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Bruce yawned a bit, stretching in his bed like a cat. Mama always laughed when he did this; she said it was because he curled his tongue like a cat when he yawned. Sometimes she would even tease him and call him "kitten". He smiled a bit at the memory, snuggling into the warm blankets beneath him to sleep for a little while longer.

He heard his door open and his smiled widened, ready for one of his Daddy's tickle attacks or his Mama's gentle hugs. He waited a few moments, his smile fading when neither came. He opened his eyes, blinking at the sudden brightness of the room. He sat up slowly, blurry vision scanning the room. Bruce's eyes widened when he looked at the people standing at the foot of his bed.

There was a man and woman; both were dressed in what looked like pajamas or costumes. Maybe they had accidently come in from one of his Daddy's work parties. Didn't the man know that the underwear went on the inside though? Oh well, it wasn't polite to question people. Mama had told him that a bazillion times. He looked around a little more, keeping his eyes on the strangers at all times. Mama had told him to be careful around people he didn't know, and he definitely didn't know these people.

Wait a second…this room was all white…why wasn't he in his room anymore? Why was he with these strange people? Where were his Mama and Daddy? They wouldn't have left him alone with people he didn't know in a strange place…what if something bad had happened? His breathing started to increase as a sense of panic filled him.

The man stepped forward a bit, holding out his hand. Bruce immediately backed up in his bed. Why was the stranger trying to touch him?"Mama! Daddy help!" He screamed, jumping out of the bed as quick as he could when the stranger moved forward again. He narrowly dodged the lady, having to duck under her arms to escape. They were trying to kidnap him! He ripped open the door, running out into a dimly lit hallway.

He started running as fast as he could; going right, then left through dozens of twists and turns. He frantically pulled on every door he could find, but he was locked out. Tears began to gather in his eyes as he forced himself to run faster. He could hear the man calling for him as he ran. Finally he reached an open door; he gave a sob of relief before diving inside, letting the door slam shut behind him.

He slumped against the wall behind the door, panting. He slid down to the floor, wrapping his arms around his knees. He waited a while, letting his breathing go back down to normal before shivering suddenly; this entire place was freezing. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a bed, blankets piled high on top. He listened for any noise before crawling forward, holding his breath. He reached the edge of the bed, and gave a brief tug on one of the blankets, frowning when it didn't move. He tugged again, this time a bit harder when a sudden snore and a pull in the opposite direction made him scream in terror. There was someone in here! He had to get out, now!

He jumped off the floor, taking off just as he heard a voice call out "Hey, who the hell was that?" behind him. He ran out through the door, not stopping to look back. The halls were still deserted, and still very dimly lit. He came upon a small closet on the side of the hallway and quickly ducked inside the unlocked room. Alfred had a closet like this at home, filled with cleaning supplies for the whole manor. Bruce hid in it sometimes, and he knew the best place to hide was underneath the shelves. He wormed his way through the supplies, scooting under the lowest shelf to hide beside a few cans of paint.

He yawned suddenly, finding he was still tired from earlier. He sniffled; he wished he had his stuffed bear Arthur. His bear always made him feel better. He brought one of the cans of paint closer, hugging it to his chest for comfort before falling into a light sleep.


"What do you mean he's missing?"

Superman hesitated for a moment, noting Dick Grayson's hunched posture and rigid shoulders. He had just briefed him on what had happened to Batman on the latest mission. Circe had shot him with powerful magic to expose his weakness, which coincidently had turned him into a child. He had attempted to wake Bruce up, only to discover that he no longer remembered any of them and had run off.

"Can't you do something? Use your x-ray vision!" Dick ordered, rising to pace around the room.

"I can't, you know that. Bruce lined this entire thing in lead." Clark pointed out calmly. Dick was overreacting a bit, but he supposed he would too if he was told his adopted father had been turned into a child and was now loose on a flying satellite filled with superheroes with no memory of his own crime-fighting lifestyle.

"Then use your damn superhearing! We need to find him!" He shot a glare in Superman's direction before storming off, going to look for Bruce himself.

He stood in the hallway, thinking. If he were a small child and scared out of his mind, what would he do?-Try to hide most likely. But where? Well the watchtower had many hiding places, but he had been told Bruce had been trying to open the doors. That meant he had probably kept on trying until he found an open one.


Bruce lay shivering in the closet, having only woken up a few minutes before. He could hear the people looking for him; one or two people had already checked the closet he was in. Neither of them had checked under the shelves though, they probably thought he was too small to fit under them.

He gave a small sniffle, wiping his nose on his sleeve. He wanted to go home.

"Bruce?" The door was pushed open again, bathing the closet in light. Bruce scooted further under the shelf, putting his back against the wall.

"Come on buddy, I won't hurt you. It's been hours, I know you have to be hungry. I'm your friend, I promise." The light turned on and Bruce peered through the cracks between the shelves to see a young man with a plate of food looking for him. His tummy growled; he hadn't eaten in a while. He bit his lip and kept quiet.

