Hey hey! So, in celebration for the end of the school year, I will begin posting my BIG story (one of which I have been gloating about for the past little while :3)

So here's a bit of a different approach to the CATS than my usual stories, I have been experimenting with my writing style so there may be some inconsistencies between stories and chapters :) But I shall tell you right now

This story contains moderate-severe swearing that will eventually ease up as the story progresses.

Also, this story will have warnings as it progresses. I don't want to say this story is slash because there literally is no slash until mid-late story, but it's still there and I fear that my slash fans won't be interested if I don't mark the story as so... though I didn't want to scare away potential readers who see slash as a deal breaker :(

Anywho, I'm rambling and soon this AN is going to be longer than the prologue ;) It won't take long to update for I have 11 chapters in the bag.

Great thanks goes out to my Beta-reader Delphicoracle-Cat

He grimaced as he stood underneath the small, dirty bus shelter, his black raincoat growing sticky against his skin in the blistering, humid, summer air.

To his side stood a bright yellow advertisement that very obnoxiously imposed its guarantee to make you smoke-free in just two weeks with a simple injection. He rolled his eyes at the need for such treatment; there were far worse things to be putting into your system than tobacco and pesticides... like this damn medication. He turned his gaze down the street, watching silently as the bus turned the corner.

A short, chubby queen with two equally chubby tom kits waded up the sidewalk to the bus stop. The queen followed his gaze and brusquely began shoving the two forward so as to not miss the shuttle. The tom just sighed as he watched the two loud kits start pushing each other over; he really hoped they d miss the bus. But, to his dismay, they made it to the door with seconds to spare. Pity.

He dropped his change in the coin collector and continued towards the back of the bus, leaving the bus driver's greeting to hang dead in the air. It was relatively empty save for a sleeping stray, the chubby queen with her kits, and a snowy white queen who sat forlornly. Her fur was soaked and clung to her frail frame unflatteringly, her bangs sagged in front of her eyes and dripped water down her cheek as she stared blankly out the window.

The corner of his mouth twitched slightly into a disgusted frown before it recomposed itself and he took his seat next to her.

"You look like shit, Victoria," he grunted repugnantly.

She didn't take her gaze from the window or offer any retort in her own defense, quite uncommon for the usually haughty queen. He stared at her for a moment before shrugging her off.

"You don't need my sympathy, you did this to yourself," he whispered lightly as he pulled a cigarette from his jacket pocket. He didn't bother with hiding it for the entire company present would smell it in a few moments, not like he cared.

"Plato and I are in love," she whispered woefully, watching a bustling business cat get soaked by a passing garbage truck. The tom's icy blue eyes glared at her intently as she gave a soft sigh. He pulled out his lighter and burnt the end until it glowed a warm red.

"I honestly couldn't give a shit about your love life right now. What I do care about is how you're going about it like a dumb bitch."

Her head snapped around angrily to face his blas features, puffing softly on the cancer stick that sat poised between his fingers and lips. He grinned at the expected reaction he could so easily evoke from her whenever he pleased.

"Don't you fucking start with me; not today!" she hissed angrily, eyes now sharp and focused.

He chuckled softly before blowing a mouthful of smoke in her face, this didn't seem to affect her either positively or negatively. "Well," he began, lifting his feet to rest on the seat in front of them, "It seems that someone isn't getting any," he winked playfully. "Your tom not worth the trouble?"

"Fuck y-"

"Excuse me?" Their heads snapped forward to see the bus driver glaring at them pathetically in the mirror above his station. "There's no smoking on the bus!"

The chubby queen seated at the front looked back to frown disapprovingly at the two, clearly siding with the driver. Silently, of course.

The black tom rolled his eyes exasperatedly before addressing the plain brown tom. "Hey, fuck off!"

The two young kits burst out laughing at this rebellion; immediately they began their reenactments by telling each other to 'fuck off'. The driver's expression went tight as he turned around fully in his seat to confront the tom.

