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E.A. Michael

"Parsons and NYU!" Kurt skidded down the hallway, almost running into Blaine's open locker, which Blaine hastily shut when he saw his boyfriend hurrying towards him. "My dad just brought them to me. I won't open them yet but what is in these envelopes could decide my future Blaine!" Kurt was waving two envelopes in the air and Blaine could barely make out the names of the schools in the corners. "This could actually be it, this could actually be what I am going to do with my life…"

Kurt looked down at what was in his hands in awe, like he couldn't believe that he was holding them. Blaine couldn't help but smile fondly at him and grasp his shoulders.

"Those schools would be idiots if they didn't accept you." Kurt smiled bashfully at Blaine through his eyelashes, "But you know the deal! We have to wait until we both get them all. You only have to wait for two more, I have to wait for at least three!" Blaine glared playfully.

"I am sure that your NYU letter is waiting at home as well, your parents just didn't want to drive all the way to Lima to give it to you! Want to go see? If it is we can both open our NYU letters?" Kurt's voice rose at the end, as he gave his most innocent smile.

"Now babe, you know the rules! You came up with them! We have to wait" Blaine nudged Kurt's shoulder as they walked towards the cafeteria for lunch. He laughed when he heard his boyfriend huff next to him.

"Fine. Make me wait. But just wait until you get your first letter. You are going to be begging the same thing and I'm going to say no" Kurt carefully placed the letters into his messenger bag and smiled in thanks as Blaine held the door open for him.

The rest of the day Kurt couldn't help but fumble with the two letters that were in his messenger bags. Blaine would just laugh and shoulder him, shaking his head. Kurt would just pout back at him and sigh dramatically, before leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms, making Blaine laugh even harder.

"Want to come over? We can see any of my letters came and my parents aren't home" Blaine leaned against the locker next to Kurt's as he took out his books that he needed to bring home. Kurt turned to his boyfriend and raised his right eyebrow at him, smirking slightly.

"Oh an empty house all to ourselves? Why what are you implying Mr. Anderson?" Kurt flirted, closing his locker and leaning so he was turned completely towards him. Blaine looked around and after seeing no one was paying any attention to the two of them, reached out and ran the back of his fingers across Kurt's cheeks softly.

"Well I don't know. I was just saying we could go do our homework or something… what were you thinking" Blaine smirked as Kurt leaned into his touch, humming quietly. Kurt reached up and grabbed Blaine's hand, lacing their fingers together.

"We will just have to see. Let's go see if any of your acceptance letters have come" Kurt squeezed Blaine's hand and led them out the doors and towards Kurt's Navigator. They rode to the Anderson's home quietly, singing along to the radio softly and chatting every so often about what letters Blaine may have received by now and where in New York they wanted to live.

"What about California? That's still an option" Kurt mentioned softly, looking down at his lap, twisting his hands. He hadn't told Blaine that he had applied to UCLA as well. He had mentioned it when they got back together but he didn't think that Blaine actually took him seriously. Since that day when Kurt found the application to UCLA in Blaine's bedroom, they haven't talked about California or living anywhere other than New York.

"What do you mean Kurt? You only applied to New York colleges. I am not going to make you put your college career on hold just to follow me out to a state that we both know you don't really want to live in" Blaine looked over at Kurt when they were at a stoplight, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"I told you I would apply to UCLA. I looked into it and you were right. They do have a really amazing theatre program and I could possibly live in California. It may not be so bad?" Kurt looked up at Blaine nervously. He was afraid that Blaine would be mad at him for going behind his back, even if he knew that Blaine's anger wouldn't last long even if there was any anger.

"I appreciate it Kurt but it really is just a back-up. We won't have to worry about having to need a back-up because the schools in New York will be begging for us. Thank you though. Really it means a lot, but in three months' time we will be in New York and enjoying the city" Blaine reached down and grabbed Kurt's hand bringing it up to his lips and kissing it softly. Kurt blushed and smiled.

