Tamers: Stuck in Paradise - Season 3
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

Author's notes:
I don't own Digimon. Toei Animation does.
This season starts a bit slower than the last one, but that'll change... ^_^

Blurred vision. Not good. Need help. Need Ruki.
No. No Ruki this time. Have to keep going myself.
Veemon looks hurt. He's weak now. But so am I.
Mustn't give up now. Revenge for Gatomon.
"G-Gato... I won't give up..." Renamon mumbles.
She charges at Veemon and suddenly her world consists only of pain.
With a scream, Renamon wakes up.
She blinks while her heartbeat slows down a bit.
Renamon has been lying on something soft. And it's dark around her.
The fox yelps when she hears something move somewhere.
A sudden burst of light makes her flinch and curl up instinctivly.

My God. Ruki Makino thinks, her hand still at the lightswitch.
She runs to the shivering furball lying on her bed.
Renamon had been weak and dizzy for a whole week now.
The fight with Veemon has really drained her Digimon partner.
Gatomon has gathered some herbs that made Renamon sleep while her wounds healed.
Yesterday the wounds were finally healed, and Renamon spent the first night sleeping normally.
Ruki hadn't expected Renamon to have a nightmare.
She hadn't even known if the Digimon had dreams at night.
Slowly she puts her hand on Renamon's fur.
"Renamon. It's me, Ruki." she whispers.
She can feel Renamon calm down a bit after hearing her Tamer's voice.
Somewhere in the ocean of fur, Renamon's eye could be seen.
"It has just been a dream. Everything is all right." Ruki assures her.

Seeing her Tamer helped Renamon get over the initial shock.
It removed the feeling of alienation, gave her a feeling of being at-home.
Slowly Renamon stretches herself again and hugs Ruki.
She know realizes that she is lying on Ruki's bed. Next to the bed, Renamon can see a sleeping-bag.
"How long did you have to sleep on the floor?" Renamon asks carefully.
"You've been asleep for a week." Ruki only whispers.
Renamon instantly feels guilty. She should have slept on the floor, not her Tamer.
Then she imagines how she must have looked after the fight.
A quick check tells her that her wounds have healed. Ruki simply strokes her fur.
"That fight was pretty dumb, wasn't it?" Renamon whispers.
"Both of you fought for something you considered right."
"Still it has been dumb. How's Veemon doing?"
"Fine as far as I have heard."
Renamon just wants to answer when she hears familiar sounds coming from the door.
And the fox suddenly has a funny idea.

I've heard Renamon's voice! She's awake!
Gatomon can't stop smiling. Finally she could embrace her love again!
Using her tail, Gatomon opens the door and looks into the room.
She can see Ruki kneeling at her bed. And Renamon is sitting in it.
Still smiling, Gatomon enters the room.
"Renamon!" she cheers.
The golden fox looks at her and cocks her head.
"Excuse me, do I know you?"
Gatomon's smile freezes. Her tail becomes limp and falls to the floor.
Lacking the strength to stand, Gatomon sinks down to her knees.
Gulping, she looks up at Renamon, who is suddenly smiling like a madman.
"Just kidding." the fox admits.

Gatomon blinks up at her.
Renamon has been touched by the emotions her love has shown.
"You!" the cat now hisses and jumps at her.
But instead of hugging her, Gatomon's paws lock around Renamon's neck.
"Don't ever do that again!" the cat shouts, shaking the fox's head violently.
Renamon lets herself fall onto the bed again and tickles the cat.
Gatomon's rage instantly vanishes as the cat now embraces Renamon for real.
I guess Ruki won't mind sleeping on the couch for once...

The next morning, Renamon feels full of energy again.
Her limbs definately need some movement.
But the first thing she sees when she and Gatomon come out of Ruki's room is the bad weather.
"So much for some training in the park." she mutters.
Kari approaches them with a smile.
"Good to have you back, Renamon." she says and gives Renamon a short hug.
"Yeah. But I wish the weather would be better."
Kari doesn't stop smiling.
"Well, I know a place where it doesn't rain..." she says and holds up her Digivice.

Standing near the US DigiPort, a group of American DigiDestined chats quietly.
"So, you're finally leaving." Greg mutters.
"Yes. We depart in a few minutes." Isis replies, ignoring the remark.
"And the next stop will be Tokyo, your holy land." Frank grunts.
Isis sighs. She asks herself why she has tolerated them so long.
Everything will be better once we're in Tokyo. she tells herself.
"Tokyo. Home of the legendary DigiDestined." Ally mocks her.
"Hey Isis, do you actually think those legends will even talk to you?"
Isis stares at Bill, who has asked the question.
"You don't even know their full names." John snickers.
She looks at the five DigiDestined who laugh about her.
They always have done so. Doubted her. Mocked her.
But now it would end. In an hour, she'd be in the plane, together with her parents.
And once she found the DigiPort of Tokyo, she'd fetch her Digimon partner.
They had just dropped her at the DigiWorld side of it.
I just hope that nothing happens to her while I'm travelling.