"Put the cigarette out, sir, or I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Like hell you will!" Leaning forward, he gave the driver a heavy glare, easily making himself the most threatening creature in the vicinity; more threatening than the gun he was carrying in his pocket. The driver averted his eyes from the terrifying tom and sped off down the street without making another sound.

The rude tom blew another mouthful of cigarette smoke, this time aiming it at the driver like the deadly, poisonous toxic it was.

"You've made a huge mistake, sis," he sighed, returning to their interrupted conversation. "Dad's going to put a hit on you tonight."

Her eyes grew wide and doleful, terror striking her very core and shattering her attempt at a tough mien. "Who's leading the charge?" she asked shakily. Her gaze snapped around the tin vehicle rapidly, looking for any suspicious characters who could have been shadowing her.

Her companion snorted humourously. "Who else? You don't think he's gonna let that fuck-tard 'Jerrie whack his only daughter, do you? He wants results, not load of bull."

She eyed him carefully as he took a drag from his shortening smoke. She quickly looked to the gun holster beneath his jacket, easily spotting his Browning HP, fully loaded as always and only a quick reflex away from driving 13 rounds of lightening metal into her thin body. He immediately caught her gaze and his smile broadened, both a threatening grin and a grim reminder of the child that once was.

"Mistoffelees, please-"

"Oh, don't worry, love. I can't kill you... if I can't find you, that is."

Her jaw dropped as she tried to hold back a weak scream. He reached into his pocket and grabbed another cigarette; placing it in her hanging jaw and tenderly pushing it up so that her lips and teeth sealed the wrapper inside.

"You look tense, have a fag." He lit the end and snapped the metal lid closed on his engraved lighter. The design on it was simple and straightforward; the insignia of the Hidden Paw surrounded by a surge of flames, the bottom read Hell's Angels. Macavity's hitman squad.

Mistoffelees ran his finger over the cool metal before dropping it in his pocket. "Go," he began sharply. "Go with your tomfriend to the Jellicles, they seem pretty good at covering their tracks, I won't think to look for you there."

Her eyes watered over. She took long, healthy drags of the soothing smoke to calm herself, or keep from crying at any rate.

"He's not happy, Victoria." he chided matter-of-factly. "You can't just out him like that without paying a price."

She remained silent at that, she knew what she had done was treason, but it was for the better good! Plus, she didn't think it would ever make it back to her, at least not as quickly as it did: she had her father's web of connections to thank for that.

Mistoffelees turned to her, his bright blue eyes a dangerous shade of hatred with the loving concern of an older brother; the hand that rested on the back of the seat grabbed a fistful of her headfur to drag her head closer; fortunately not hurting her any.

"Get the hell out of my city, Vicky. If I ever see you again I'm going to blow your fucking brains out, you got me?" She nodded slowly, she got him. Loud and clear.

"Good," he whispered, stuffing a wad of twenties into her damp palm before pulling the chain over top. "Best of luck to you." He gave her a quick peck on the cheek as the bus slowed to a stop, getting up and stalking out the door into the heavy rain, not bothering with a last glance until he was sure she couldn't see him look back.

He watched the bus disappear into the mist of the heavy downpour. He frowned, knowing he probably would never see his little sister ever again, recovering when he realized how much of a pussy his loyalty to his family made him. He'd be sure to live up to his word should he have a run-in with her again. He did have a job, after all.

His mind snapped to the present at the sound of quiet beeping in the background noise of his mind. He flexed his hand and, with the flick of his wrist, produced a cherry red Blackberry. The name on the caller ID read Fuck-tard Jerrie. He answered the phone and brought it up to his ear. "This better be fucking good!" he barked angrily into the phone.

"Boss's got a job for us, come back to the warehouse before he sends us out after your sorry ass." With that, the line went dead.

He cut his end of the line off before tossing it to the ground, the device quickly vanishing the second it left his hand. With one last look to where the bus had disappeared, he turned his back to the wind and disappeared into the mist of the rain.

Well, there you have it! I'll be updating in a few days or so :) I can't wait to hear what you think so far about this Misto and their cat infested city! *Woooo*