They walked into Blaine's house and called out for his parents, just to make sure that they were actually not home. Seeing as no one replied they both took off their shoes and jackets, Kurt making sure to hang them up properly while Blaine walked over to the mail slot and pulled out the mail. He flipped through the mail quickly, putting everything that was for his parents in a pile on the table by the door.

"Well, it looks like I have two letters. NYU and Colombia" Blaine turned to Kurt and smiled brightly waving the two envelopes in the air. Kurt squealed and hugged his boyfriend tightly. "So can I take back what I said and we open the NYU envelopes?" Blaine turned his puppy eyes on Kurt and smiled innocently.

"No no no! You know the deal" Kurt giggled and kissed Blaine's lips softly. "We have to wait until we have all of our letters. You have to wait for your other one and I have to wait for my other two". He leaned down and kissed him again, nipping at his bottom lip. Blaine moaned softly into the kiss, moving his arms to wrap around Kurt's waist, pulling him closer to his body.

Blaine slipped his tongue into Kurt's mouth, luring the other boys tongue into his own mouth and sucking on it. Kurt's hand wandered up to Blaine's hair and tangled itself into the gelled curls.

"You need to wash out this gel. I like your curls" Kurt mumbled against Blaine's mouth gripping onto his shoulder with one hand and trying to loosen the gel with the other. Blaine began to back them up the stairs, not letting his mouth leave Kurt's as they walked awkwardly up the stairs.

"Fine. You have to let me go shower though." Blaine moved down Kurt's neck, making the taller boy stretch it back to give him easier access, and scrapped his teeth across the pulse point. He sucked the skin into his mouth, nibbling and licking it, soothing the bruise that was sure to form. Kurt groaned loudly and clutched the back of Blaine's shirt, tossing his head back further as Blaine started to work on his jaw.

"Fine. Shower" They finished climbing the stairs and walked down the hallway to Blaine's bedroom. Blaine pushed Kurt against the closed door while Kurt reached behind him and fumbled with the doorknob. He reached over and pulled Blaine's head up so that he could reach his lips. They kissed roughly, mostly teeth and tongue and they stumbled through the door.

Kurt fell back onto the bed and looked up at Blaine, cheeks flushed, breathing heavy. Blaine stood over him looking down at his boyfriend, trying to control himself.

"Right shower. I'll be back in five minutes. Don't do anything fun without me" He leaned down and kissed Kurt roughly before forcing himself to pull away and walk into his bathroom. He left the door open as he turned the shower on and stripped, smirking as he heard Kurt whimper. "I'll be quick" he called out.

When Kurt heard Blaine step into the shower he moaned and fell back on the bed. He unbuttoned his shirt and quickly unzipped his pants, pulling them off and throwing them to the side. He sighed in relief as his the pressure his pants was putting on his half hard cock was released. He couldn't help but dig the heel of his hand into the base of his cock letting a soft groan out at the feeling.

He imagined Blaine in the shower, naked, and felt his cock hardening even more. He slipped his hand into his boxer briefs and loosely gripped his cock and began to move his hand up and down. He slid his thumb across his slit spreading the pre come that was leaking out, making the slide easier.

"I thought I told you not to do anything fun without me" Blaine was leaning against the doorframe with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist and water dripping from his hair. Kurt's eyes fluttered open, he didn't even know when they closed, and he tightened his grip on his cock after seeing his boyfriend standing there.

"Well how about you come over here and help me out?" Kurt looked up through his eyebrows, his voice cutting off at random moments when he had to take a deep breath. Blaine stared at Kurt, spread out on the bed for a few more moments before rushing over and dropping the towel from his waist. He leaned over Kurt, pulling his hands away from his own body and lacing his fingers with Kurt's moving the hands so that they were above Kurt's head.

Blaine lowered his hips and both boys let out a loud moan as their cocks touched each other, Blaine's hardening at the feel and Kurt's twitching against his stomach. Kurt leaned forward and captured Blaine's lips hungrily, biting and sucking his bottom lip. He thrust his hips up against Blaine's, making the other boy meet with his own hips. Their cocks slid together, their pre come mixing and making the slide easier.

