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This is a Spashley fanfic and the earlier chapters are predominantly Spencer and other original characters. Ashley doesn't make a proper appearance for a good while but when she does all hell breaks loose, but in a good way. There is humour, sex, drama and romance so sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Hi, my name is Spencer Carlin. I'm a cheerleader. Hmmm I know what you're thinking...cheerleader equals bitch. Well, usually you'd probably be right but my squad is different. Yep, that's right I'm the new captain of King High's cheerleaders. Hell, the whole school is different, really different and if you behave I'll tell you all about it.

Sorry, you haven't a clue what I'm talking about. I'd better start at the beginning, bear with me and everything will become clear...eventually! It's a long story and I'm going to take my time. I know, sometimes hard and fast can be good but...hmm I think I've had this conversation before, ahem! Oh, and you'll have to get used to that. I'm a bit of a space cadet at times. I can be so blonde sometimes!

King High is your typical high school. You have your typical cliques. Jocks, Geeks, Brains, Losers, Outcasts, Stoners, Skaters, Emo's, the list goes on. Oh, don't forget the Cheerleaders. As in many high schools across the country the cheerleaders rule the school. When I was a freshman all my friends wanted to be on the squad. To be looked up to and envied by the female population and lusted after by the males...Ew! Why any girl would want to be the subject of an adolescent boys wet dreams beats me, the thought makes me want to throw up. Anyway, that was back in Ohio. When I transferred to L.A. and King High sophomore year I found it was exactly the same. Although the head cheerleader at King High was an even bigger bitch than back home. If that's even possible!

So that brings me onto the subject of said head cheerleader, Stephanie Cooper. Now she redefined the term bitch. She made it her sole mission in life to torture anyone she deemed 'uncool' by publicly humiliating them at every opportunity. She'd get the jocks (plural!) she was sleeping with to beat up the guys and have her evil little cheer minions make life hell for the girls. Think Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf on her worst day...multiply it by ten and inject steroids. The First Evil shoulda taken lessons from Stephanie, it might have stood more of a chance...So sue me, I grew up Buffy...what can I say, Faith gets me wet!

So, I can hear you asking 'where do you fit in all this?' Well from my last comment you've probably figured out I'm gay, and a cheerleader...Yep, I'm an oxymoron! Heh, I'm blonde not stupid!

To give you a better idea of how this occurred let's take a trip back into time and visit my sophomore self (I'm a senior now). I transferred to L.A. when my parents got new jobs and wanted a change of scenery. My dad's a youth councillor. He's a great dad and we get on really well. My mom's a surgeon at one of the big hospitals here in L.A. She works crazy shifts but when she's around we get on pretty good too.

With both my parents having such busy lives they're not home much so I hang out with my brother Glen. We're twins. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Pretty hot if I do say so myself.

Euugh! No, not my brother, I meant as twins go we're pretty hot, especially when we're pouring on the Carlin charm. I wasn't always this confident (or hot!). When I transferred I was very much in the shadow of my basketball star brother Glen. He made it straight onto the starting line-up for King High's team and within a week had girls falling over him and the jocks admiring him in that almost homoerotic way they have with all the groping and butt slapping they do.

Right, back to me 'cos I know that's what you're dying to find out...how did shy quiet little old me turn into the super sexy cheerleader I am today? Heh! OK, middle of sophomore year things started changing. I used to run track back in Ohio so have always been pretty athletic. I found my body changing from gangly blonde kid who could run like shit off a shovel but fell over walking down the hall to a curvy blonde who started making guys fall over in the hall. Caterpillar to butterfly, you know the drill.

However, that wasn't the only thing that changed. Yeah, I guess you know what's coming. Instead of dreading time in the locker rooms because I was embarrassed about my boyish body I began looking forward to it so I could compare my new curves to those of the other girls. Well, that's what I used to tell myself at first! Took me a little longer to realise that it wasn't just scientific study I was doing...science doesn't turn me on like that I'm telling you! So, I admit it. I enjoyed checking out the other girls while they were changing. I was never obvious of course, god if Stephanie even thought you knew a gay person let alone were gay your life at King High would be over! I'm not even joking about that, but more later...Yes, I realised I was gay sophomore year...but I know I'm not the only one...I certainly wasn't the only one checking out the other girls from under hooded eyes. This is what got me thinking...again more on that later...

So, I'm a gay sophomore, albeit very much in the closet. Where does that leave me in the social strata? When I moved here it took me a little while to make friends but now I have a solid core of friends I would do anything for and I know they've got my back. That's something not a lot of people can say and it makes survival here at King that much easier.

Let me introduce my 'crew'. First off there's Madison. Now most people think she's either evil, a scary bitch or both. I know that's all a front, don't get me wrong she can rumble with the best of them but once she's your friend she mates for life.

