As first fan-fiction goes, this one isn't exceptional. In my opinion, it's a shit fanfic that I wrote four years ago, I think? I suggest you proceed with caution and at your own risk. Please note that when I wrote this I had no idea what english punctuation looked like, or how some words had to be written. I'm genuinely sorry for all of the mistakes you will find, but I am too afraid to re-read what I've written to fix things. Anyway, you will definitely see that chapter 15 CHANGED COMPLETELY DUE TO ME FINISHING THIS FIC AFTER TWO YEARS OF HAITUS OK.

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"The new guy?" Bon exclaimed. "I know him. He's my old childhood friend."

Everyone was sitting around Ryuji, while he was ranting about his so called "friend", who's going to study at the True Cross Academy from today.

I sighed. Not another one. Not another one, who would hate me for who I am.

They still haven't recovered from knowing that I'm the Satans son. For Mephisto pantsu sake, I didn't choose my parents, nor did I wanted to be cursed by those blue flames!

I slowly turned my head towards the group of friends, chit chatting so loud, that I could hear every single word.

"What will he be aiming for, Bon?" Izumo asked.

Bon chuckled. "I think he chose to aim for Aria. That's what he's been telling me over the phone."

Shiemi smiled, while her familiar Nii was trying to hold a pencil and draw a sun for his tamer. "Is he friendly?"

The dark haired boy with a streak of blond hair, simply looked at her and sighed a bit. "He truly is. Sometimes too friendly... He's know as the pervert of the Shima family, so girls, please, be careful."

Shiemi looked at Ryuji, horrified. "But...b-but.. perv-v-ert?"

"If anything happens to you, Shiemi-chan, i'll protect you." I heard a voice. Finally, I noticed that our sensei, Yukio, was standing next to the door, looking cool as always. I've always been wondering if he had feelings for Shiemi. I should ask him when he comes back to the dorm.

Shiemi smiled at Yukio and nodded her head like a gesture of thanks. After hearing "Yuki-chan" exclaiming his wish to protect her, her muscles relaxed and the sudden horror abandoned her face.

The new guy can go die, for all I care. The only thing I wanted now was to be back in that circle.. Feel like I had friends. Which was quite the impossible thing to do at this time.

Yukio went up to the board and coughed a bit to draw attenton to him again. I set my eyes on my brother, waiting for whatever he was going to say.

"As you all already know, we're going to welcome another student at True Cross. And of course, he will be attending Exorcist classes. He will be here in five minutes, so please, be quiet and wait." After this quick announcement, Yukio rushed off from the classroom.

I wonder, when will Bon and the others tell the new student about my nature. Sadly, it wouldn't be a surprise if the new guy, what was his name.. Shima what's-his-face, would go bollocks after finding out who I am.

I slowly grabbed my pen and started doodling on my textbook. Maybe I could prepare sukiyaki for tonight, that would definately rise up my mood.

3 minutes.

I couldn't stand hearing the laughter. Something painful tickled my heart. Friends..

1 minute.

Maybe I should just start acting all cold like Yukio? Never show my feelings?


The door opened and Yukio came in, followed by a...

A.. pink haired guy?!

Time stopped.

Pink hair, bright, golden eyes. He was smiling. All of a sudden I felt something shivering down my spine.

I shook myself out of this. What was I thinking? What was this feeling? Maybe i'm just exaggerating.

Pretending that I didn't care about the pink haired one, I gazed at him.

He was standing next to Yukio and looking at each and everyone, one by one, like he was examining all of us.

Yukio quickly wrote his name on the blackboard.

"Shima Renzou."

So he's Renzou, eh?

I was lost in my thoughts when I noticed the pink haired is looking at me with... interest?

Why would he be interested?

Renzou quickly shook his head and bowed down.

"My name is Shima Renzou. Nice to meet you all." He introduced himself.

"Welcome to True Cross!" Everyone, exept for me, shouted.

Yukio smiled. "Renzou-kun, take a seat and we're going to start our lessons in a few minutes.

I turned over to see Bon almost jumping up and down his seat, waving at Renzou to come and sit next to him. I chuckled to myself - Bon. Acting all girly in front of his "Old childhood so called friend".

I tried to concentrate to my doodles, when something weird happened.

I felt someone... sitting next to me. Literally jumping into the seat.

I looked up, alarmed, and watched the pink-haired guy smiling at me.

At those few seconds, I noticed Ryuji frowning, Shiemi and Izumo staring at us, Konekomaru gazing at Bon and the other creeps in class silently trying to figure out what was happening.

"Rin Okumura?" Renzou asked all of a sudden.

How.. how did he know my name? Somehow, I didn't like this guy.

"Y-yes." I anwsered quickly.

He smiled even more widely and sntached my hand to shake it.

"Shima Renzou."

"I heard your name, I'm not deaf, you know." I told him.

Am I stupid, or did his eyes just sparkle with interest again?

"Ren, JUST WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" I heard a shout from Bon's direction.

Renzou turned around and laughed.

"Bon, you didn't tell me this guy was hella sexy!"


"You know he's the son of Satan, I TOLD YOU NOT TO GET NEAR HIM, HE'S DANGEROUS."


I poked Renzous shoulder. He turned around.

And then I punched him in the face with all my strength.

Renzou was flying trough the classroom, when he hit the wall. My classmates were all shocked of the sight.

I stood up and yelled at the now standing up pink-haired bastard.

"WHO ARE YOU TO CALL ME SEXY, IDIOT. DON'T EVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN." To my wonder, Shima Renzou stood up, and walked towards me, all dusty and not very clean.

"I TOLD YOU HE'S DANGEROUS." Bon exclaimed.

Shima shushed him with his finger on his mouth.

He stood in front of me and leaned towards my face.

When he finally reached my ear, i felt a breath on my neck.

"We'll see about that, Rin-kun."

Fighting my urgent wish to punch this supid ass in the face again, I sat down and looked at the perverted guy, still standing.

"If you try come near me again, I swear, you will die in the most horrible death ever seen."

"For now. Only for now." Shima smiled confidently.

Yukio, who was watching this little scene of us two, clapped his hands, like nothing happened.

"The lesson has started! Please open up chapter 5 in your books.."

I couldn't help thinking about what had happened right now.

That guy...was strange. I didn't like him... AT ALL.

When I opened my book, I saw a strange piece of paper, hanging in one of the pages.

I took it out, and unfolded it with curiosity.

"I'll make you mine one day, Rin Okumura."