurt laughed as he followed Blaine down the stairs and handed him the shirt that he had taken off before picking up his own shirt or rather what was left of it.

"Damn it Blaine. Look at my poor shirt. What am I supposed to tell my dad?" Kurt sighed as he held up his shirt.

"Yeah… sorry about that babe" he looked innocently at his boyfriend, "Um well you were wearing a jacket right? How about you just button that all the way up?" He suggested shrugging his shoulders. "I promise I will buy you a new one though." Kurt followed his advice and buttoned his very fashionable jacket all the way up with the shirt unbuttoned but underneath it. He and Blaine walked out to the car holding hands and began the half hour drive back to the Hummel household.

When they arrived it was still only quarter til midnight so Blaine parked the car and turned to Kurt. "What are you doing for New Year's?" Kurt looked surprised and turned to him and shrugged.

"I don't know, probably just hanging out at home, maybe I will have Mercedes over." He looked at his boyfriend curiously, "Why? Did you have something else in mind?"

"Well Wes and David are having a party and they wanted me to come and were hoping that I would bring you." He smiled and held onto Kurt's hand, "I was hoping that you would want to come as my date since it is our first new year's together" He smiled hopefully giving his best puppy dog eyes. Kurt smiled brightly and leaned over to give Blaine a quick kiss.

"I would love to Blaine". And he really would. He knew how much he missed the Dalton boys and imagined that it would be even worse for Blaine. Blaine had transferred to McKinley the beginning of senior year and after spending two years at Dalton and with the Warblers, Kurt could only imagine that Blaine was missing them terribly. He headed out of the car noticing that it was getting closer and closer to midnight.

Blaine smiled at him and got out of the car with him. They walked to the door hand in hand before Blaine turned to Kurt.

"I had a wonderful night. Happy nine month anniversary babe" he kissed Kurt softly and lovingly, "I love you Kurt Hummel" He whispered as he pulled away from the kiss.

"And I love you Blaine Anderson" Kurt smiled before kissing his boyfriend again. The lights above the door began flashing and he groaned, "Dad…" he turned to his very handsome boyfriend, "I guess that is my cue, call me tomorrow okay?" He kissed his boyfriend again quickly before heading inside with one last glance.