"Kurt…please" Blaine groaned as he reached down and grabbed Kurt's thigh and wrapped it around his waist, reaching down and rolling Kurt's balls in his hand. Kurt whined thrusting his hip up again roughly, making both boys pull away from each other's mouth to let out a shuddering breath.

"Blaine…Fuck me? Please?" Kurt looked up at Blaine, his eyes boring into hazel eyes. Blaine whimpered into the crook of Kurt's neck, biting the area there. He nodded his head and reached out to his nightstand to grab the lube and condom.

Blaine slithered down Kurt's body, kissing down it as he made his way down. He stopped at Kurt's hip for a moment and sucked a bruise there, making Kurt squirm and grasp at the sheets. He placed one more soft kiss on top of the red spot, knowing that it was going to bruise and feeling very proud of himself because of that. His mark would be on Kurt, Kurt was his alone. He smiled at the bruise and grabbed the lube squirting some into his hand and warming it between his fingers.

He slid his middle finger down Kurt's crack and circled the rim, making the other boy gasp in surprise. Blaine looked up at his boyfriend to see him totally blissed out and slowly slid his finger all the way in. He felt Kurt clench around it and push back against his hand.

"Shh patience babe" Blaine mumbled, slowly beginning to slide his finger in and out. Kurt sighed in frustration pushing against him. Blaine chucked and slipped his index finger in as well, beginning to stretch Kurt out. He crooked his fingers hitting the little nub and Kurt slammed his hand over his mouth to keep his scream from being too loud.

"Don't do that. I want to hear you" Blaine kissed Kurt's thigh as he worked his fingers in and out. After a few minutes, when Kurt was fucking himself onto his fingers, Blaine added his third finger, stretching him out. "You ready?" Blaine muttered looking up at Kurt.

Kurt looked down, his cheeks red, his pupils blown. He took a deep breath before nodding, smiling and held the condom out. Blaine smiled back and he grabbed it and pulled his fingers out, quickly slipping the condom over his hard cock, stroking it and lubing it up. He placed his blunt head against Kurt's hole, holding onto Kurt's hips, making him stay still as he slowly pushed his way in.

Both boys groaned as Blaine bottomed out. They both stayed still for a moment, getting used to the feeling, before Blaine began to move in and out slowly but hard. Kurt arched up, wrapping his legs around Blaine's waist trying to pull him in deeper. Blaine began to move in and out faster, angling his hips so he would his Kurt's prostate with every few thrusts.

He could feel the sweat falling down his face as he moved in and out pushing hard and fast into Kurt, the other boy's hips meeting his with every movement. Blaine leaned down meeting Kurt's mouth, kissing him roughly, coaxing Kurt's tongue into his mouth and sucking on it.

He thrust in and out, moving quickly, feeling his orgasm creeping up on him. Blaine reached down and wrapped his hand tightly around Kurt's aching cock, letting his movements move it through the tight hole his hand was making. Kurt was letting out little moans and gasps as he felt his balls tighten and he felt his orgasm approach.

"God…Blaine." Kurt cried as he arched up one last time and his stings of white covered his stomach. Blaine kissed him hard as he felt him tighten, and plunged in a few more times until he collapsed onto Kurt's body and felt his orgasm take him over. He wrapped his arms around Kurt tightly, holding him close as he breathed deeply, kissing Kurt's neck softly.

"God I love you so much" He muttered into the pale boy's neck, pulling back and kissing his lips softly. He looked down at Kurt's face, smiling at the blissed out look that was covering his face.

"I love you too." Kurt leaned up and kissed him softly. "So, so much" They kissed for a few more seconds, before Kurt realized they were still a mess. "But now we need to get clean. I don't like feeling sticky." He wrinkled his nose making Blaine laugh and kiss it. He pulled back, reaching down and carefully pulling out of Kurt, keeping a hold on the condom, before quickly tying it off and throwing it in the trash can.

"Okay. Shower with me then?" Blaine stood up and pulled Kurt up with him. They made their way into the bathroom and quickly got into the shower, soaping up and cleaning themselves. They quickly got dressed, knowing that Blaine's parents would be getting home from work soon which meant that Kurt needed to be heading home unless he wanted to deal with a very awkward dinner.