Once Isis is gone, the others sigh.
"Finally." John sighs.
"She's such a weakling." Greg comments.
"Yeah. She isn't even worth having a Digimon." John adds.
"Maybe we should make that one clear to her." Ally suggests and smiles.
"What're you thinking about?" Frank asks her.
"The DigiPort is half an hour away. Isis is gone for at least 8 hours."
"And her poor Digimon is all alone during that time..." Bill adds.
"What would poor Isis say when her Digimon gets beaten up?"
"She'd recognize that she failed. That she's a loser."
"Let's do it."
"Yeah. Let's get our Digimon together!"

Ruki and Kari slowly wander over the wide green field.
Gatomon and Renamon are playing catch, of course without any unfair tricks.
Each time the got each other, they'd roll over the grass and laugh.
Their latest playful rolling trip stops abruptly when they bounce into somebody.
"Oh, I'm sorry, mister." Renamon stands up and smiles at the stranger.
She hears Gatomon gasp and looks down.
"R-R-Renamon..." the cat stammers and points at the man.
The fox frowns and looks at the man. He is wearing a robe and smiles at her.
"What's up, Gatomon?" Renamon asks.
Instead of answering, Gatomon sinks down to her knees.
"I'm very sorry." the cat whispers.
"You know this dude?" Renamon asks and scratches her head.
The man laughs gently and extracts his hand.
"So it is true. You're really not from around here." the man tells Renamon.
"Sort of. Who are you? Gatomon seems to be a big fan of you."
She can hear Gatomon gasp again. The man only laughs heartily.
"I should introduce myself. My name is Gennai."

Renamon shakes the man's head and tries to remember what she had been told about Gennai.
"Oh, so you're just a step behind God and stuff?"
"Sort of." Gennai answers.
Still shaking his hand, Renamon begins to realize her situation and gulps.
She quickly sinks to her own knees and looks down.
"Forgive my manners, sensai." she whispers.
"Hey hey, stand up you two. This becomes kinda embarrassing."
Shaking visibly, Renamon stands up.
"I'm sorry that I didn't introduce myself sooner. But I had a tight schedule."
"Of course." Gatomon answers.
"Veemon has told me much of your latest adventures." Gennai continues.
Renamon gulps. Fights among DigiDestined's Digimon were frowned upon.
"He also told me that everybody learned something that day."
Gennai starts to smile again.
"So you won't delete us or something like that?" Renamon asks carefully.
"Of course not! I guess Gatomon would never forgive me that one." Gennai cheers.
Suddenly he frowns.
"Hm. Talking about unneccessary fights... Maybe you should do something..."
Renamon looks at Gatomon, then at Gennai. She blinks when she sees that Gennai is gone.
"Fighting?" Gatomon asks and takes alook around.
Renamon frowns.

"That has been Gennai!" Kari shouts.
Rui is running next to her and frowns.
"That really powerful man living here?" she asks for verification.
Kari only nods.
Renamon and Gatomon appear to be looking for something when Kari and Ruki arrive.
"Do you see any fighting around here?" Gatomon asks them.
Ruki frowns. She can't see any fights.
"Maybe we should look from that hill." Renamon suggests.
The hill she points at is about fifty meters away.
Without waiting for the humans, the Digimon start to run.

From the top of the hill, Renamon can see what Gennai meant.
A single Digimon is being chased by five others. Five humans are a bit behind them, cheering.
Renamon blinks when she sees who is being chased.
"Is that Veemon?" she asks Gatomon.
"Hm. No. This one is different somehow. But it's hard to tell from here."
Breathing heavily, Ruki finally arrives.
Renamon uses this opportunity to identify the chasing Digimon.
She can see a Gotsumon, a Floramon, a Goblimon, a SnowAgumon and a Penguinmon.
The chased Digimon is unknown to her.
By now the Digimon have caught up with their prey.
The Goblimon hits the chased Digimon with its big club, making Renamon snarl.
They can hear the Digimon scream and see that her leg is hurt.
The chase is over.

"Okay. Renamon, do you think you can deal with them?" Ruki asks.
Renamon cocks her head, then nods.
"Good. Gatomon, bring the poor Digimon here and let Renamon do the fighting."
"Ruki, you're sending Renamon into a fight with five enemies?" Kari asks.
"Rookies. Renamon should be able to deal with them."
"If you're in trouble, I'll join you." Gatomon whispers.
"Then let's even the odds." Renamon says and starts to run.
"Right behind you!" Gatomon answers.
"Do you really think this'll work?" Kari asks Ruki.
"Trust me. This won't take long."
At least I hope so. Those are the Digimon of DigiDestined. Ruki reminds herself.
If they have some tricks of their own, we're in trouble.