I was walking down the hall after class one day listening to my trusty ipod (I'm a music whore) not really paying attention when I was sent flying by a little Latina storming outta one of the classrooms. I'd seen her before and knew her name was Madison and not a chica to be messed with. I was all set to apologise and run for my life when I was stopped in my tracks. Firstly by the intense green eyes...OK, back up...firstly by the expanse of cleavage in front of me as she bent down to help me up, then by the intense green eyes, heh! She locked her green eyes onto mine and started talking.

'Spencer, right' she smirked.

I almost forgot to speak, what with the cleavage and fear of my life. 'Um, yes' I somehow managed to squeak out.

'You're in my gym class'

'Ummm, yes' articulate much Spencer!

'Well, I've seen you run so if I was gonna kick your ass I probably wouldn't have caught you anyway. How about I help you pick up all this crap you've dropped and we go to the quad for lunch?' And so a beautiful friendship was born. Turns out she was storming out of her math class after the 'idiot teacher', her words, told her she'd be pulled off the cheer-leading squad if her grades didn't improve. Madison was born to dance and at King cheering was the closest she could get to her passion, so to be pulled would have been devastating. As a peace offering I volunteered to tutor her, yes, I have beauty and brains, and things just went from strength to strength...

Now if Madison is the scary one Kyla Woods is the one that they should name a Care Bear after. She's just so darn tootin' sweet! Not in that false, sickly way a lot of high school girls are. This beautiful brunette girl with the soft brown eyes genuinely cares about just about everybody..geek, loser...you name it. If you're in trouble and Kyla can help she will. As well as being super nice she's also very well connected throughout the school. This is mostly due to the favours she's done for others. She always knows someone who can get you whatever you need or do whatever it is you need doing...she's a hell'a useful girl to know, let alone be on BFF terms with. She's also stinking rich although that's not well known. Her dad's something big in the music business. She spends a lot of time and cash on her super PC. Another reason she's handy to have around...DVD rental overdue..fine wiped...fancy an afternoon off school...fire alarm malfunction... it's a good job she's relatively honest or the wider world would be in a hell of a lot of trouble.

Kyla was asked to show me round on my first day and being the kind sweet girl she is took me under her wing and I've been there ever since. Kyla and Madison were already friendly due to some dvd dealing they'd been doing around the school. Rumour has it that Madison can get hold of any kind of porn you like, as long as it's legal of course, leads to a lot of orders and therefore a lot of favours being owed indirectly to Kyla who is the download queen, and probably a bit freakier than most people give her credit for, which is why she uses Madison as a front woman. Kyla's also pretty hot too although she doesn't realise it. She's got loads of guys crushing on her and more than a few girls I bet!

Now meet Austin, 5 feet 10 inches of heaven. Well, I used to be crushing on her when we first met but now we're just really tight. I don't know what it was with our parents and guy's names...probably just too busy to pick a new name if it was a girl, wouldn't surprise me. Oh, sorry, you want to know what's so heavenly about Austin! Of course you do...I bet you're reading this hoping for a bit of NC-17 action aren't you, horny devils...in time my children... in time. The best things come to those who wait. God knows I know that's true!

OK, while Madison's just plain sex, Kyla's the girl next door and I'm your typical preppy blond it's difficult to define Austin. She has long red hair, pale skin, full pink lips and piercing grey eyes. One look when I first saw her in her track shorts and I was a gonna. If I didn't know I was gay before I met her I sure did then! And when she bent over to do her stretches, honestly I nearly came right there. She was my fantasy material for a while until I got to know her and then it was just a bit icky...mmmm...Yeah, spaced there sorry! Austin was on the track team with me back in sophomore year. We got to know each other as we were always ahead of the pack on our training runs and used to really push each other. It got to the point where we'd go full out on the run just so we could have a good chat when we got back to the locker rooms without any interruptions.

We found we had a lot in common, from running track (d'oh), similar semi-absent but loving parents and similar tastes in music. I like most kinds of music including older stuff from the 60's and 70's. Turns out she had an amazing collection of 70's rock so we bonded over a good music session back at her house, well I say house, mansion really, her parents are both lawyers and fully loaded. We have the best parties there. Strict invite only and we keep it pretty secret but they are legendary among those in the know. She's an awesome guitar player too...I know, could she get any sexier?...you should meet her sister, again, another story!

The fifth but not least member of our gang is Addison. Addy, as we call her is a bit of a dark horse. Not to those who know her but trust me it takes a lot to get inside those walls. Once you're in you can understand why. Addy is fucking gorgeous. brown hair, green eyes, killer bod and legs to die for. She's known for being a bit of a loner, despite the good looks and money she doesn't hang with the 'populars'. She's got fantastic style that's all her own. She wears skirts, shirts and usually tops it off with a sexy tie, mary janes or if we're really lucky that day, fuck me boots... Think catholic school girl without the catholic or the plaid!

So that's my crew and we were out to change the world. Well, let's start with King High...