Blaine walked Kurt down the stairs and to the door. "Let me know when you get home okay? And if you have any more letters. Love you" He kissed Kurt, smiling into the kiss as Kurt tried to deepen it. "No, don't start something you can't finish" Blaine chucked as he kissed him again quickly.

"Fine" Kurt pouted "Love you too. Let me know if you get any more as well" They hugged one more time before Kurt got in his car and waved as he drove off.

They had to wait another week before their letters from UCLA arrived, luckily on the same day so one didn't have to worry and another 4 days after that for Kurt's Julliard letter to arrive. They found themselves sitting on Kurt's bed with their letters spread out in front of them.

"You open your letters first. I can't do it." Kurt looked over at Blaine who was sitting cross-legged across from him. His hands were shaking as he picked up the letters, looking at them before putting them back down.

"No we have to do it at the same time." Blaine shook his head and took Kurt's hand in his own. "It will be okay. No matter what these stupid letters say it will be okay. We will figure it out" Kurt looked up at him and nodded. "Okay let's do UCLA first then?"

They both grabbed their letters off of the bed and counted to three. They opened their letters and quickly scanned them, both letting out a sigh of relief.

"I got in" They both muttered at the same time, looking up at each other smiling. "Well we know we will be together no matter what next year" Blaine said smiling brightly. Kurt smiled back and nodded.

"Well that is at least a relief. Want to open NYU's next?" Kurt asked and Blaine nodded eager now that the pressure of getting into college was gone. They quickly tore open their letters and read the first few lines before identical smiles broke out over their faces.

"Two for two. We are doing pretty good so far." Kurt smile brightly, leaning over and kissing Blaine softly before turning his attention back to the three envelopes left on the bed. "So you are going to open Colombia. Should I open Parsons or Julliard next?"

"Go for Parsons. The other two have been theatre or music based. Let's see if you can do fashion as well." Blaine handed him the Parson envelope as he picked up the Colombia Envelope for himself. "Ready?" They opened the third letters and were once again surprised when they both read that they were accepted.

"Parson's wants me to send them more sketches to see if I qualify for a scholarship as well." Kurt looked at the paper in his hands shocked. When Blaine looked at him he chuckled when he saw Kurt's wide eyes and innocent expression.

"Well of course they would. You are amazing" Blaine squeezed his hand and handed him the last envelope. "Ready for this?" Kurt nodded slowly knowing that this was the one he was least likely to get in. This was his long shot. Kurt slowly opened the envelope, not as quickly as he did with the others. He pulled out the piece of paper and read it and his face fell.

"I'm waitlisted. I didn't get in" he frowned as he held the paper out to Blaine to read. Blaine quickly scanned it and sighed. "I didn't get in. It's okay. I knew I wouldn't. I got into the other three. It's okay." Kurt kept telling himself.

"Kurt waitlisted doesn't mean that you didn't get in. It means that there just wasn't enough room. Who knows, they may call you tomorrow and tell you that you have been accepted. Kurt you got into three out of the four schools you applied for. And none of them were easy schools to get into. You did amazing and wherever you want to go is where we will go okay?" Blaine picked Kurt up and slid him into his lap, hugging him tightly. Kurt nodded against his chest and turned to look up at Blaine.

"I think I want to go to New York. If you are dead set to go to California we can go but New York is my dream and it's where I see myself. Honestly I think that I want to try out Parsons. Fashion has always been such a huge part of my life and if they think I'm good enough to even consider for a scholarship than I think I should try it." Kurt looked at Blaine timidly, as if he was scared of what Blaine would think but Blaine just beamed at him.

"I think Parsons will be lucky to have you. New York it is then. I will have to talk to my parents about the tuition and everything, but I think I should go to Colombia. I mean how many people get into Colombia and turn it down? I would be an idiot to do that." Blaine leaned down and kissed Kurt soundly on the lips. "I can't wait to live in New York with you next year."

Kurt smiled up at him, snuggling closer into him and wrapping his arms around him tightly, thinking the exact same thing.

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