Title: Friendly Embrace
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Warnings/ Spoilers:
Summary: Abby has always been a hugger. Written for heartundone who needs a hug.

Friendly Embrace

Abby had always been a hugger. She had always been the person, people came to when they had a bad day. Her extended family often told tales of her grabbing them in a hug like embrace when she was a toddler. Abby's parents had not been affectionate people. Their distance was probably caused by the fact Abby and her brother could hear yet their parents could not. It did not take a rocket scientist to correlate that her lack of affection as a child had led to her being overly affectionate as an adult.

Still, none of that mattered when one of the people she loved was upset, she had to hug them, even if they were like Gibbs or Ziva who did not appreciate affection. Though over time, Ziva had become more willing to accept Abby's affection. Maybe, one day Ziva would even be the one who offered the hug.

Ziva slipped into the lab quietly. She made no offering of Caf-Pow! to the forensic goddess Abby. Ziva never brought it. Abby never expected it from her. Abby knew why, they did not talk about. It was just a fact. Abby pivoted on the heels of her new platform boots. She could see the drained look on her face, her hair was messy and she looked paler than she should. Her eyes were lost and glazed over. She was sad. So very sad.

Abby did not ask why she was sad. She did not need to. What she needed to do was be a good friend. She stepped closer to her. Ziva looked up. She knew what Abby was intending to do. Abby raised up her arms in an embrace. Ziva stepped forward, letting Abby hug her. She leaned her head on Abby's shoulder. Her dark curls tickling Abby's exposed upper arm. Neither of them said a thing, because nothing needed saying.

They stood until it got awkward. Then they slowly separated. Ziva appeared slightly happier. A slight smile briefly crossed her olive features. Abby smiled too.

"Thank you, Abby." Ziva whispered before slipping out of the lab just like a true Ninja.

Abby Sciuto had always been a hugger. She had always been the person people came too, when life was getting a bit too much. And when Ziva needed her she was happy to be of service.