But the man's head had turned, looking right at the shelves. He must have heard his stomach growl.

"Bruce?" The man knelt down and peered right at him. Bruce whimpered and tried to scramble away but he was trapped and he knew it.

"Bruce, baby come here." A hand was extended slowly, trying to help him out.

Bruce blinked. No one ever called him 'baby' but his Mama. This man seemed nicer than the other ones, and he had brought him food. He bit his lip, extending his hand slowly toward the man's. The man's fingers closed around his gently, pulling slowly until Bruce began to follow him out into the light.

"There, isn't that better?" The man picked him up slowly, setting him down on a small box nearby. Bruce looked up at him, eyes wide. He didn't know what to think, or what to do.

"Wh-Who are you?" He asked softly, keeping his head down, his body still ready to runaway if he had to again.

The man merely smiled gently, handing him the plate of food before sitting down opposite him. "My name's Richard Grayson, but you can call me Dick." He motioned to the plate. "Got you dinner, better eat before it gets cold."

Bruce hesitated. "You aren't going to go and tell everyone you found me?"He glanced at the door, waiting for it to slam open again.

Dick shook his head, "No. That can wait until after you've eaten and I've had a chance to explain everything."

"Okay." Bruce bit into his food, glancing up at Dick between bites. He didn't seem very tall; he was probably about his Daddy's height. He had bright blue eyes, and his hair was dark. The more Bruce looked at him, the more Dick began to look like him. But…he had never heard of a Dick Grayson before…he decided to ask just to be sure. "A-Are we related?"

Dick gave a few short laughs, "You could say that I guess, but I'll explain more after you finish your carrots. Eat up."

Bruce huffed grumpily and continued to eat. Dick was looking at him funny; maybe he had said something wrong. He mulled it over in his head, his eyebrows scrunching together as he thought. Eventually he pushed the plate away. "I'm full. Can you tell me now?"

Dick nodded and took the plate, setting it on the floor. "Alright, but you need to listen to the entire thing okay? I-I don't want you to run off again. I promise you that everyone here are people you can trust, okay? You don't need to be afraid."

"Okay…" Bruce whispered, not understanding what Dick had meant, only that he would do his best to listen.

"Well…" Dick paused, scooting closer to Bruce and reaching a hand up to run it through his hair. "You aren't really a child. An enchantress turned you into a little boy with a spell….you're really thirty-five years old."

Bruce's eyes went wide. What was Dick saying? What did he mean? How could that even be possible? "H-How?"

"Well….you're actually a superhero. You fight people like this all the time, people with powers that they use for evil. Circe, the enchantress, turned you into a little boy to make you weak. She thinks that you won't bother her anymore when you're like this."

"I-I'm a superhero?"

Dick nodded, "So am I, and everyone else on the watchtower. That's what we're on by the way. It's a giant satellite in space where people like us can work together to protect Earth."

"Oh…" Bruce looked down at his hands, twisting his fingers together nervously. He was really thirty-five….but he was only five years old right now. That meant that he was thirty-years into his future. What did that mean for his family? His Mama and Daddy were a lot older now….Alfred too.

"Wh-What about my family? Do I have a family?" He looked up with wide eyes, thoughts running through his mind like bounding rabbits. He couldn't hold onto any of his thoughts for long before they escaped again.

Dick smiled warmly, leaning over to run his fingers through Bruce's hair in an attempt to calm him. "I'm actually your son." He smirked when Bruce looked up at him with even wider eyes. "Well I was adopted, but I still consider you to be like a father to me."

Bruce smiled. "So I'm your Daddy?"

Dick laughed softly, "Yeah."

Bruce giggled. "That means I can tell you what to do, right?"He grinned impishly.

Dick laughed, narrowing his eyes playfully before growling softly. "Now when you're like this it doesn't. " He snatched Bruce up, hugging him tightly before reaching behind his knees and under his arms, tickling the areas playfully.

Bruce squealed, giggling madly in Dick's grasp. "St-Stop!"He laughed harder, struggling against Dick's strong hold on him.

"Alright, alright." Dick whispered, stopping his attack to hug Bruce close.

Bruce snuggled into his embrace, it felt good to be full and warm again. He blinked slowly, feeling his eyes grow more and more tired; he felt like he hadn't slept in a long time. Dick began to rub his back and he leaned into the touch, reaching up to wrap his arms around Dick's neck and lay his head on his shoulder.

"You ready to go see everyone else? They're all your friends, I promise none of them will hurt or scare you. I'll protect you." Dick murmured softly.

Bruce shook his head violently, "Not yet, please."

"Alright, alright. Not yet." Dick agreed gently. He tightened his hold, continuing to rub the child's back. "Rest up a bit, then we'll go okay?"

Bruce nodded sleepily, yawning against Dick's shoulder before falling into a deep sleep.


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