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Shima P.O.V

"RIN, WAIT." I shouted, breathless. I didn't want this to happen. Why did I think that being naked with my boyfriend would be a good idea? THAT OBVIOUSLY WASN'T A GOOD IDEA.

Shit shit shit.

I grabbed all of our stuff and swung the backpack on my back. Remembering that I was butt naked, I pulled my pants on in a swift move and followed Rin. I was alarmed.

He was shaken by the thought I was naked, I suppose. We have done it once, but that doesn't mean he overcame his shyness. It was his first time, after all. WHY AM I SO STUPID, UGH.

Rin disappeared in the bushes leading to the path and I jogged faster.

"Please, wait!" I cried out again and jumped through the bushes, caring very little about the damage I would do. I felt a sting on my chest. Looking down, I saw a slight cut across my it. I cursed and decided to ignore it. Stupid bushes.

Rin was nowhere to be seen, so I stopped. I called his name a few more times, but nothing reached my ear.

I scared my boyfriend off. Good job, Shima.

I knew our classmates would all be down at the beach, so I thought of one place Rin would go to – our room. I pulled myself into a run and adrenaline flushed my mind.

I had to find him and apologize.

Rin P.O.V

What was happening to me? One second we were kissing, then he was naked in the sea, and I freaked out. He was my boyfriend. I probably hurt him. But the view of him so helplessly sexy drove me crazy. I sort of felt like I was an addict. Not for sex, just for Shima.

When have I become such a sissy? I should've just passed my spare trunks to him and everything would've been fine. Way to ruin the moment, Rin, great job on maintaining a relationship with your loved one!

I reached our hotel and sprinted to the elevator. I was half naked, but no one seemed to notice. No one was around when I called the elevator down and as the doors open, I popped right in, slowly exhaling with calmness.

I pressed the button to the 4th floor and leaned against the wall.

And that's when I saw someone barging in through the hotel door. I gasped when I saw his pink hair bobbing in the distance. Quickly, I reached the button and attacked it furiously or else I'd do bad things. Very bad things.

As I was drowning myself in desperation of the doors not closing, Shima reached halfway. The doors started closing slowly.

Crap. I became one with the wall. I leaned into it so hard, that my tail sent painful throbs through my body. I heard Shima shouting my name, but I didn't respond.

Quick, quick, or else you will become a hormone driven monster.

The doors closed as Shima was seconds away from it. I heard him banging on the elevator, but it was too late. Now I just had to think everything through. Okay, if I'm quick enough to reach the 4th floor before him, I can hide. There's those plants at the end of the corridor, so no worries. When the door opens – I'll be ready to run as fast as I could.

I took deep breaths, calming myself and calming my hormones. Shima's naked body lingered in my head. His muscles, his bare chest, his everything.

I was so in love with this guy. I remembered the kiss. It was so hot, and Shima admitting that he wants me more than anything turned me on so much that I wanted him to take me right there on the ground. Or in the sea. Whichever, I just wanted to feel that slight insanity when he kissed me down there.

Finally, the elevator reached the 4th floor. I breathed in again, ready to run, and light rushed into the elevator.

The only problem was, a pink haired guy was standing right in front of me, catching his breath like crazy.

I opened my mouth and blushed madly, but he was quicker than that. He moved forward and the door closed, leaving us alone in this small elevator. Shima reached to the buttons and pressed "Emergency Stop"

I shot a look at the buttons and then back at him. We were breathing heavily, catching every bit of air like we never breathed before, and I considered the possibilities. We were silent for about two seconds, before he was about to say something. Suddenly, I motioned with my hands, showing the 'shush' sign on my lips.

He shut up and I grabbed the back of my head. He was my boyfriend. I should talk to him. Why am I so scared?

I didn't have time to say anything, because Shima decided to ignore my 'shush'.

"I have this craving." He started. "Of fucking you fiercely in this elevator."

I froze. My insides clenched, creating a symphony of rushing hormones, and my pants became too tight for some reason. Only a single sentence made me want him like hell. I rose my eyes to meet his blazing ones and I understood.

I didn't care about other people. I didn't. They could go die for all I cared. I just wanted this guy, this guy, standing before me, clutching his backpack and mine like a twelve year old kid waiting for his first xBox to be unwrapped.

He was so helpless and so vulnerably sexual, I couldn't keep my hormones inside. I let out a long breath and he understood. I saw his bright pink hair getting closer, and as he was closing his eyes, I knew. I knew I was crazy enough to fuck in an elevator.

Our lips touched tenderly. Firstly, he pecked my lips in one swift move, but then he attacked me with this hunger that cannot be tamed. My tongue entwined with his, creating art of its own kind, an act of love. I felt lust and desire running through my body, and warmness building inside, slowly and then faster.

Shima dropped his stuff on the ground and pushed me to the wall. He tasted me with his lips, furiously searching for my love in the kiss. I returned it with a force of a thousand burning suns, my body bursting with wanting.

I reached the hem of his pants, touching the upper skin with my fingers. My hands traveled through his torso, exploring, craving, testing. He grabbed a handful of my hair and tilted my head back, so he could kiss me with more passion. I ran down his spine and grabbed his ass, groping them in a soft manner. He moaned into the kiss and smiled longingly.

"I literally cannot wait any longer." He whispered and I let out a hot breath on his neck.

He kissed me again and I felt his hands going down my chest and ending unbuckling my belt. I tensed up, but in a pleasurable way. Shima was doing wonders with his lips, and so was he doing wonders with his hands. Even a single touch made my mind explode.

I moaned loudly as Shima pushed his hand down my pants. He wrapped his fingers on my throbbing manhood, and even though it was through my boxers, I could still feel the tension. Even the idea of being in an elevator and kissing Shima was wild enough to make me more turned on than I was. He took his hand out and I pleaded him to touch me again, but he shushed me.

Shima had trouble with the zipper, not even looking down while undoing it, but he succeeded. I whimpered as he dropped my pants to my knees and caressed my dick through the fabric. I was kissing him absent-mindedly, my thoughts concentrated on his hands.

He slowly tucked my boxers and slid his hand on my naked skin. I shivered at his touch, wanting more and more. He stroked me slowly, not rushing, just enjoying me, teasing. I was all over him, tugging his jeans to me, wanting our bodies to collide and become one again.

We were in the middle of our passionate act, when we heard a silent 'ting'. Shima backed away a bit and looked at the buttons. The emergency one had stopped working and I felt the elevator slowly going down. He looked at me, alarmed, and I struggled to pull my pants on. He combed his hair, and I brushed mine back.

We looked pretty normal when the door opened and we saw an elderly couple waiting for the elevator. I smiled at them nervously and the grandma smiled back. They pressed the third floor button and we rode back to where we started.

I didn't look at Shima. But our fingers found each other's and he tugged, just to make sure. I smiled at the ground, overwhelmed with feelings. He leaned into me and his lips brushed against my ear.

"I love you."He whispered quietly and I tightened my grip. I wanted to say it back, shout it at him, but the elderly couple were still here. And as we reached their floor, when they were finally gone – that's when I did it. I turned, kissed him full on the mouth and said those words back.

"I love you too, Shima."

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