Tamers: Stuck in Paradise - Season 3
Part 18
by Christian "Sid" Lang

"He'll pay. You've been so right. I should have killed him!"
Renamon frowns. Gatomon seems to be angrier than ever before.
She makes me look tame by comparison... she thinks and sighs.
"I don't know, Gato... I mean... you have brought them togeth-" she starts.
"WHAT? You're kidding, right? I'll just rip his spine out and then-"
The cat stops her shouting when she notices Renamon's stare.
I should change the topic, and I should do so FAST.
"Hey, I didn't know Kari had any jewelry!" Renamon suddenly cheers and picks up a ring.
Gatomon blinks and cocks her head. Then she shrugs and starts pacing.
"Oh that. Kari isn't the type of girl who needs such stuff. She never wears it."
Renamon looks at the golden ring and smiles. Then she starts toying with it.
"You know that we foxes love shiny objects, don't you?" she lies and smiles.
"You know that we cats can't stand disgusting sweetness, don't you?" Gatomon hisses.
Renamon freezes when she hears that. Then she decides to shut up for now.

Izzy yawns and stumbles to the ringing phone, cursing time zones and Instant Messengers.
"This is Izzy... who is-" he mumbles after picking up the receiver.
IZZY! HELP ME! a high-pitched female voice makes him jump and blink.
"Who is- What the- Yolei? That you?" he stammers.
I need your HELP! Yolei screams, ignoring Izzy's questions.
"Uh... okay. What's up?" the boy genius asks, scratching his head.
I have to find Hawkmon! Yolei whispers, and Izzy guesses that she is crying.
"Yolei... You know that we can't track our Digimon down."
Even though Lee, Takato and Ruki can do it with their modified Digivices...
He quickly shakes his head, knowing that Yolei isn't interested in this.
I... I see... thanks... Izzy...
"Yolei? I'm sorry, but what... Yolei...? Hello?"

Hawkmon sighs one last time and looks at Kari.
"Maybe you should go out for a walk." he whispers and tries to smile.
Kari frowns, but finally nods. Then she leaves the apartment.
Slowly he approaches Kari's room, knowing that he won't leave it in one piece.
I am sorry, my friends. But I have failed you. All of you. he thinks.
Then he opens the door and enters the room.
He can see Renamon resting on Kari's bed. The fox looks wounded, but alive.
Gatomon is standing in the middle of the room, looking very angry.
Both Digimon finally turn their heads to face him.
"Hello you two." he whispers weakly.
"Hawkmon! Good to see you! Wanna join the Kill-Veemon-Party?" Gatomon asks.
He chuckles, even though he knows that he has no reason to be happy.

What is Hawkmon doing here? Well, at least he's safe. Renamon thinks.
She keeps toying with Kari's ring as she watches the events from her lying position.
"Gatomon, there is something you should know..." Hawkmon whispers.
"Yes?" Gatomon asks, sounding almost happy.
Yeah, happy to have somebody who blindly backs her up when-
"Veemon didn't shave you. I did."
-she kills... kills... oh boy.
Renamon gulps and looks at Hawkmon. The bird Digimon looks rather calm, as if...
He's not actually planning to get killed, is he?
Gatomon flexes her claws, also staring at Hawkmon, who seems to be waiting patiently.
He WANTS Gatomon to kill him! she suddenly realizes.

So. This is how it ends. Hawkmon thinks.
Gatomon is taking her time, as if gathering her strength for devastating strike.
It's ironic that my DNA Digivolution partner will be my executioner... he muses.
He looks at Renamon, who seems rather puzzles at the moment.
Funny. She doesn't even look angry. Maybe she remembers that I loved her.
Hawkmon realizes that he will never know for sure since his life is running on a short fuse.

Time seems to slow down as Renamon's mind kicks into overdrive.
He's ready to die! But... why? WHY? Why did he shave Gatomon? Why does he want to die now?
Renamon tries to read Hawkmon's expression, but it's no use.
Everything except for the shaving turned out as good as it could! He should be happy!
Gatomon slowly raises her paw now, ready to shred her long-time friend into pieces.
Why? Nothing bad has happened! Veemon loves Aquaveemon, Aquaveemon loves Vee-
Renamon gasps when she sees the connection.
He has always been so friendly, so enthusiastic when Aquaveemon is around!
Her beloved cat doesn't seem to bother thinking about this, though.
Hawkmon loved Aquaveemon... but Gatomon never even considered this...
Gatomon holds her paw high above her head, and Renamon knows that time is running out.
I have to stop her! But what might make her stop to think in this condition?
For a long moment, she can think of nothing. Then she comes up with one thing.
I am sorry, Gatomon. But you will thank me later... I hope...
The golden fox nods and gives Kari's ring a last look.

Hawkmon stares at the three pointy claws ready to finish him off.
It is better this way. he tells himself, but somehow he doubts it now.
"Gatomon! STOP!" Renamon suddenly barks.
The snow-white cat blinks and gives Renamon a brief look. Her paw doesn't move.
"What. You wanna do it yourself?" she hisses, but Renamon shakes her head.
"Don't kill him. You do not understand-"
"NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Gatomon shouts at her beloved, and Hawkmon frowns.
"I do. And I tell you this: If you kill him, I will leave you."
Yolei's partner gulps. Renamon looks very serious, and even Gatomon hesitates.
But in the end, her rage wins against her feelings for Renamon.
"You wouldn't dare to leave me..." she sneers.
Renamon smirks and raises her paw. A moment later, Gatomon yelps.
Hawkmon blinks. There has been a movement, but it had been too fast to follow.
But the result is obvious. Renamon is holding Gatomon's Holy Ring in her paw.

"How dare you-" Gatomon snaps, but Renamon doesn't even give her a second look.
The fox slowly stands up and looks down at her.
"You don't even want to hear his reasons. You only want your revenge."
"SO WHAT? He has tricked me! He used me!" Gatomon yells.
He used me! Mocked me! But not anymore! This will end here and NOW!
But even in her angry condition, Gatomon notices Renamon's sad expression.
She... wouldn't actually leave... would she?
"R-Renamon... what are you..." the cat whispers.
The fox only shakes her head and holds up her Holy Ring.
"With this ring..." Renamon starts to quote the well-known wedding vow.
Renamon turns her back to Gatomon and faces the window. Suddenly she raises her clenched fist.
"...I THEE LEAVE!" the fox yells and throws the tiny object out of the window.

Ruki yawns. Davis has spent a wonderful night with her in the park.
They have giggled; they have danced in the moonlight...
Now the couple is resting on the lawn, watching the birds high above them.
A tiny golden streak catches her attention, and Davis also gasps.
"Wow... awesome..." she whispers, looking at the tiny flying object.
"A shooting star! Make a wish!" Davis suddenly cheers.
Ruki frowns and gives him a look.
But then she doesn't bother lecturing him and simply smiles.
"I have all I could wish for..." she purrs and kisses her beloved.

Hawkmon's heart skips a few beats. Renamon has actually done it.
He stares at the point where the ring has disappeared from his field of vision.
"R-R-Rena..." Gatomon stammers, but Renamon gives her a cold stare.
"Blind revenge has never done any good." Renamon whispers.
"But Rena, I-"
"Think about it. This situation is also your fault."
"DAMMIT IT'S NOT! IT'S HIS FAULT!" Gatomon suddenly hisses.
Renamon sighs and vanishes without saying another word.
Oh my God... What happened? he briefly asks himself.
"Rena...? Renamon...? RENAMON! PLEASE!" Gatomon sobs.
Did Renamon just do it to distract Gatomon?
Or has she really stopped to love Gatomon now?
Gatomon curses and jumps out through the window, probably looking for her ring.

"Oh Davis..." Ruki whispers.
"My beloved Ruki..." Davis answers and kisses her lips.
"Oh Davis..."
"Ruki. D-Arc. Now." a third voice interrupts the lovers chat.
The Tamer blinks and looks up. Renamon is standing next to her, looking rather serious.
"Good morning, Renamon. Do you need me to slash a card?" she asks.
Without thinking of it, she takes out her D-Arc and reaches for her card holder.
"I just need the D-Arc. I'll explain everything else later."
Ruki blinks when Renamon takes the D-Arc. Then Renamon disappears.
"Renamon, wait! My D-Arc! What are you doing?" she finally shouts.
Ruki waits. But this time, nobody answers her.
"Renamon?" Ruki asks again, but nothing happens.
And even though Davis is right next to her, Ruki Makino suddenly feels lonely.

"Oh. My. God." Hawkmon whispers, looking around the now-empty room.
I've... I've made Renamon leave Gatomon... he realizes.
"Hawkmon." the golden fox whispers, suddenly appearing next to him.
"R-Renamon! Why did you-" he instantly starts to ask, but Renamon holds up her paw.
Hawkmon gulps when he sees that the paw is shaking.
"You love Aquaveemon?" Renamon simply asks, and Hawkmon gasps.
"Y...Yes." he finally whispers.
"Does Veemon know?" Renamon continues her quiet interrogation.
"Yes. I just talked to him."
Renamon slowly nods. Hawkmon notices that she is carrying Ruki's D-Arc, but doesn't say anything.

"Veemon...?" somebody asks.
He slowly opens his eyes and sees the ceiling.
"Whoa..." he groans and slowly gets up.
"Oh VEEMON!" he hears before he is pushed onto his side again.
After a moment of confusion he realizes that he is being hugged.
Another moment later he remembers who is probably hugging him.
"Aquaveemon... what happened?" he asks.
His beloved lets go of him and sighs.
"You've been knocked out... by this." she mutters and shows him a small golden ring.
"You mean this tiny ring has knocked me out? HOW?"
"Beats me, you're the one with the big experience here..." Aquaveemon answers.
Weird... how did the ring get here, anyway...?

"You... still love her, right?" Hawkmon asks after a long pause.
"Of course I do..." Renamon sighs and sits down on the bed.
The bird Digimon nods, knowing how hard this must be for Renamon.
"I just hope she can forgive me when I come back."
Hawkmon looks up at her and gasps when he sees what Renamon is holding up.
"Her Holy Ring... but how...?"
"I tossed out Kari's ring. This one stays with me for a while."
"I... guess I owe you one, right?" Hawkmon then asks.
"No." Renamon whispers and shakes her head.
"Huh? Why not?"
"Either we're all happy after this... Or I will finish what Gatomon has tried to do."
Renamon vanishes before Hawkmon has any chance to answer.
"Terrific..." he finally mutters.